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  1. Beautiful! (And it took you ONLY 12 hours to make this video?)
  2. I used to take NJT trains for more than a few years. Yes, witnessed a few disruptions because of the suicides.
  3. It changes. Current preferences: Vodka - Ketel One Scotch - Glenfiddich 12yrs Beer - Samuel Adams Boston Lager Occasionally a cheap local port
  4. Recently came upon this: "Paranoid is a person who knows much more than you do." Back to the OP - I didn't know that NYT played such a sinister role. They certainly knew what they're doing. Not that I expect FBI to do anything about that.
  5. Hmm... Probably not. I'm not a person of any mafia interest anyway. Neither of LEO, I assume. Still, don't like the unmarked vehicles. For me, it's in the same moral category as "police can lie to you".
  6. Can't a mafia install these toys? You can argue that they can also re-paint a car as a police, but it would be too easy to spot for the real LEO. I can understand that FBI/CIA/NSA don't need to introduce themselves to everyone. But local and state police must be clear and in the open.
  7. OK, how do I know if it is a police vehicle or some mafia, since they're unmarked?
  8. Gas by Stihl. My wife likes high quality tools.
  9. Welcome! Good to know that there are more than a few shooters in Bergen.
  10. Michael2013

    9mm vs .40?

    My wife shoots .45 and .357 magnum, likes it
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