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  1. Will keep you guys updated thanks for all the info and advice
  2. Head space was checked however I feel they didn't check firing pin . Firing pin shows miss formation do to heat cutting of pierced primers. Waiting on new firing pin and will shoot different ammo. I really suspect it's still over gassed . I think I need a adjustable gas block and since we live in the jersey it's a pain in the ass because the break has to be cut .
  3. This best I can do. Can't up load great quality pictures
  4. That's what they list it at and 18 in barrel..
  5. picture of pierced primer and cratering
  6. Midwest px, haha I am a strong believer in that theory...love it, thanks for bringing me to my senses
  7. One more thought I was reading about. A weak hammer spring not keeping consistent pressure on the pin when engaged ? Any thoughts on that?
  8. I'll try some other ammo..golf battery it's 1/11 twist
  9. Anyone think its firing pin protrusion?
  10. If its a hot load what actually happens that causes the primer to be pierced or to get pushed up around the primer strike
  11. I'm starting to feel the same way.. seems like it's a very finicky platform for 308 I'm sure once you get it dialed in it'll be a blast.. but right now not so much fun
  12. Thanks for the replys, going to take it to howell gun works if it happens with the otherammo
  13. Would agree but haven't heard an thing bad about this ammo actually heard great thing but am going to try some different stuff, black rain said they used American 150. It's from sgammo Australian outback 168 sierra hpbt matchking
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