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  1. those are all some of his best. i like his cover of africa too.
  2. yaknow? i've been told a few times of late that j is actually 49% republican. i find this hard to believe though, based on us not being able to get the vote out enough to get these dem turds voted out......
  3. this might be childish of me? but know what? i'm almost happier that this is happening on philthy's watch than i am that it's finally happening. because he keeps saying "not on my watch" type bs.
  4. Come Together (metal cover by Leo, Hannah, Rabea, Erik & Truls) - YouTube
  5. Cocaine (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) - YouTube
  6. suppose he says that they can't be carried in repair shops? guess what? that is OUR decision and ours alone. i'm happy to have people other than hoodrats come in with their firearm.
  7. he can want all he wants. but......it's gonna get smacked down. it's up to the business owner.
  8. i think that the business's having to specifically say it's allowed will be struck down. it should be the other way round.... actually, most of that should be easily struck down.
  9. and this worries me cause everyone seems to be doing from low ready.
  10. the Q target is that big grey bowling pin with the x, right? how does one miss that at only 7 yards?
  11. maybe call fox news. i'm sure tucker or hannity would love to get their teeth into something like this.
  12. gotcha. i'm just trying to figure out how to qualify fast. i love training with this guy, and want to throw the money his way. if it comes down to it, i'll find the time to take the drive to nyc south(north jersey)
  13. soo.....was talking to a friend of mine that's been looking into this. he's an nra instructor. talked to a statie friend of his......supposedly there has to be a qualification number or identifier for the instructors giving the course....which none of have been provided as yet. i train with this guy on the regular, and trust him as if he were family......
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