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  1. Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club (Jackson) and the ANJRPC state range (Highland Lakes) have 300 yard rifle ranges. I believe there is a 600 yard range in south Jersey...someone will be along in this thread shortly to remind me which club has it.
  2. I'm fine with the plan; very kind of @Sudsy to offer to front the money to @c6dino for the press and save the driving. I'll bring everything to the meet in Morristown Thursday morning, and Sudsy can inspect the goods before accepting. Thanks!
  3. Still available, though as noted in the top post, the powder and primers sold separately. Everything else is $140. I'll update the post to SPF. As noted, Pick up in Morris County, or at the Riverdale Police Pistol Team range, NJCTC trap range, or Cherry Ridge range, but I'm pretty flexible as to when. Thanks.
  4. I was tasked with smoking appetizers for the game yesterday. I made one rack of bacon-wrapped japepeno poppers (the filling was cream cheese, shredded sharp cheddar, sliced scallion, and pulled pork), and another rack of smoked mushrooms, filled with sautéed hot sausage, onion, jalapeño, sharp cheddar, and parmesan-reggiano. Both turned out great, and it's fun to smoke something that doesn't take most of a day. Poppers done in 2 1/2 hours, mushrooms in just an hour at 240F over hickory and cherry smoke.
  5. c6dino

    MEC 12 gauge reloading press and components

    I'll take it if it is still available.




  6. I do a lot of precision pistol shooting, so I do a bit of accuracy testing. Generally from the bench, indoors, at 25 yards. I use one of these: handgun rest which is a far cry from the gold standard Ransom Rest, but much cheaper and easier to work with. I occasionally dabble in events that require a minimum power factor, and then I'll break out the chronograph, but for me that's a rarity. For most of my gun games, group size is all I worry about. This assumes, of course, that the ammo feeds with absolute reliability. All of my handgun practice ammo is mixed brass, but for competition it's all single-headstamp, either Starline or Federal. That eliminates some variability. Better still would be using brass all from a single production lot, but I don't go that far. When I'm testing, it's usually one or two bullet types, usually a single powder, or rarely two, and I'll vary the load in .3 gr increments from really light up to maybe the middle of the load data range. That's plenty of variables. I don't test primers as part of load development, I use CCI for most everything, Federal if I have a gun that requires a softer primer. I'll often label the ammo lots at home with a number, which allows for kinda-blind testing since I rarely remember what load corresponds to what number once I'm at the range. You don't want bias to convince you your 'pet' load is the best, when in fact there is another one in the mix that works better. I shoot 5, 5-shot groups of each lot, and measure and record the 5 shot, and best 4, groups c.t.c. Fliers called when the shot is fired can be excluded, but once the target comes back it is NOT acceptable to ignore a wild shot just because it makes the numbers worse. Looking at averages for the 5 5-shot groups usually gets me to a load the gun is happy with. It's a little tedious, but once done it pays dividends for a very long time.
  7. I'll keep this in mind, but I very rarely get down that way. For the moment, I'm trying to make the sale fairly local. Thanks.
  8. Mason-Dixon BBQ Services has opened enrollment for their 2024 BBQ Bootcamps. These are excellent, well worth the trip to Greencastle, PA if you are interested in taking your BBQ to the next level. They have bootcamps for brisket, pork (pork butts plus whole hog), chicken and ribs, and turkey and tailgate. 12 types of smokers available, everything included including lots of food, beer, and some nice accessories and leftovers to take home. These sell out fast, so don't delay if you have an interest. https://mdbbqservices.com/bootcamps/?registration=open#tve-jump-18cdff45176
  9. Get one of the above, and simultaneously solve the problems of what to do with 2500 rounds, and worrying about which is most accurate.
  10. The press, wads, and reloading manual are still available. Price reduction now noted in the original post
  11. Wayne is confessing to some pretty unsavory things...
  12. We left off in October when you agreed to buy the entire lot. If you can pick it up within a week, PM me.
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