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  1. Looking to purchase a home defense style shotgun. Not looking for anything too crazy or expensive just something to keep at home. Mossberg, Remington, or Maverick would be ideal. Thank you!
  2. Oh ok, does it jam or do you experience a lot of FTF or FTE malfunctions? Thank you for the input
  3. I got my FID about two years ago through Clifton and I had to pay about 60 dollars to Sago-Morpho for the fingerprints before I went. I also got printed at the station, so that sounds about right.
  4. Ok thanks! I have a S&W MP15 AR-15 in 5.56 which I love so I wasn't sure if I should get the .22 version or maybe a conversion kit for it.
  5. I am interesting in purchasing a semi-auto .22 rifle. The HK MP5s look great and I have heard mixed reviews about the GSG .22 rifles modeled after MP5s, ARs, AKs, etc. Any advice which is the best semi-auto .22 for some fun, fast plinking?
  6. Hahah a nagant he says! That would be interesting to see, they would be the same height. I would recommend a Henry, I love my Goldenboy, it's fun to shoot and works flawlessly with different types of .22 ammo
  7. I have a henry golden boy that I love, but i'm thinking about buying a semi automatic .22. I heard GSG's aren't great but H&K's versions are sweet, any advice?
  8. Just found this sick deal! only $949.99 for 20 rounds of .223 (must be a typo) http://www.venturamunitions.com/icc-223-remington-45gr-hv-pnt-frangible-ammo-nontoxic-20-rounds/
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I agree, no need to bash the prices, we're not the ones selling the ammo, just trying to look out for others.
  10. Damn they got me good... Guess ill be making a trip down to south jersey soon haha
  11. https://www.ammoman.com/p/71/9mm-wolf-fmj-115-grain-lead-core
  12. I also have a Nagant M91/30, it's a lot of fun to shoot, I was able to pick up a spam can of ammo for 80 off aim surplus too. 440 rounds of the 7.65 x 54R
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