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  1. I imagine you will want one that has a hole for pinning.
  2. From what I understand perfectly legal if done in a abiding way. But say if you broke a law involving a gun using with hollow points you’re going to have an additional serious charges against you. For instance in a unjustified home defense shooting.
  3. I tried the CMMG conversion out of three ar barrels. Two of them accuracy was good for short range training. Don’t expect tight groups at 100 yards. But for 25 yards you’re good to go. A dedicated 22 LR barrel will get you better accuracy.
  4. I’d like to be able to shoot a shoot out to 100 yards with a two inch group. Not sure if that’s possible. Maybe a Wilson combat barrel?
  5. Thanks but I have a Faxon BCG already which has some pretty cool features plus I’m not a fan of the side charging.
  6. I want to build an upper for a Foxtrot Mike lower ar9. Can you guys recommend a 16” barrel?. I’d like to get good accuracy. Also there are some big differences in receivers for 9mm AR’s what should I look for? Thanks for help.
  7. 16” ar barrel pinned. less then 16” pinned and welded.
  8. Good to know, I’ll check them out. Thanks I wonder why the Roni with pistol brace aren’t legal?
  9. Is the Micro Roni or anything like it New Jersey legal? It looks like it would be a lot of fun to plink with. About six months ago I saw a shooter at the range with something just like it. Not sure if it was the same brand. I did a search on this forum and couldn’t find any information. Thanks
  10. I called Odin and they told me I should contact my local law enforcement that they are not lawyers.
  11. I never got snarky with you at all. I was merely pointing out how ridiculous it would be if that stock would be considered to be illegal in New Jersey. Considering you need hex wrenches to make any fine adjustments. I appreciate you responding and regret any confusion.
  12. So, you believe this would be the Zulu would be considered a telescopic stock? So I guess the fear is someone is going to have an AR under there trench coat then rip it out and quick adjust the stock with an Allen wrench to get 2 1/2 inches of more stock?
  13. I was wondering if Zulu 2.0 stock is New Jersey legal. The stock Uses Allen bolts to bring the length of pull in or out by a couple of in. Anyone know for sure? I don’t really want to commit a felony. Thanks
  14. I have that on my GL34 except I switched from red fiber to green with a black rear.
  15. So the tops of the rear and front sights are on the same plane?
  16. My feeling is there probably not worth building anyway. Glocks have those thin tabs holding the slide on. If there made out of polymer I don't see them lasting long. Maybe I'm wrong.
  17. Do they sell night sights that are bright in daylight and indoor ranges too? It's for a Glock 19
  18. Seems like the tabs on the frame that hold the slide in place are going to paper thin considering their polymer, no?
  19. What capacity mags do you need? 15 round mags wont cut it? Do people shoot with rifles with scopes and pump shotguns?
  20. Thanks guys. That guy in the video sure seem to know what he was talking about.
  21. I bought some steel case ammo(Tulu) and was wondering if I should use it or not. Some people say its not good to fire in ARs. Does it damage an AR? If so what does it do and how many rounds are we talking? My barrel is chambered in 556.
  22. What did that cost? Sounds fun. Would you buy one?
  23. It's hard to believe you possibly can't bring maybe the country's most popular rifle from NJ to NY to shoot.
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