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  1. BIGGEST risk is loss of more rights as they try to take them to keep us safe.
  2. it's looking like i'm onna be REALLY stress testing some of those lapg pants.....or go back to the 511 tactical pants. my uniform service keeps sneaking the price up. i'm payin amost 50 bucks a week now. it started off at 36 a week. at the current pricing, it would behoove me to go out, buy 7 pairs of my own pants, and do work laundry once a week. tossing around which pants to use. i already know the 511's are durable. i got 8 years outta my first 5 pairs of those. 8 years of being worn every day in a repair shop, doing yardwork, etc.
  3. want global cooling? i gotz tha answer!!! we can set up a date. worldwide. everyone turn on their air conditioners at the same time. <ducks n runs>
  4. it's not a bogus argument. i've got an airsoft 1911 that is identical to a real one 'cept the orange tip. they'd not be able to id in a reasonable time, 'specially if i removed the orange tip.
  5. I see those around my town from city people bringing their city shiit via the high speedline
  6. i'm in near philthy. only thing i think i gotta worry about is if a significant wave manages to trav el up the del. river......
  7. I SAW something about this earlier today. i think they said in this area the wave would come about 13 miles inland?
  8. and now supposedly dude's missing too? wonder how long he'll be able to stay hidden before they catch him.
  9. speaking of njsp....i did hear on 101.5 that one of the police unions pulled their endorsement for him. they didn't endorse jack either though.....
  10. IN reality, do we really have a chance of turning the legislature red? or even getting rid of murphy?
  11. bob tasca 3rd is running a cobrajet 1400 battery car. 8.62 car. boring as hell to watch. impressive i guess....but still boring as hell.
  12. do you really think battery power will draw the crowds like this?
  13. i'd take it in a gas powered car over a battery car.
  14. yea. sad that next generation kids won't ever get that smell. or the feel. or the excitement. just the smell of electricity.
  15. 1) this guy don't look 75. 2) i bet he trees young guys in that thing. 3) goddam that idle sends chills down me spine..... Real 427 Thunderbolt 4-Speed Runs 8s | Ray Paquet Winds his FE to 9,200 RPM and he's 75 years old! - YouTube now he refered to the fenders being 'glass. i always thought they were acid dipped steel.....
  16. that's what people don't seem to understand. the sound, the feel, the smell, the vibration. it all plays a part. sadly, we're less than 1 generation away from kids not being able to experience that.
  17. adding on to this, on the note of the neighborhood "karen", even if discharge is legal in your town.....bear in mind most police don't know the law, and you will more than likely meet the entire on-duty police force thanks to that neighborhood karen. follow johnnyb suggestion. do in the house. if you've got a full basement, set up your backstop down there. if you've got old soft body armor, that makes a good backstop i'm told.
  18. here ya go. watch this one. zl1 on top with telemetry. you can watch the backgrounds to guage how they're doing had it been a side by side. and the shelby pulled away on the final straight where the zl topped out. 2013-14 Ford Mustang SVT Shelby GT500 Vs 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Nürburgring Laps - YouTube
  19. it was i was noticing less input than i'd expected for some of the harder turns. not many corrections either. it'd be interesting to see how fast this thing would run there if he REALLY pushed it
  20. the last good one i saw was one i found on svt dot com or some similar site. was the 14 gt500. they did a side-by-side of that with the zl1. the zl was faster on tight turns, but the shelby literally assassinated the blacktop on the straights. and was good enough in the turns to stay near the zl. but you could hear that thing working.
  21. in the short time i've been on this forum i have seen too many times when we all "KNEW" the scotus was gonna smack down nj's illegal scheme. accordingly, i'm not really overly excited. i'll believe it when i see it.
  22. brand new shelby gt500 just off the boat at nurburgring. was slower in this video by almost 2 minutes than the 2014 gt500. but this guy was leaving a lot of time on the table. took many of the turns faster than i saw the 14 taking them, but seemed to be braking much earlier and not re-accelerating as hard. he also had much traffic to deal with, which undoubtedly slowed his time a lot. i'll bet this beast can to into the 7:00 range easily. suddenly, i want one. don;t much care for the looks yet....but for that kinda performance, it'll grow on me super fast. SHELBY GT500 vs Nürburgring Nordschleife! - YouTube
  23. kind of an interesting break down. i'm wondering if i'm reading too much into the red vs blue in here also.
  24. would that mean she's an it now?
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