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  1. i'v e got about 3 to 4 months of canned food. chose that because should the need arise, most of it can be eaten right outta the can. hopefully that doesn't happen. got a month or so of frozen stuff, and got pasta too.


     what i found interesting was that wallyworld actually had a pallet of "emergency" food in their store when i took mom shopping last night.

  2. 4 hours ago, EdF said:

    I have to admit that I'm torn a little on this one . . . I abhor any new restrictions but I find it difficult to support something as crappy as a bump stock . . . You could do the same thing with a padded jacket or sweater.

    or a belt loop or a rubber band.

     but...there is no "being torn" on this one. as crappy as they are.....it's still a new infringement. never acccept an infringment no matter how meaningless it seems.

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  3. they should be trained to educate the caller that it is legally allowed to carry a gun in nj now.


     but we all know what's gonna happen. something's gonna happen within the next year or so, and it'll just happen to be someone who's gotten a carry permit.

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  4. for the record, i used to fly aces high....that's not what this video is from). was flying in the axis vs allies arena one night in a hurricane mk1. thing is S L O W. only has 8 .303 guns in the wings....or is it 6? either way, i was flying and fighting 1-1 over the channel against a bf109E. was being a fun fight. started out at around 8k alt, ended up kissing the wavetops. i got him, and just as i did, i got jumped by 2 or 3 more. talk about a white knuckle cartoon fight. i got one of em, a buddy came to help, and splashed himself, damaged another of them badly enough he hadda exit the fight, then finally the last one went low on fuel, and egressed. i couldn't catch him, so i headed home.

  5. 9 hours ago, Bomber said:

    Yes, and unneutered AR's.  Flim-Flam Florio gave us N.J.'s AWB in 1990 (four years before the Clinton AWB).

    He got bounced out on his ass after one term but the AWB remains. (Dems didn't have ballot drop boxes and voting that went on for weeks back then).

    wow. i hadn't realized. thanks! sorta.


     hopefully this whole thing means that we can go back to he normal that the free country gets to experience. it would be cool to experience that for the first time, as i've only been shooting for about 10 years.......

  6. On 8/2/2022 at 4:17 PM, CJack said:

    "We got our a** kicked by SCOTUS and we are sending this a** kicking down to district court so they can swallow pride and rule the mag ban unconstitutional".


    I am not a lawyer, but looks like its now District Court who need to rule mag ban as unconstitutional - i.e People get back to "normal" capacity mags like rest of the USA.


    sorry if this sounds stupid.....but did we ever have normal capacity here in nj?

  7. Cher Beignet posted the following on their home page. perhaps it's time for everyone to start sending messages about this.


    Group owners, hello! My name is Cher Beignet, and I'm MeWe's new community manager.

    My job is to work with you to select new content for MeWe Discover, our latest tool to help groups and pages grow.

    Interact with members and soon-to-be members like never before. Don’t forget to opt in to Discover in your group settings.

    Check it out, and let us know what you think! Help members discover you on MeWe.

  8. 1 hour ago, Schrödinger's cat said:

    Those look pretty nice. I don’t need it, but it’s cool that they have dress belts as well. Are you thinking of getting the steel core?

    I was looking at Crossbreed and Relentless Tactical. I settled on a Kore Essentials. Not sure that I will like the click track style, but time will tell.


    me? yea. i'm planning on the steel core belt.


     i also like the looks of the ones that vedder holsters have. but...same price range poly core. i'm sure they're good too, and may try one.


     i don't necessarily need a dress belt...but that style leather belt can pretty much be anything........



     dam....i'm liking the one in your link too......

  9. 59 minutes ago, 1LtCAP said:

    i've got one of their holsters for my 92f, and like it a LOT.

    i should add.....mine's plain black. i saw the pattern you've pictured, and while i liked it, i'm taking the nj level of crazy into account. i won't be wearing anything that any criminals familys lawyer can try to use against me. plain holster, plain critical defense ammo, plain shirts/pants/

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  10. mewe that supposedly prides themselves on not censoring is shutting down the nj guns for sale page? fook them then.

    1 hour ago, kc17 said:

    MeWe is shutting down gun related groups.

    The new one is called NJ & PA NJGFS ROD CLUB (AKA THE REFUGE). In the chat they have other backups. Including something called Keybase, which seems to me to be similar to Discord. 

    just did a search for that.......nada.

  11. 10 hours ago, Krdshrk said:


    Practice with your IWB holster.  I qual'd with my G48 using a Crossbreed Reckoning with a tucked in base layer underneath.  I could have used an outer garment too but why bother - it's just for the qual, where you focus on the draw and fire.  I was able to complete all of the courses of fire within the time limits.  You don't have to speed re-holster - take your time with re-holstering.  

    i'll snap a pic tonight. just got one for the g19 from tulster. optic ready and tuckable. i'll see how that one feels too.

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