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  1. There is still a very long way to go until we see NJ residents getting their CCW permits. The whole process of having a judge make the final decision is, in my eyes, a big issues as judges will continue to deny folks. The next SCOTUS battle should be the entire permitting process. No person should need a permit to exercise a Constitutional Right.
  2. Her replacement will be just as bad if not worse. Given that she is my "representative" I'm so happy to see her go.
  3. Can I get a few recommendations on any FFL's in Bergen County that treat their customers like people rather than crap ? I'd like to purchase a AR lower and have it shipped to the FFL, but I've heard about most local FFL's just being asses that I don't feel like dealing with attitude problems.
  4. I don't find it amazing at all that the politicians in NJ would exempt the LE while restricting us. It lets them keep votes.
  5. Correction, nobody that is LE is getting jammed up. A low hanging pee-on like a single mom, a hard working dad will get jammed up.
  6. Thank you. I thought I was going to get flamed for my statement but as far as I am concerned it's accurate and needed to be stated.
  7. Yet, he fails to mention us lowly pee-ons. Kerik is the same elitist sack of crap as all the other politicians.
  8. Welcome Chris. I'm also in Weinberg land.
  9. Welcome from Bergen county as well. Heck I'm just a ton over from you.
  10. I've noticed that for the past few months I click try and go to any other page on a discussion other than page 1 the next page just hangs at "loading". is anyone else having this issue? My browsers work fine on all other forums.
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