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  1. It fires a .380. I have been following this "company" since they started looking into this concept, around august/september. This kid is extremely smart and intuitive, if anybody thinks he wasn't expecting this type of response/backlash from the government, well, underestimates him. He wanted the goverment to try to "police" the interenet and is (and has been) exposing how stupid & full of themselves they really are.
  2. sicrado

    Walther P99

    Im in the market for one myself, and have been for like 6 months... With that said, gunbroker has been killing me with auctions $750-1000. Recently I have been looking into the older style PPQ's, but they are really high. If you can live without the euro/paddle style mag releases the new PPQ M2 have been available for about 550-650 which is reasonable. P99/PPQ's in 40 seem to be more abundant and as a result, cheaper.
  3. Seriously at this point, I would imagine the ACLU would be a more beneficial donation. It's sad to say I'm not kidding.
  4. Those are my representatives as well. Unfortunately, we are outnumbered by the rest of the state. Can everybody else get their representatives in check??
  5. Today reinforced what the assembly meeting had taught me. These people have sworn to uphold and protect our constitution and continue to act in ways that are so egregious that it is nothing short of criminal. These people in office have no interest in representing the body they represent, do not have any interest in upholding the constitution of the United States, nor does "that document" even mean anything to them. They are in office for the power, and will dictate to us, "people"- what they feel is best for us. I am so disgusted on how these slimy politicians conduct themselves I could throw up. Face to face (as represented by the majority of stories I've heard & personally dealt with) they will agree and even compliment you on your thoughts/opinions about the subject, but then disregard REASON AND LOGIC and vote with the rest of the elected "mobs" agenda... for whatever the topic is. Today has put the last nail in the coffin for me, I will be moving out of this totally corrupted, mob ruled state. There is nothing we can do to have any swaying voice with this regime of elected mobsters, I disheartenedly applaud those who think otherwise.
  6. I used to use the mach 3 turbo but got tired of spending $$$ on razors. Now I spend 3bucks a month for the same thing as I've joined the dollar shave club... If you use those type of razors you need to switch. Check it out https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ref/536j/648E1B2F72E5AF/s/e/cx/1/
  7. Relax and enjoy the field trials, the instructors are there to demonstrate and teach proper safety and handling of a firearm... they don't care if you hit the clays/targets. I learned a lot about muzzleloaders & the guy let me shoot his sidelock, which was pretty cool. Timing really depends on how big the class is, I was there for about 6 hours, but did all 3 and the class was full at 120. If you have a half a brain cell in your head or have common sense the written test will be easy, I got 1 wrong in the 100 questions (for all three disciplines). Read the book & watch the videos, the test is exactly that. They aren't trying to trick you, just make sure you are safe out in the woods. I'd say by far the hardest is the bow accuracy test. Groups within 3 inches weren't my forte, but I "cheated" and used a crossbow. Def go that route if you plan on getting that and arent very proficient with a bow. (You have your whole life to practice on your accuracy). Enjoy the morning.
  8. just becareful about some of the small safes you buy... make sure you get a good one.
  9. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2013/03/07/berkeley-councilman-proposes-email-tax-to-fund-postal-service/ “There should be something like a bit tax. I mean a bit tax could be a cent per-gigabit and they would still make, probably, billions of dollars a year…And there should be, also, a very tiny tax on email,” Wozniak said at Tuesday’s meeting. "....A Berkeley city councilman has suggested that a tax on email may be wise way to help fund the United States Postal Service" I think the USofA is officially screwed with people like this getting elected to run it.
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