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  1. you mean this or this although 2nd is not VLTOR... or even this this even specifies weight... OH BTW, what is the recommended weight for this build? but been reading and .... I'm not so convinced that an VLTOR system is necessary... outside NJgunforums sources... some say that it does improve cycling as some describe it as a softer and tamed ... more reliable and pleasant... then again, most are running FA and duty ... which I'm far from ... as I'm just plain Joe Schmoe with a desire ...and live behind the lines ... without FA access. Unless tube diameter is not physically possible to fit into tube itself... not likely.. gonna try what I have at my disposal.... and if cycling is a problem.. then purchase.. My priority is LEGALITY... OAL length criteria.. without pinning... Context aside... sorry all, don't mean to hijack as I do know this is a PIcture thread Post... but will post my findings and results... nonetheless... informative discussion is appreciated...
  2. no... but am deciding that I may just obtain what works.. instead of purchasing but only to return... saw a couple so far at Ar15.com https://www.ar15.com/forums/Equipment-Exchange/WTS-Vltor-5-Position-Buffer-Tube-not-A5-and-2-end-Plates/119-1960123/ and this one.. but sold... https://www.ar15.com/forums/equipment-exchange/Vltor-a5-pistol-tube-sbm4/119-1959063/ but also a new one .. https://botach.com/sb-tactical-sba4-pistol-stabilizing-braces/ listed at $90 once registered...
  3. would this be ok? https://bravocompanyusa.com/bcm-intermediate-receiver-extension-a5-buffer-tube/ thanks again for 411... ... all very informative and helpful... now going to look at builds again.. and drool... and plan...
  4. thank you, Infamous for the immediate response... Concerning the lower, just make sure when you purchase or transfer the lower it's marked as "Other" on the 4473 form. reason I asked regarding the lower is that I have an existing lower that was never mated and just sat as queen in the safe.. purchased a while ago... and unsure of its existence.. if I do not have this form... then its a NO GO....?
  5. Hey Gang.... nice pics on posted builds... to tell ya'll the truth, I'm just catching onto this "non-nfa" , "Other firearm" trend that seems to have started last Summer.. but... just a clarification... If I can build or purchase a 11.5 barreled upper... and mate it to an unmated lower with an A5 tube... I'm GTG? (interested in NO Pin and weld, thus choice for 11.5 barrel, HOwever if it is 10.5 barrel, then MUST pin & weld to create OAL 26".... ) CORRECT? Just wondering, what is the length of an A5 tube... ALSO, does the lower have to have "OTHER" on it? is it safe to assume that IT MUST NOT be from a completed rifle build ... but an UNMATED lower that will need a brace... CORRECT? Thanks in advance to all NON-NFA/ OTHER informative gods out there.... looking all too anxiously... to ya'll responses....
  6. have a CMMG.. and bushmaster.. let me know
  7. Got one... https://southjersey.craigslist.org/spo/d/local-sale-only-optisan-mamba/6719210048.html
  8. Did u say that you’re looking for a 9mm AR.. if so.. I have one for sale...
  9. Hello Gang... I have a couple of books that I would like to donate to our site... or for anyone that may need 'em..... I can meet anywhere close in Williamstown... preferably Crosskeys and Johnson Road. WAWA...
  10. I was in total devastation when Cane denied the Utah CCW back when... that was my lil taste of what a gun-toting free American truly felt like... that sun felt good in my face... and working in N Philly... it came as a plus.... Since, I've learned to deny myself ... other than to hope for HR38.... But learning of NH non-res CCW... well.. here comes the sun again...
  11. Hey gang... looks like real fun stuff .. see on the tube all the time and had wish there was one near me... and here u guys r... tada... work weekends but but will definitely make time for this one.. totally newb here .. but just in front of mirror.. hehe.. looking forward to participating and will b asking shitload o quest.. cyall soon
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