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  1. TO be clear. The job is stopped and has been stopped for many months. There is no work going on there right now. And the interior is a shell. It requires millions of $$ to complete including all gun range equipment and build out.
  2. Not the contractors who did the work. They get personally sued for the unpaid gun range materials. So their home gets a lien and their bank accounts and wages garnished.
  3. Like I said. It’s more profitable to just file bankruptcy, Claim he is broke but Drive his $160,000 Mercedes to his $4 million house on the bay in Mantoloking shores (where he has his crew of workers constantly upgrading) then paying his friends that he promised over and over again that he would pay. I really feel sorry for the contractors he talked into agreeing they would have a partnership in the range to continue pumping their own funds into the project. Maybe he should consider going to the bank that he owns on passaic ave in west Caldwell and take a loan. He certainly has the money to pay his attorneys over $1 million already. Some contractors are now not only out several hundred thousand dollars but are also getting sued by their vendors since they can’t pay them because they didn’t get paid. That now means liens will be placed on these contractors homes for materials owed on the gun range but not any of Thomas J O’beirne’s Homes. He doesn’t have to worry about that. After all , he has a field named after him in Roseland. https://www.roselandnj.org/Mens Softball Information Flyer '18.docx
  4. And why wouldn’t Anthony be worried ? Every piece of equipment in the existing range is owned by the guy that filed bankruptcy.
  5. He will answer that it’s not a good selling market to sell his homes or his retail shopping malls he owns.... even the properties without a mortgage. It’s more lucrative to file bankruptcy and just screw everyone. Of course the law will be on his side since every property he owns he created an LLC for it.
  6. Seems to me Thomas Obeirne is just looking to screw all his friends on this woodland park gun range project. So his wife leaves him and he gets to screw his friends out of millions of dollars.?? If he was truly hurting financially as he proclaims to be, then why doesn’t he sell one of his $4 million mansions? Or his $160,000 GT Mercedes? Or his sausage factory he owns ? If he’s not in poor financial condition then why did the gun range building file bankruptcy and screw all of his friends ? He certainly has the money for attorneys since he’s fighting everyone who is suing him. And as Anthony says , the new addition is going to open soon. Great ! What about all of the contractors who are owed money ? I guess they get wiped out in the bankruptcy? Gotta love the legal system here in jersey.
  7. It looks like 1265 McBride Ave who owns the woodland park range including the new addition is now tied up in bankruptcy. Sure hope they find a buyer of the property since a lot of contractors are owed a lot of money. In the meantime, the owner enjoys his $4 million house at the shore and his $4 million house in Essex fells https://businessbankruptcies.com/cases/1265-mcbride-ave-llc
  8. I have 5 dogs on the plan that includes $5000 per incident per dog I have to check but I think it's $125 per month or a little more. The good news is with this plan it cost less per month as you add more dogs to the plan. In the last 2 years we saved over $8000 in bills including the plan cost. From a dog that ate mulch and blocked him up, to one that swallowed a sock, to one with a spinal stroke, and my gsd rescue that needed 80 stitches amongst other injuries after a fight with my other rescue who also went to the vet. I even had a dog die and they paid for cremation. So for us it's worth it. They don't pay everything and you must send them the vet bills that they scrutinize and decide how much to pay and mail you a check.
  9. Here is my 160 open top reef. it has been going for about 9 months now. It has a direct connection to the R/O auto top off. Took several months to get the lights dialed.
  10. He lost to renan baroa who is now 32-0
  11. You went 1 for 3 I thought Mir for sure though.
  12. Caraj

    Home Security

    Yeah I think he means his buddies in the car waiting outside watching for the homeowner to come home will shoot the homeowners.
  13. The birds grab the crabs from the water and drop them on our deck then my dogs tear them apart not caring about their claws.
  14. Hi GRIZ, It only cost a $200-$300 online to incorporate and register your business in NJ. I think the issue here if I remember reading correctly is that the Owner of the business (corporate officer) cannot be the person who applies for this permit.
  15. Yep. They are out of control. Every block you turn down there is a lawyer building with multiple lawyers all fighting to make money off lawsuits. We are run by lawyers and sadly the tough competition they face pushes them to do things most people wouldn't do. And as far as loser pays lawsuits, there would never be a loser as most cases will settle before the verdict just to avoid that.
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