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  1. Oh ok, does it jam or do you experience a lot of FTF or FTE malfunctions? Thank you for the input
  2. I got my FID about two years ago through Clifton and I had to pay about 60 dollars to Sago-Morpho for the fingerprints before I went. I also got printed at the station, so that sounds about right.
  3. Ok thanks! I have a S&W MP15 AR-15 in 5.56 which I love so I wasn't sure if I should get the .22 version or maybe a conversion kit for it.
  4. I am interesting in purchasing a semi-auto .22 rifle. The HK MP5s look great and I have heard mixed reviews about the GSG .22 rifles modeled after MP5s, ARs, AKs, etc. Any advice which is the best semi-auto .22 for some fun, fast plinking?
  5. Hahah a nagant he says! That would be interesting to see, they would be the same height. I would recommend a Henry, I love my Goldenboy, it's fun to shoot and works flawlessly with different types of .22 ammo
  6. I have a henry golden boy that I love, but i'm thinking about buying a semi automatic .22. I heard GSG's aren't great but H&K's versions are sweet, any advice?
  7. Just found this sick deal! only $949.99 for 20 rounds of .223 (must be a typo) http://www.venturamunitions.com/icc-223-remington-45gr-hv-pnt-frangible-ammo-nontoxic-20-rounds/
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I agree, no need to bash the prices, we're not the ones selling the ammo, just trying to look out for others.
  9. Damn they got me good... Guess ill be making a trip down to south jersey soon haha
  10. https://www.ammoman.com/p/71/9mm-wolf-fmj-115-grain-lead-core
  11. I also have a Nagant M91/30, it's a lot of fun to shoot, I was able to pick up a spam can of ammo for 80 off aim surplus too. 440 rounds of the 7.65 x 54R
  12. Thanks DirtyDigz, I have found that website to be very helpful, I appreciate it
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