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  1. P&K Firearms does have them in stock, 63 E Bay Ave Manahawkin NJ 08050 609 597 4646
  2. If you can post the papers I'd be very interested to see them. You know, there are some (rare) photos of US soldiers in Normandy theater with the SVT40, as I recall, one is of some ground men and the others are a group of paratroops. Only 1 German division in Normandy held SVT40 rifles in their inventory at the time.
  3. Lots of love for the Luger. Here's the glamor shot. It came with 1 of the original mags and I bought the second mag and original ammo separate. Also here's a story I can't prove but I will tell it anyway because it's awesome. I got this Luger fresh from a veterans family and they had bullets that accompanied the gun. I always assumed they were German but when I finally Googled the headstamps, they are British! I wish they could talk. Naturally the Germans would press everything they found into service and British 9mm would be no exception.
  4. Frank, I appreciate the interest, but I don't think it'll ever happen The Glock and M&P are my defense guns, whereas the others are collectibles or shooters. Pizza Bob, you're so very close! I'll find a cookie anyway I had to look up "tower pistol" and it is a different ignition, bore, nationality and era than my reproduction of the US Springfield Model 1855. But seriously, good job, most people mistake the Radom for a 1911, or the Charter Arms for a Smith. The .32 with wood grips is what I would call a "Ruby", but your answer is the same. And to be super technical, the "baby Colt 25" is actually an FN Browning Vest Pocket, but it has Colt grips, and from that distance the grips are the identifying factor. The 2 black powders are indeed repros, I do civil war reenacting. I have glamor shots of the milsurp guns if anyone is interested. Njbanshee, good recommendation on the CZ75, they are A+ guns, but I just can't get along with the small slide serration area. I'll probably go after milsurps from here out, like a P38, WWII era PP or PPK, Webley, etc etc. Also looking for a S&W 5906 or 4" 686. I still have no 357!
  5. My wife was out XMas shopping, so I had the chance to take inventory. I don't think I've ever had them all in one pic, since I normally keep at least one separate. If you can name em all, you win a prize I have one more permit remaining... what do you think is missing?
  6. I have the M&P 40 Pro (purchased new) at home and I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea of the parts and functions you're talking about. If you could show a pic or something I will test function mine also.
  7. What do you have already and what is your budget?
  8. Very cool, I love the SVT. I'm surprised no one has asked. Can we see the papers?
  9. Glock 19. It isn't my favorite pistol but it is the best general purpose pistol in the world.
  10. Found this guy today but it's not mine (yet). Walther PP .32 auto, late WWII. "ac" marked, frame and slide do not match but are near. Absolutely no other marks. No Walther banner, no Mod. PP, no 6.35, no WaA, no Nitro proof, no import mark, nothing. Tell me if I'm wrong, but could this be a war time factory assembled pistol that was pushed out the door skipping the formalities? Or is this a post-war assembly for use by occupying or indigenous law enforcement? I've never seen such an unmarked Walther PP before, others have at least been Nitro proofed. I'm a collector of WWII so I'm interested, but don't know enough to pull the trigger on this one... yet.
  11. I will be there selling bulk ammo and some loose stuff I have laying around the store. I myself will only be there Friday but the store will have 2 tables all weekend.
  12. Re enlistment does not include IRR time as long as you are over 8 years. Less than 8 years, then yes. I enlisted in 2007, so I am property of Uncle Sam until 2015. In Sept I am eligible for re-enlistment, let's say I re-up for 4 years. Once 2015 passes all those years will be "active reserve" for me since I am a reservist. IRR will not exist. As for being called up after those 8 years have lapsed... no, not in uniform, but you can still be tried as a civilian if the statute of limitations does not apply. Let's say you are in the IRR (<8 years service) you can be called up for anything. Guys in my unit have been called into the active reserve who have left active duty years ago and never were in the reserve before. There goes your weekends...
  13. I had called R & R because there was once a good guy named Dick who did the gunsmithing there. I don't know what happened to him but someone was a big grouch on the phone with me. He literally said "What do you want?" right off the bat. What do I want? How about a "hello, company name" instead of "what do you want". I asked if Dick was available and he said NO. I told him "thanks anyway..." If you do need gunsmithing service, we do just about everything and have a full-time guy. P&K Firearms, 63 E Bay Ave Manahawkin NJ 08050. GSP exit 63.
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