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  1. for home defense rifle, i don't think you can do much better than an ar platform rifle. me personally, i've got a mossie 12 gauge and a sig 227. my house is very small. an ar while doable, isn't the best in the quarters of my house. the mossie is as short as legally allowed. take into account what's easy to maneuver around your house. your neighbors, etc. and whatever you decide......get trainingf.
  2. you can do this, but there's little idiosyncrasies. first off....r134 works TONS better than r12.....and so far it seems better than the new r123hf. it is sensitive to temp/humidity though. you pretty much need to see the pressures. I helped johnnyb out yesterday. on an 87degree day with about 78% humidity, his pressures were about 48psi and 145psi low and high respectively. those were just a hair low, and the vent outlet temp was about 64 or 65 degrees. I added a couple ounces, brought the pressures to about 51/155 and dropped the vent temp into the lower 50's I think it was. if you overcharge these systems even just a few ounces, they'll start to get warmer. overcharge too much, and your high side will get high enough to pop the blowoff valve. if you use one of the small cans, hook it to the system, open the valve, let it go for just a couple seconds, then close the valve and give it about a minute to see what the vent outlet temp drops to. repeat and rinse. just add tiny amounts each time so you don't overcharge. the ones that come without the hose, you need to buy a hose assembly to tap into the can with
  3. it's always my pleasure to try to help you guys out when I can. if for no other reason than putting up with my moody ass here.
  4. 1LtCAP


    so I called my pd this morning, and explained to them what was going on. they said it was fine and that they could do that for me. when their system was back up and running. said they'd call me. weirdly, my second reference went through a couple hours later......
  5. friends are perfectly fine for the references
  6. 1LtCAP


    ok. that could make sense. the guy I've used for every permit before got his, and returned it sat morning. as of a few hours ago, the other guy ain't seen anything yet. this is the first time I've used him. my other "regular" reference moved out of pfrnj a couple months ago, so I didn't think I could use him. now I just gotta hope someone's at the desk to do this for me in my town
  7. 1LtCAP


    i'll hafta wait'll Monday, 'cause I don't wanna bug him on sunday…... I just don't wanna give em any excuse to take longer. if the email didn't go through, what recourse do I have?
  8. 1LtCAP


    yes. I triple checked their email....and even texted a picture of the confirmation form showing their email addy...and they said it was right. claimed he checked spam twice.....
  9. 1LtCAP


    this guy's not really that good...but I like the style.....
  10. 1LtCAP


    just used it for the first time. it wasn't horrible. don't like the fact that they charge us an extra 3 bucks. but oh well. anyway.....my references. one is back already. the other says he hasn't gotten the email yet. my understanding was that the reference emails were automatically triggered when the form was done, and were sent instantly. am I wrong? has anyone had issues this way?
  11. 1LtCAP


    folsom prison metal. and freaky bunny has moustache…..
  12. 1LtCAP


    country metal?
  13. Bavarian polka band. did a live concert(sorta) on sunday. a bit odd, but also VERY good. well worth the time.
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