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  1. If they call them on a weekday they can’t get overtime pay.
  2. First I've heard of it. Did Murphy indicate when he'd be dividing up his billions among us to address the Wealth Disparity?
  3. I just got my Utah renewal, it took two or three weeks. On my phone I watched their video, verified my info was correct, took a selfie, and gave them my CC number. Twenty minutes and $25, I think, and done!
  4. I typed 'NA' in the form for q27. I'd think blank would also be fine. But I haven't submitted the application yet.
  5. Just a reminder, BBQ USA's episode shot at the Blairstown, NJ Jersey KnoQ Out BBQ competition is airing tonight, 9 pm On Optimum, The Food Network is channel 29. NJ BBQ Competition show airs Aug 8
  6. Does Reloaderz require factory ammo for qualification (some ranges do), or are reloads allowed (some ranges don't seem to care)?
  7. I called Reloaderz, in north Jersey, to ask about an option to qualify with more than one gun, since they don't list that option on their website. I was told that if the guns are substantially similar (both revolvers, both striker fired, both hammer fired) you can qualify with one and they'll list both the permit. They want you to bring in both guns with proof of ownership, though. I've not actually gone there to qualify, I don't know if you can push beyond the two gun limit, or how flexible they are on 'substantially similar'. For example could one qualify with a big honking G34 and then have a little G43 listed on the permit as well? They shoot the full HQC-1 course, and while any of the little defensive guns should be accurate enough to keep all shots on the Q target, it does get easier to do so at 25 yards if you have the extra sight radius.
  8. Yeah. That. If there is no extra charge, the worst case is you get free practice time. The best case is you get a qualification cert. Either way, you won't have to deal with that instructor after one more session.
  9. I plan to go in with one unwitnessed, and one witnessed, because my town is quite obstructionist and has played the 'we can't sign/only we can sign' game before. I'll also bring 1.5" and 2" passport photo sets because sending me away for the wrong photo size is just the kind of nonsense I expect them to pull. I'm planning to shoot the full HQC-1 course so they can't complain about that. I anticipate them then playing the 'we can't accept applications because we are awaiting guidance from the state' card that a few other departments seem to be falling back to. At least I'll have a strong case to take to the NJ Strikeforce lawyers.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, we've heard from residents who were denied NJ carry permits in years past, and later disclosing the denial didn't affect their ability to get a P2P. The reasons for the denial matter.
  11. If I was faced with the prospect of pulling 300 bullets (especially the WCs) from 38 sp cases because they'd been primed with rifle primers, I think I'd go buy a .38/.357 lever action rifle instead. Pulling bullets is so very tedious, at least with a kinetic puller. Maybe not so cost effective, but you'd get another gun out of the deal.
  12. Thanks. I can't open that, but I'll take your word for it. I have seen more references to passports in this thread than to birth certificates. I'd been going by this link, which I assume was an old one the state never bothered to update: https://www.nj.gov/oag/njsp/firearms/pdf/Permit_To_Carry_Instructions.pdf
  13. Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered in this thread. To establish proof of identity for a US citizen, The GunForHire checklist says you need to provide a driver's license and passport OR birth certificate. The nj.gov instructions for applying for a carry permit say you need to provide a driver's license AND birth certificate. I haven't seen (or been asked for) a birth certificate for a very long time. No idea where to find it; I'd have to go through the fairly cumbersome process of requesting a new copy if I have to provide one. The passport, on the other hand, is easy. Have any police departments (particularly in Morris County) been refusing the passport and insisting on a birth certificate?
  14. Countless police officers and detectives have qualified over the years with 5 shot revolvers as their primary or backup weapon. While the popularity of the small revolvers may be on the decline, I'm sure many still qualify with one--I'd think using the HQC2 modified for 5-shot revolvers. I'd ask the instructor to qualify you using the same modified 5-shot revolver course that is approved for police. Or at least the same distances and time limits, I'd think it reasonable to ask for accommodations on the standing-to-kneeling stages if those are a problem.
  15. I’d go with “This establishment allows all Constitutional activities”. Or similar. Makes it harder for the counterprotesters who will show up to figure out what to protest.
  16. Practice doesn't all have to be at the range. Revolvers are particularly well-suited for dry fire practice. You can load up some snap caps or spent cases and dry fire a LOT. Watch your front sight and if it is moving when the hammer drops, practice until that movement is almost eliminated. If you are jerking the trigger, it will be very obvious. With snap caps you can also practice your reloads until they are fluid. Lots of repetitions. Fiddle with the holster until it doesn't interfere with drawing or reholstering. Or replace it with a different one. Then practice your draw, a lot. Hundreds of repetitions isn't a lot. Start slow, focus on the mechanics of not sweeping your support hand and not getting your finger on the trigger prematurely when you come up on target, then start to focus on having the sights fairly well aligned by the time you come up on target, then focus on minimal movement of the sights as you squeeze the trigger. There are free downloadable shot timers for smart phones. Download one, set it to give a start beep after a random delay, and a stop beep after the par time that you set. After you get the basics down as described above, start doing them on the clock. Best of luck (though with more prep, you won't be depending on luck).
  17. That would depend on who the bystander is, would it not? I kid, your point is valid!
  18. Electing better executives would go a long way towards solving the problem.
  19. I prefer opposite side for the mag, but a lot will depend on where you wear the holster. For a righty, it'll be hard to get to a mag worn strong side if the holster is at 3, 4, or 5 o'clock.
  20. I picked up this 5.11 leather belt, because it doesn't look too tactical. No real-world experience with it yet, but it seems well-made. 5.11 gun belt
  21. NEBS doesn't have one on their calendar this year, which is a shame because it was an exceptional (and low-cost) event. NEBS event calendar Mason-Dixon BBQ has a few boot camps still coming up this year, but all are sold out for 2022. I recommend them highly, if you can register next year. Mason-Dixon BBQ boot camp You can search for events and classes on the KCBS website, but I know the list of BBQ classes is very incomplete. https://mms.kcbs.us/members/evr_search.php?org_id=KCBA Still, they don't come up often in the northeast. The third and final NJ competition of the year is the Red White and Que contest in Jackson, in October. https://campgroundbbq.com/red-white-q
  22. That episode aired Monday evening, I think they replay it a couple of times this week before the next episode airs next Monday. The show website may have the full schedule. Enjoy! They spend a good bit of time talking about the tradition of Texas brisket.
  23. I've no experience with the range, but I was fascinated when I visited the gunsmith shop at Colonial Williamsburg. They build flintlocks using only tools and techniques available in the 18th century. Really beautiful guns, they only turn out a couple a year, and sell them for big bucks to collectors. https://www.colonialwilliamsburg.org/locations/gunsmith-shop/
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