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  1. i gotta say....this is boosting my mood. the female dj's are a little too chatty......but no commercials, and music i REALLY enjoy. i might be forced to buy the service when the trial expires.......
  2. what do we think the chances of this getting tossed are? seems to be a lot of injunction action going on
  3. none of them are for any of us. they are all for themselves, and anyone who believes any differently hasn't been paying any attention. also, i got my confirmation email too
  4. he's probably doing on the down low
  5. what he said. think about it. you're standing at the lindenwold speedline station. that technically speaking is a transportation hub.. same would go for greyhound bus stations, or any other station where people are congregating for travel to another destination. i wouldn't have voted for christie when he ran before...unless forced to. and i kinda sorta liked the guy. if it came down to being between this douchecanoe or christie? christie gets the vote.
  6. i think i've only ever applied for ue once. that was back in the early 90's. it took them a couple of weeks to get back to me to tell me things were in the process, but i still hadn't gotten anything.......then the guy whos insurance was gonna take the hit called me and offered me work. so i went back to work for him again......
  7. so....listened to classic vinyl otw in to work, and classic rewind otw home. classic rewind(with earl bailey....didn't he used to be on mmr?) it actually felt like...........WIFI92. lol. how many remember that station??
  8. joined and donated. got that email pictured. not email....screen captured it. but......these guys seem to think this is only members in the 5th circuit?
  9. i carry the left handed equilivent of what you are. i clip my holster(tulster) just to the between the last beltloop and the left side of the fly. that puts the pistol at about my 1130. i'm sitting here typing this with it mounted. the muzzle is slightly inboard of that crease you mentioned. what kind of holster you running? maybe move it slightly more towards 12? or set your angle slightly differently?
  10. i haven't done that yet.....i need to get on that. that's pretty much what i was thinking. when we were down there a few weeks ago, she started that convo with telling me about florida going constitutional carry, then asked me if i'd gotten my permit here yet. i told her that i had, then explained all the bs we have to go through to get it. she never asked me if i was carrying that day(i was of course)
  11. i saw this, and went looking to see if they broadcast the shadow.....'specially since i've been spending time each night reading the books.....no dice.
  12. i had classic rewind running while working in the yard today. it was fantastic. no commercials. no overly chatty dj's. just good music. i've only got 1 vehicle that can get this through its own radio, and that's my gt. so i downloaded the app, and tested that today, because i have bluetooth adapters to be able to connect the phone to the truck or subaru......
  13. soo....attaching(permenantly) a brake to bring the length to/above 16" is no longer an option? i'm kinda sad to say this....but our president trump encouraging them, then letting them ban bumpstocks was the precedent for this. or at least one of the precedents.
  14. ok. so my striker control device came friday. i installed it tonight. stupidly simple to install. my only question is.......why are these not factory equipment on glocks?
  15. travel isn't so much an issue for me as is the convenience of having music i REALLY enjoy, and most of all.....no fooking commercials. i'm up to here<holding my hand above my head> with half-azz'd commercials, and more commercials than programming. there was a day i'd have listened to a winston cup race on the radio when i can't watch, but no more. they didn't have nhra listed, so i'm doubtful if i could listen to that...but then again how do you call a drag race that's completed in just under 4 seconds? i'm not enough of a football or baseball fan to listen to those. i'm just looking for commercial-free music that i like. i've always been leery of paying a monthly fee for it though......
  16. anyone here actually using it? i just updated the app on my stangs radio, and have a free trial for 90 days. can stream through the app too. i'll use that at work for a bit to see how i like it. it looks like it'll be about 23 bucks a month after the trial period if i choose to keep it active. i'm curious how happy or not those who're using it are?
  17. i've always found it funny that so many people think turtles are slow......
  18. i really like that idea. can't eat them, so can't shoot them, even with a bb gun. i don't know for sure, but i'd venture that it's illegal to keep pidgeons esPECIALLY here in cherry hill.
  19. i use serpas currently for owb carry. so far mine are standing up, although i haven't been rolling around on the ground with mine. the problem with the serpa isn't the holster any more than a negligent discharge is the gun. the problem arises from people not being well practiced with their equipment. just like with the gun itself. what happens(and i witnessed a guy doing this at a class last sunday....i corrected him and showed him the correct way) is that people bend their finger when pressing the release. if you do that, your finger lands in the trigger guard, and you're most likely goin to the hospital. your finger is supposed to be flat as if it were indexed on the slide. when you press the release with a flattened finger, your finger lands on the slide exactly where it belongs. i have one owb for my glock....can't remember the brand.....it uses more of a safariland type release, and i like that one too.
  20. sooo.....doing that lets one keep their brace for the time being? they won't try any "only those who were members before the ruling" crap/?
  21. well there's his mistake. why didn't he have it on his person?
  22. yea, with my previous comments, i may be letting my paranoid side speak out there. sadly though my paranoid side is right more than it used to be.
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