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  1. that's all i needed to hear. calling monday am.
  2. brings up the question again.....by the wording, can the judge not be removed from the process?
  3. here i go jumping the gun. so....with the wording of this, and mention of the 14th, could that not also strike down nj's registration scheme(the p2p)? and nj's so-called assault weapon ban?
  4. i caught part of it just now. i'll hafta wait till i get home to watch the whole thing. i'm hoping that since my town's small'ish it should go pretty quick, but i imagine it still goes up the chain to the state pd and that's where i forsee a bottleneck . i'm in contact with a couple instructors i like to train with to see if they're gonna run any sort of quals in the near future.......
  5. so........and i'm just asking, so don't anyone go jumping on me.........would this mean that if i call my local pd on monday, they should have a legit answer for me?
  6. us there a possibility that the judge can be removed from the process? thing is that those states all have different requirements
  7. if they've issued ccw permits in the past, how do they not know what will suffice for qualifications?
  8. was gonna apply beginning of week. i think i'm gonna wait a little. gonna check the links in the other thread for the course of fire, and see if i can do that. take more defensive training, etc. then apply when they've had time to have their act together.
  9. i don't think they can pass them all. wouldn't this ruling prevent them from enacting the one that seems to keep us from carrying at home?
  10. he says he doesn't care.....he's almost 70, and thinks it wouldn't make any difference for him at this point
  11. thanks. so three endorsements. leads me to a question. one person i may use, i've known since 1979. he had a felony charge for beating the snot outta a couple police officers that bumrushed his house in 1977. nothing since then. bad idea to use him?
  12. i'll probably carry my beretta. i carry my sr9c at work, but i can't get a full comfortable grip on it when drawing.
  13. technically we almost did. didn't the buffalo killer mention lakewood?
  14. i'm either going to use the "i run a business" reason, or the "all legal reasons" reason
  15. he is also wrong in that statement of "all other requirements still apply" as we should no longer be needing justifiable need. FJB AND FPM
  16. would florida or utah suffice? wait......utah doesn't require course of fire, so i guess not.....so...florida?
  17. first and formost, i gotta admit. i was WRONG. WAY wrong. i truly thought that they'd succumb to the bs games going on. i am thankful i was wrong. that said.....i'll be calling my local pd when i come back up here for lunch. or i may wait till monday to give them time to get things into place to issue my permit.
  18. sooo....with these firmware upgrades, i'm guessing it's fairly safe to say any of the new ones will already be shipped with these flight restrictions built into them......
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