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  1. A Henry Big Boy is easy to clean from the breech. Open the action so the lever points downward, remove the lever pivot screw (slot head, use the correct hollow ground size so you don't bugger the slot), pull the lever downward and out, then pull the bolt straight out the back. The ejector has a pin that sits in a hole on the receiver left side, remove the ejector. Now you can clean from the breech end. It goes back together very easily in the reverse order. Tighten that lever pivot screw good, but you don't need to go nuts. You might want to stuff a wad of rag below the chamber to catch the bore drool while you are cleaning too. Also keep an eye on that lever pivot screw from time to time, they tend to loosen up..
  2. Czech this out for the story on this particular ammo, looks like they are protos/overruns from an S&B Saudi contract: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14989&p=106573&hilit=S%26B+MIC+9mm#p106573
  3. RE. the handgun purchase permit quantity to be embedded.. anyone care to take a crack at deciphering this (you can string search it for its location in the doc): i. Restriction on number of firearms person may purchase. Only one handgun shall be purchased or delivered on each paper permit [and no] issued pursuant to this section. No more than one handgun shall be purchased within any 30-day period, regardless of whether the purchaser presents a paper permit or an embedded driver’s license or identification card to the seller or transferor, but this limitation shall not apply to:
  4. In Stock and put-in-the-cart-able at 4:59 PM http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/search_catalog_command.cmd?item1=IK-217249&avad=48247_b42a644f&WT.mc_id=al35987&rid=12&WT.tsrc=AFF
  5. Sorry fellers, I got thru checkout and a followup email w/ a 4/22 est. delivery. Keep an eye one it, as it comes & goes past few days..
  6. Run, dont walk, in stock @ 8:11 PM $12.95 ship to NJ.. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Federal-Champion-22-LR-Ammunition-with-Ammo-Can/1214791.uts?avad=48247_d41b389f&WT.mc_id=al35987&rid=12&WT.tsrc=AFF
  7. So it seems that this anti-2a plague is sweeping through not only the northeast and mid-atlantic, but also some relatively unexpected places as well. One place I don't seem to see much press out of is PA. I know there are several PA guys on here who are quite knowledge in the firearms-law-arcanity dept. (as well as some NJ people too of course). I take occasional glances over at PAFOA, but did not see anything glaringly bad jump out re. anti-2a goings-on (that's of course in relative comparison to here!). So my question to those in the know - what, in a nutshell, are your thoughts and/or opinions on the 2a/firearm situation in Pennsylvania; past trending, currently, and where it might likely go in the future, both politically and practically? thanks, Dave
  8. Hi all, been reading the forums for a while and finally signed up.. Been shooting for many years, rifle pistol and clays. Member at CJRPC, I usually go weekdays.. Helluva week huh? Tough goings right now, but keep the faith, and don't give these clowns an inch! See you around the range perhaps.. Dave
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