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  1. Click the photo in the first post and it takes you to a discussion on Reddit. You have to agree to see adult content before you can see the discussion. Once there, you have to click a blurred image of the letter with a warning that it's NSFW. I guess Reddit is protecting us from a NY State issued letter?
  2. Comments are working now. Go let the gov'na know what you think of his idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKirKf-NhsA
  3. If it's a windy/rainy day they will just hang a clay target on a wire stand for you to shoot at. However, most of the time you're shooting at clays thrown from a clay trap. The good news is they want everyone to pass. I don't remember how many shots each person gets. It's either 3 or 5. If you hit a couple, you'll be fine. They are more interested in safety than accuracy. They guys who teach the hunters ed classes are great and on your side. If you just can't get it, they'll talk to you off on the side, help you figure out what's not working, and let you go again. I don't know what happens if you never hit any at all. I don't know if anyone fails for that or not. The other good news is that the traps are set up for you to be able to hit the target. Hitting a clay that's moving left to right or right to left is hard. Hitting one that's moving away from you is much easier because the target is mostly stationary and just getting smaller. That's how I've always seen the hunters ed courses set up. Grab a friend who knows how to shoot clays and hit the range before the class. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it.
  4. There's a theory that all the earlier rhetoric from the left about packing the court was to intimidate the conservative justices. The message is "if you follow the constitution and we don't like it, we'll just add enough justices that your vote won't ever count again".
  5. Your contractor does damage on your property while working for you sounds like a civil matter, not criminal, not traffic. I doubt the PD will care. I'd call again and have a polite, friendly conversation. He might already have you on his schedule. 30 years ago, I was plowing snow for the first time and figured I would just push the snow through the holes in a chain link fence. Turns out packed snow doesn't push through like I though it would.
  6. Part of my job for the last 25 years has been hiring contractors for all sorts of projects. I've hired hundreds and hundreds of them. My advice: Find someone your neighbor or friend liked working with. Finding a quality contractor is the most important thing. Get 3 quotes. Throw out any that are low enough to worry you and any that are high enough to worry you. If all three are in the same neighborhood, you can trust the prices are good. Don't worry about the nuisances. Don't worry if the contractor thinks it's 150' vs. 120'. There is some number he needs to make to make your project worth his time. Doesn't matter how he gets to that price. You don't know how he's calculating workman's comp, equipment rental, benefits time, liability insurance, or 100 other things that are priced into your job. Worrying about 30' of edging misses 99.999% of what went into your quote.
  7. The NRA pushed for banning bump stocks too. When their membership lost their minds over it, they published a 1 page letter in their magazines. Basically said that they had to push to ban bump stocks for secret reasons we can't know about but...trust us.
  8. Had the same problem in an apartment I rented 30 years ago. Restaurant across the street would fill my parking lot and every weekend I had to walk 4 or 5 blocks every time I went out. I did some reading and found this: NJSA 39:4-56.6 1. No person shall park or leave unattended a vehicle on private property without the consent of the owner or other person in control or possession of the property or for a period in excess of that for which consent was given, except in the case of emergency or disablement of the vehicle in which case the owner or operator thereof shall arrange for the expeditious removal of the vehicle. This section shall not apply to manufactured or mobile homes left unattended and for which there exists or existed a rental agreement to occupy a space on the property. Subject to the requirements of section 7 of P.L.2007, c.193 (C. 56:13-13), the owner or other person in control or possession of the property on which a vehicle is parked or left unattended in violation of this section may remove or hire another person to remove and store the vehicle. It shall be the obligation of the owner of the vehicle to pay the reasonable costs for the removal and for any storage which may result from such removal before he shall be entitled to recover the possession of the vehicle. If the owner of the vehicle refuses to pay such costs or fails to make any claim for the return of the vehicle within 90 days after such removal, the vehicle may be sold at public auction in accordance with the provisions of N.J.S. 2A:44-20 through N.J.S. 2A:44-31 My landlord put up no parking signs and then found a local tow company who would come every weekend and tow. As soon as one car was getting towed, the restaurant would clear out as everyone ran out to move their cars. I don't know who the towing company was (and this was 30 years ago) but the guy had a repo-wrecker so maybe a repo towing company would be interested in the business.
  9. It's voluntary but I figure I'm not going to keep the government from knowing it since they issued it to me. You're just a number in a database anyway.
  10. I've taken a lot of new shooters to the range. I've taken a lot of teens who were new shooters to the range. I got my NRA instructor's certification because my teen daughter liked to take friends shooting. Moms were nervous when my daughter's friends asked if they could go shooting with me. It was an easier sell when they could add "Mr. ZZZ is a certified firearms instructor and offered to teach me gun safety." My advice is don't "introduce" him to shooting. That's heavy and has baggage. Just take him shooting. No lessons. Let him have fun instead of getting instruction and he'll come back. I always go over three safety rules before we pick up a gun. I show how we are going to walk behind the shooter and how we're going to keep the guns unloaded whenever anyone is at or in front of the firing line. Then we just shoot targets and have fun. The occasional tip is fine but don't worry too much about technique on the first, or trip to the range. Consider it a pickup game of basketball, not practice before the big game. And be sure to say "good job" when he gets one in the middle. And let him take his target home to show mom and dad. And let him decide what you shoot. 90% will want to start with handguns. Teens seem to always have fun shooting clays. I agree that rifles are a good way to learn the fundamentals but the first step is to let shooting be fun. Otherwise, the lessons are a drag and he'll never want to come back.
  11. I hope you're right. We won't know for sure until November 2021.
  12. and like NJ, the urban centers will make the rules for the rest of us. VA is done - just like NJ.
  13. Negotiated with the unions. None of the closed areas are staffed so there is no reason to close them at all. This is meant to cause pain to all of us so we'll resist the furloughs.
  14. My 13 year old grew out of his bike last year. We were planning to get him one this year and hauled his old one to the local dump. They have a scrap metal pile and I figured it was still in fair shape, somebody would grab it and another kid would get some use out of it. The next day, after we got rid of his old bike, we went bike shopping and found out that there are none. We found several out of stock options at different online sites and just checked websites every day for a couple of weeks. Eventually, one of our choices showed up in stock at Walmart.com. Only one in stock. We ordered it and figured that somebody else, somewhere in the country must have hit the order button before we did. I thought we'd get an email that the order was cancelled. But it showed up via Fedex a few days later. Don't give up. You might get lucky like we did.
  15. The gun needs to stay in PA. I suspect that gun was not specifically made to comply with NJ's laws and probably doesn't. So, most likely, just possessing it in NJ is enough to spend several years in prison. A PA dealer can transfer it to a NJ dealer where it can be modified to be legal here. You should get the specifics on the gun and talk to a dealer here to find out what modifications are necessary and if it's even possible to make it NJ legal. Since you say it has a 16" barrel, that may complicate things.
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