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  1. suppose he says that they can't be carried in repair shops? guess what? that is OUR decision and ours alone. i'm happy to have people other than hoodrats come in with their firearm.
  2. he can want all he wants. but......it's gonna get smacked down. it's up to the business owner.
  3. i think that the business's having to specifically say it's allowed will be struck down. it should be the other way round.... actually, most of that should be easily struck down.
  4. and this worries me cause everyone seems to be doing from low ready.
  5. the Q target is that big grey bowling pin with the x, right? how does one miss that at only 7 yards?
  6. maybe call fox news. i'm sure tucker or hannity would love to get their teeth into something like this.
  7. gotcha. i'm just trying to figure out how to qualify fast. i love training with this guy, and want to throw the money his way. if it comes down to it, i'll find the time to take the drive to nyc south(north jersey)
  8. soo.....was talking to a friend of mine that's been looking into this. he's an nra instructor. talked to a statie friend of his......supposedly there has to be a qualification number or identifier for the instructors giving the course....which none of have been provided as yet. i train with this guy on the regular, and trust him as if he were family......
  9. sounds to me like they need a phone call from an attorney. what they'll tell you is that the 60 days doesn't start till they have it in hand.
  10. woohoo!! would be dam awesome to be able to have standard capacity again
  11. what does this mean? they're gonna argue it then make a decision? or they did, and we can go to standard capacity?
  12. yea i know. i don't even ever bother typing anything out about it anymore. i just go to the bookmark, and copy/paste it over.
  13. i would imagine that those with a paper fPid should be good to go.....
  14. (i)The actor is not obliged to retreat from his dwelling, unless he was the initial aggressor; and (ii)A public officer justified in using force in the performance of his duties or a person justified in using force in his assistance or a person justified in using force in making an arrest or preventing an escape is not obliged to desist from efforts to perform such duty, effect such arrest or prevent such escape because of resistance or threatened resistance by or on behalf of the person against whom such action is directed. TITLE 2C - THE NEW JERSEY CODE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE Section 2C:3 2C:3-4 - Use of force in self-protection
  15. couple things. gonna try either aliengear left handed version of apendix iwb....or might try one of the garret holsters. either way........i've been thinking more on this. the beretta or sig are both a bad idea i think to carry that way. gonna go with the g19. other thing.....i just got my concealable vest. tried it on for size...perfect fit, and light. but.........knowing many have talked about armor on here......that's something to take into consideration. with this vest, iwb is out the window.
  16. it is even on your property. only within your dwelling(or i think your fixed place of business) do you not have a duty to retreat
  17. it's gone. i got an email from the lady i was hoping to talk to at my pd. she sent it this am. it was different than the one i was handed yesterday. then this afternoon, she sent me another updated form. SHE is being super helpful. are they making you pay a second time?
  18. i took a low-light shooting course there with sepvulda. was a good course. but a hell of a drive. if i can't find anything close, i'll do what i gotta do thoughh. i'll even close on a saturday if i need to. and i ain't done that in almost 10 years.
  19. anyone got experience or opinions on bigfoot gun belts? https://gunbelts.com/ also, any opinions on these holsters? i'm leaning to iwb because i'm a skinny sop. dt johnnyb axman and a couple others on here could confirm that. that makes me think that iwb will give me best concealment when out and about. pardon the amazon link......this one i'd hafta use the g19, and hope it clears the optic. https://www.amazon.com/Safariland-Inside-Pants-Concealment-Holster/dp/B00T8K17HS?th=1&psc=1 again, it looks like i'd hafta go glock. no option for the 92, and i can't find crap for a 227. https://safariland.com/collections/concealment/products/model-575-iwb-gls-pro-fit-holster-model_575
  20. what's this list for? that's not the only ranges we can use, is it?
  21. looks like bobs has qualifications too.
  22. jumping away from holsters for a second..... """""PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLWING AT TIME OF APPLICATION: 1. Driver’s License and Birth Certificate OR Driver License and Naturalization Paperwork/Green Card 2. Three (3) State of New Jersey Applications For Permit To Carry A Handgun, form SP642. Must be double sided and notarized. they want a birth certificate? and she didn't warn me about this..... 4. Consent for Mental Health Search, form SP066.
  23. thanks man! i'm gonna fill those instead. nother question. i asked her about the pictures. i thought it'd be profile face other profile. she told me that they're all just face....head on. yes? no? that's why it was a struggle. cause i wanted to ask her how she felt about her co-workers all carrying every day around her.........
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