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  1. The instructor training mostly focuses on how to teach. The NRA course material that the instructors use to teach the student classes covers the mechanics. During the instructor courses, you take the Basic Instructor Training first. This is a 2 day course that's 100% how to teach. Once you have that out of the way, you can take any of the disciplines: pistol, rifle, shotgun, etc. In the individual instructor discipline courses, you go through the course material for that course. You will teach a portion of it in front of the rest of the group. This is also a how-to-teach course but it focuses on how to teach that course's material - so you are exposed to the material but that's not the purpose of the instructor training. If you want to really refine your shooting, teach shooting. In everything I've done, shooting or otherwise, I always learned more as an instructor/trainer than I did as a student.
  2. Dry firing while keeping the sights on target and pulling the trigger slowly and deliberately. Instead of wasting range time going click, click, click she can do this at home after your session is done. The more time spent, the better. I did exactly this to loose my flinch. The other is pulling the trigger slowly enough that she doesn't know when the gun is going to fire while focusing on keeping the sights on target. This not only helps with a flinch or anticipation, it helps to overcome the issue of all of your hand muscles moving when you pull the trigger with just one finger. Make a fist, now move your trigger finger several times. Hard to keep your whole hand from moving isn't it? I don't know how big or strong she is. I took a group of teens shooting a couple of weekends ago. One of the girls was just not able to handle a 9mm without it hurting her hand. She loved shooting .22 though and was doing it well. You'll never get rid of a flinch if it hurts every time she pulls the trigger. If that's the case, she has too good a reason to flinch.
  3. NJAG's office will intervene. There will be no charges for making a false police report.
  4. Sounds like we now have the right to be denied in person instead of by mail. All of the constitutional violations are still in place. I can't even picture a strategy that makes this a step toward anything useful. I'd like to be wrong. If we ever get any relief in NJ, it will come from SCOTUS, not from inside this state. And, unfortunately, SCOTUS hasn't been interested in the second amendment in a long, long time.
  5. For a one-time job, Harbor Freight has beam type torque wrenches pretty cheap. I've never used one so I can't tell you if they're any good or not.
  6. I disagree. I have a business in NJ. Is it my job to make sure that residents of Alabama are following their state laws when they buy something from me? I don't think so. And even if it was, not if ownership of that thing is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights?
  7. If the malware was on the payment processing server, it could sniff traffic between the terminal and the bank. It may have collected transaction data in real time, not stored.
  8. Here's what I have for backup water. We're pretty rural. We've lost electric for a week before and have had roads blocked by fallen trees after a derecho that kept us from getting more than a couple of miles from home -far from the nearest store. It took only 3 days that time to get out with neighbors helping each other to clear roads with their own trucks and chainsaws. We keep about a dozen gallon jugs of water in the house. We use bottled water so the "stock" is rotated regularly each time we go to the store for groceries. I have re-wired our well pump (no city water here) so that it is plug-connected instead of hard wired. I can use an extension cord to plug the well pump into our portable generator. Our generator can barely start our 1/2hp well pump so, when we're pumping water I can't use electric for much else. But that's not a big problem in an emergency. I don't need to watch TV when I'm in the shower anyway. I also re-wired our oil-fired furnace so it can be plugged into the generator too - sucks to loose heat in the winter. If we use up or 12 gallons of water and the generator quits on me or runs out of fuel, I have three 55 gallon plastic drums behind the shop with drinking water. They freeze every winter and the drums have never been damaged by freezing.
  9. You may not need to sue the prosecutor to get what you want. Sometimes, once the other side knows you have a lawyer, they start following the law. Just having a lawyer make the phone call can get something done - may cost you a few hundred dollars. Jeff Henninger is a pro gun lawyer in NJ who could at least explain your options. Good Luck
  10. With Dicks it wasn't a business decision, it was a political decision. The CEO had his business take a strong stand against my rights just before he announced his bid to run for president as a Democrat. He put the company's interests second and cost the company a lot of money for his own political gain. If I owned stock in Dicks, I'd be ticked.
  11. 50 guns - no problem hundreds of rounds of ammunition - time to place an order de-milled hand grenades - considering the guy owned a gun shop, not unusual liquid mercury - every thermostat and thermometer in the world used to have mercury in it - again, not unusual pipe bomb - since everything else they found is a nothing, I'm suspicious about this "pipe bomb".
  12. Right. The actual law doesn't apply any more. All you need is one activist judge to rule on his or her feelings instead of considering the law. I'm not so bothered by the stalemate. I suspect that most of us have, at least once in our lives, found ourselves without a job. I've been there before. It's an unfortunate part of life. Find another as quickly as you can, live on your savings in the mean time. And most importantly, save for this rainy day because it's coming eventually. And...I think we could permanently cut 15% of the federal work force, never feel the impact, and put those 15% into actual productive jobs in the private sector. We would all be better off.
  13. If Ruger would shave .00001 oz off the weight, it could be legal by just turning down the barrel threads. Specs should read "49.999 oz weight".
  14. Should you have to have training to get a permit? Hard to answer because I first have to accept that it's okay to require a permit. But, no! Requiring training is an infringement on the right to keep arms. Can a range require training to use the range? Yes.
  15. I like it. The see-thru magazine is a good idea - assuming it is durable. I also like that the striker is removable before take down. Overall seems like they really thought this through.
  16. All business has overhead. Electric, phone, rent, etc. But, if you get transfer business that you weren't otherwise going to get, that transfer is profit 100% as compared to not getting the transfer business at all. Half empty or half full?
  17. The only reason she doesn't know is that she really doesn't care to know. I'm not hiding a thing. I am a grown man! I am not going to go through life hiding things from my wife. If I feared her so much that I needed to hid things from her, it would be time to move on. That said, I've been married for 26 years with no plans to move on.
  18. I just donated $50. This money isn't going to go for a wall. Lawyers, judges, and politicians will find a way to make sure this fails. But, it sends a strong message that Americans want this badly enough to voluntarily reach into their own pockets to fund this. Our elected "leaders" care about 1 thing: Staying at the feeding trough. They need campaign contribution to do this. This go fund me campaign is a signal that indicates what positions we are willing to fund. This can have influence.
  19. I disagree. Often, a man needs to keep his emotions in check because he needs to be able to solve whatever problem is happening. Holding your feelings in is not toxic. Being able to control your emotions and continue to function is an important part of being a man. A man also needs to be able to keep his feelings in check to be the rock that makes his family feel safe. I don't mean that men never get to cry but I do believe that a man can't be boohooing all the time and still be fulfilling the role society and the family needs him to fill. If all that built up emotion is a problem, the good news is that God only makes you live about 80 years so you only have to man up for a relatively short time. All the women I know like a man who behaves like a man. I don't spend time with anyone who doesn't....because I'm a man.
  20. State Police in Alaska use 12 ga slugs. I've chased lots and lots of black bear out of my campsites by just yelling at them and acting aggressive. Black bear are pretty doscile compared to other bear. But...that works until it doesn't. If a bear is intent on getting to you, I'm not sure anything non-lethal will work.
  21. I have two of the 12 gun Stack-On cabinets. I had enough ceiling height to mount one on top of the other to save space. They are bolted to each other and to the wall internally. I think someone with a good pry bar and big hammer could have it opened in about 5 minutes. But, they are cheap, they keep kids out, they keep honest people out, and they are light weight.
  22. We have been staying away. I used to buy a lot of shotgun shells and clays there. I doubt that they're really missing my few hundred dollars each year but hopefully they are.
  23. #1 rule of business: Make it easy for the customer to buy. A lot of companies get the most important rule wrong.
  24. http://www.scotshot.com/NRArso2018.html I've taken instructor classes with a few different instructors (instructor instructors are really called "Training Counselors). Grant was the best I've learned from. Take this class.
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