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  1. Any interest in an OPAP? Thanks
  2. Got one... https://southjersey.craigslist.org/spo/d/local-sale-only-optisan-mamba/6719210048.html
  3. Did u say that you’re looking for a 9mm AR.. if so.. I have one for sale...
  4. Hello Gang... I have a couple of books that I would like to donate to our site... or for anyone that may need 'em..... I can meet anywhere close in Williamstown... preferably Crosskeys and Johnson Road. WAWA...
  5. I was in total devastation when Cane denied the Utah CCW back when... that was my lil taste of what a gun-toting free American truly felt like... that sun felt good in my face... and working in N Philly... it came as a plus.... Since, I've learned to deny myself ... other than to hope for HR38.... But learning of NH non-res CCW... well.. here comes the sun again...
  6. Hey gang... looks like real fun stuff .. see on the tube all the time and had wish there was one near me... and here u guys r... tada... work weekends but but will definitely make time for this one.. totally newb here .. but just in front of mirror.. hehe.. looking forward to participating and will b asking shitload o quest.. cyall soon
  7. Fooking drooling over here.... .45 or 10mm ?
  8. ok ... gang.. will take those down and pay a visit... .... drooling already... fun time... thanks all ...
  9. Hello gang.. anybody wanna share what u saw at LGS (South / Central J)...? ...weighing the shops b4 I visit
  10. lol... these days... if u have access to the web... you're already vulnerable... there are pro-active measures to protect one's identity... member here... $150 straightforward orientation...
  11. Lesson learned ... sux though... Although I'll have the firearms in a few weeks.. just don't feel as excited as I as when first purchased... ... the apparent satisfaction of instant gratification...
  12. I believe FFL and I filed SP015 and SP016 .... and did not fill out STS-033... thinking the first two would suffice... as all gun info including serial no were included.. so NO permits were requested... but just exemption forms.... Is it too assuming that my local PD anticipate such an occurrence.... and maybe mention that additional P2P where needed... ?
  13. yup... learning... the laws... first time using Multiple.. exemption... almost as bad as applying for Grad school...
  14. The seller did not want to wait for me to obtain the exemption... and certainly wasn't going to wait every month to clear 31 days for each.. Wow... So maybe the PD should have ask me if I had P2p to go along with them.. {or maybe my FFL}... . or I could have just read.. or could have posted here 5 weeks ago... Seems redundant though.. thanks all...
  15. hello Gang, would the gods of NJ handgun laws shed some light on me please? 5 weeks ago, I filed for the application for three handguns..... got it today and raced over to my FFL, When I got there, he tells me that I need a P2P for each handgun in addition to the app for exemption.. I call back to my Local PD and inform them of this and they claim that that is all what I need... and do not need individual P2P for each handgun... which one is it? all in all, did not get squat today but more applications for P2P... What is going on? if the Police knew that I needed three separate P2P, why didn't they provide them when they approved my app for the exemption... a little background... ( I purchase the handguns from a private citizen ... who handed them to my FFL, until I got the exemption back from NJSP...) somebody please enlighten me...