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  1. Paypal preferred, -$5 for any local pickups in Atlantic City area Item #1 Vortex Strikefire II red/green dot Includes battery, mount, front/rear flip ups and Killflash attachment $140 shipped Item #2 Streamlight ProTac HL-X Laser Includes remote pressure switch, battery and mount. This is a light/red laser combo. $95 Shipped Item #3 Surefire m952v Clone This IS NOT an authentic Surefire. It is an airsoft clone. Comes with battery, mount, remote pressure switch and a secondary wireless tailcap. The wireless tailcap has its own picatinny mounted rf wireless pressure switch $45 Shipped
  2. I ran into that earlier while googling. The title has already gone from salvage to rebuilt, but out of state, and is inspected until next year, also out of state.
  3. Trying to close a deal on a car with a PA rebuilt tittle. Any issues with registering in NJ. Never had to deal with a "dirty" tittle car before. I'm assuming he did all the pain in ass paperwork in PA already to go from salvage to rebuilt. Am I wrong? Will NJ ask for anything else?
  4. I'm slowly saving for a pvs14, its just hard to drop that much on a single item. The one that you see below is a cheap sub $300 range from eBay. Its a gen 1+ sightmark ghost hunter. The Wilcox mount that it sits on costs more than the dam monocular. It came with this obnoxious head mount, but I modified the attachment point to use the Wilcox mount. I don't even know why I want the setup other than I just do, the whole thing started with wanting to buy a knockoff ops core helmet to play paintball games and that quickly worked its way into a level IIIa helmet with nods.
  5. it just seemed to work out better with my grip and the placement of the tape switch
  6. Haley sling mount is attached to the Adams arms gas block, independent of the light mount weld
  7. I wanted it as far forward as I could, I welded a two slot steel picatinny section on the barrel to make that work. ran about 200 rounds through it since the weld job, seems its holding up just fine. bad idea? it seemed like the best solution at the time.
  8. Well that would be kinda silly to have ir without nods
  9. Version 2.0. updated some things. New glass with low rings. Surefire ir/white light, lasermax ir laser and a modded surefire tape switch and magpull pro offset irons
  10. heres my solution to the problem step 1 buy a 12 pack for a generous out of state friend step 2 cut down 30 bodies step 3 assemble and pin step 4 jb weld/epoxy grit and duracoat
  11. Can't seem to get the video to embed if someone could that be great
  12. pretty interesting, could be a good alternative to the bump stocks and their evil 3/4 of an inch collapsing abilities. notice that he is not shouldering the stock because the rifle needs a little bit of space to reciprocate https://youtu.be/DPshSUWfvew
  13. My m9a1 with xiphos light and serpa
  14. Not all that new, but the gen 2 has been out for a while now and it has had some pretty positive reviews on various forums and YouTube so I decided I would give it a try with my coupling method. In the past I have used a jb mix with an epoxy grit layer on top of all three ribs, that method was kinda permanent and you couldn't disassemble the mags for maintenance. So I did away with the jb and use this 3m industrial rubberized grit tape, pretty awesome stuff. Under the middle rib tape are located the 8 spring rolls that hold the internal coupler in place and bond the 2 15rd cut downs. The overall length is about 1/2 inch bigger than a standard 30 round mag This is the jb mix and epoxy grit version before duracoat And this is the 3m grit tape version
  15. Already a discussion here http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/75228-atf-classifies-ss109-and-m855-as-armor-piercing/ when this broke
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