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  1. and now there's an article saying that the leader of that group said they were training to off a couple of people.....left wing people. big names. as in.....something's fishy here.
  2. probably stupid question, possibly in wrong place...... but....I know the cetme g3 is named by name as being banned here. the one i'm, looking at says cetme g3 sporter on it. legal, or am I asking the stupid question?
  3. is there any way nj can make this one go away like they seem to have done in the past?
  4. she is wrong re:citizens detaining./ it's called citizen arrest. or I could be wrong
  5. the way I have to view it though, is how he treated my mother. him and his guys are a BIG part of her having overcome her lifelong fear/hatred of guns. I don't think that the guys at hagues would've done that good with her, nor have I been to any other place where she'd have felt comfortable. where's deuces den?
  6. i'll watch it when it's out on cable
  7. also also.....the ecopo just had no soul. I think if I were the teams driver, and they told me I hadda drive that car, i'd do it once, just to see how it felt...….with nothing to give it any heart and soul though? once would be it. would be like riding an electric harley
  8. oohh I know...….but for the most part there shouldn't be any reason for it to be so slow...... also...the cobrajert's running low 8's high 7's on a 5.0, while the slomaro's using a 427 I think.
  9. ford's supposedly gonna have a hybrid mustang for 2020......not an econo-shitbox one either. I guess we'll see. I was watching the 4-wide nats sunday. they talked about the e-copo slomaro. they were proud that it ran a 9.8 second 1/4 mile. yet.....the big block one runs a full second faster, which is still a half second slower than a cobrajet mustang. and while someone that doesn't know drag racing will think that 1 second or 1.5 seconds is nothing? in the realm of a drag race, 1 second is like a couple minutes on a longer road course...….
  10. 1) i can't wait to see these. 2) can it correctly be assumed we won't be able to see them with the binary trigger here?
  11. gloves are easy, 'cause i'm always wearng them to work. i generally have a couple old bath towels around, 'cause that's how i dry my hands after i wash up.......
  12. that's it. just enough to be able to help someone till the 2nd responders get there.
  13. not sure where this should go. there was a pretty nasty crash out in front of the shop this afternoon. 4 cars. 2 people taken in ambulance. 3 small kids in the vehicle that caused the whole thing. thankfully they were ok. anyway......when I heard the first hit, I dialed 911, and went over to the scene. there were a bunch of people came over, and not a single. fucking. one. of. us. knew what to do. the only thing I could think of to do was to tell someone that I think was the kids grandpop to move them away from their mother so they didn't see her sitting there bleeding. so...…...who/what/where would one look for just the very basic "care for the injured till real help arrives" kind of training?
  14. it probably has been hushed. there's no possible way it couldn't cause something....even if it's the guy behind seeing the green, expecting you to move as quickly as he does, hits the gas, then hits you, 'cause you're still waiting for your engine to re-start......
  15. this should be helpful too. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-reshapes-9th-circuit-gop-judges-near-majority?fbclid=IwAR2YY1IsQ57GJ-p2qUydGlzc0EtLGsQZNjIPtAXHr3pvsei-wz5BztX5MbM less chance of the nutty ninth helping keep the ban...….
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