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  1. ON ONE hand i get it. on the other hand, we should be able to buy the EXACT same rifle that the military and police can buy. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/09/19/colt-continues/?fbclid=IwAR065atMuoLwO35VDOeVwGu4pxYaPp69EG3_gXEMK0sC1hcuB59QcqW6ZGY
  2. thought those all were already included too?
  3. and of course ZERO information about the firearm or whether or not the purchase actually went through, "just in case" they don't destroy the record...... i thik it means that things will stay as they are?
  4. it's a warning. vote our way or suffer.
  5. you have any experience with the 5198? that one looks to have an open top, to allow a bit of a quicker draw. i'm finding during dryfire practice that I keep snagging the front sight on the top of the holster I got...I think it's the 7178...….
  6. I was thinking it had to do with the 2a cases that'll be in front of them soon.
  7. that is one of the reasons. how can we say you need to enforce this one, but not that one?
  8. i'm seeing some stuff that it looks like can be bought by leo only? i was looking at the gas mask bag....but it didn't give me an option to add to the cart, only to find local dealer. found one right in voorhees....but it appears they sell to leo only.....
  9. this thing is absolutely not a concealment holster. I don't see anything by them that's as small as the serpa
  10. to be honest, there's probably a way to do this fairly easily withOUT registration. as others have said, opening nics to everyone would probably accomplish this. but...the facts are that this would not have prevented 90% of the shit they're saying it would have prevented. so.....no. no more fucking compromise with these back-stabbing cock gobblers.
  11. from things I've seen he always is. he seems to be able to verbally bitch slap pretty much anyone, and do it in such a way that when he's finished, they'll be smiling and thanking him for that bitch slapping.
  12. sonofabitch! now i'm gonna hafta spend more money!! that's my way of saying.....thank ya sir!
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