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  1. i was thinking the same for revolvers for her, but i'll listen to what her instructor says, and what she wants, if her instructor agrees. i can tell ya though.....i'm 99.9% sure she won't go for shotguns. an incident with a shotgun(from what my uncle/her brother told me) is the main reason she's been hateful/fearful of guns for all of this time. no one got hurt, but they could have, and this is what it did to her. that's also why i'm so dam proud of her for coming around to our side of the game. i'd still love her either way obviously.......but i can't tell you guys how proud i am, and how anxious i am to see her take her very first shots.
  2. it's taken nearly 30 years of me trying to get her to this point. she gets moody sometimes when i talk about it lately. but the REALLY cool thing is that just 1 year ago, she wouldn't even stay in the same room as a single shot pellet gun. she nearly ran away from my brother when he had one out. yet, from this past christmas, i have video of her firing my cousin's 16 year old sons airsoft tommy gun. and THE SMILE on her face, along with the "ooohhh that was fun!" comment is priceless to me. it's taking awhile, but she's coming 'round.
  3. and this is what i'm looking for. first and foremost, i want mom to be safe. secondly, i want her to realize what she's been missing all these years, and have fun.
  4. i'm going to be there when she's shooting....but i want a professional working with her. no matter how i look at it, having someone that's taught numerous people will keep her safer, and teach her to be a better shot.
  5. ok, hopefully i'm in the right forum in the bbs for this. mom's getting over her nearly lifelong fear/hatred of guns. she's got permit apps in with the pd, along with mine. she's 73. as it stands, i'm planning on getting her started pretty soon(before her permits come in i think) on basic lessons. here's my thing though. seeing as she's been fearful/hateful of guns for so long, i'm scared that the very first time she fires one, it's gonna scare her out of it again. as it stands, i'm gonna go down to bobs little sport shop, with one of their trainers(he's got5 nra guys on staff i think). i REALLY like virtually everyone i've met there. but before i do, is there any recommendations here for someone that's good with working with old ladys that've been afraid of guns for so long? i'm super proud of her for getting to this point, and i'dREALLY like to see her get to the point eventually where she might even fire my garand. thanks guys!
  6. hehehehe.....think i'm gonna "reappropriate" this and put it on facebook........
  7. uumm...yikes!! THAT is kinda scary. i would never hire a mechanic that lacked a basic skill necessary, even if it was only necessary once in awhile. in fact, i had a guy that i really liked apply to me for a part time job. had over 30 years experience. yet he'd never done a single front end alignment......he didn't get the job.
  8. his source is his pet fortune telling unicorn from the land of utopia.
  9. i hope i'm not being inappropriate here, but this seems like a good place to ask this, rather than a whole new thread.... why is everyone getting carry permits for all of these other states if nj doesn't honor anyone elses?
  10. let me preface with the fact that i respect the job that our pd's try to do. you couldn't pay me enough to be a police officer. that all said........something doesn't sound right about the op. to me, that would be the same as me telling my mechanic that he can't go to a ford dealer, because i don't like fords. maybe i'm looking at it wrong, i don't know/?
  11. it paused for about 2 seconds, then loaded and played for me......
  12. funny....he says "you wanna learn to use a semi automatic weapon, join the military:".....do they not have full auto anymore?
  13. that's a commercial. let it go, then you get the audio thing.
  14. you can also effect the outcome of a poll simply by profiling those you ask. it is generally VERY easy to pick the ones that you think will give the answers you want just by their looks.
  15. you've gotta remember, that when one conducts a poll, they can keep it "random", and still make it come out exactly as they wish.
  16. I Would have to say no to this. over the past 4 or 5 years, i've been seeing more and more of my customers moving back in with family, be it parent, or sibling. it's more a sign of the times i think.
  17. just read a huffpost article last night that said he had 6 30 rounders, and a "cache" of weapons at home...........
  18. perhaps it is time to move across the river, and rent a room.
  19. THE problem is that without the help of someone that knows better, they won't look like fools to the unwashed masses.
  20. someone needs to contact the author of that article, and correct him.
  21. how is the quality? i'd tried the x-10 wireless cameras at my shop a few years ago. i thought they were good, till someone i knew happened to be walking past a camera as i was passing the monitor. i couldn't id them on that camera. and this was someone i KNEW. i took em down at that point.
  22. no....cash will always have value somewhere. as long as you're willing to accept that green worthless cloth in exchange for a product or service, and you can find someone else that will, it will have value. remember.....WE are the economy, not wallstreet, not the banks, not that evil dark cloud......but US.
  23. gillette mach3. it is the only razor that has never hurt my face. i don't like th electrics.
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