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  1. 2 hours ago, JohnnyB said:

    No, but I weigh every powder drop then every 4th, then 10th until I am 100% sure they remain accurate.

    That's fine, but we're talking about getting into simple reloading; these aren't precision loads.  The recommended numbers from Lee are well under max pressure loads, and the little scoop is not an adjustable powder measure; it doesn't change size.


  2. 1 hour ago, JohnnyB said:

    Wow!  WAY too much work for one lousy round!  The thing I like least about this method is the inaccuracy of those powder measures. 

    Yes...its a bit of work. 

    Also....how do you think most powder measures work?  Do you think they weigh each charge on a scale? 


  3. 13 hours ago, Mrs. Peel said:

    Zeke, stop it! I realize the text looks different... but did you consider he could well have cut the text from an email he himself sent to someone... or from a post he made online elsewhere?

    Geez, Louise...  what's going on around here? Is it Feisty Friday and I didn't get the memo? :facepalm:

    Emma discussing Zeke


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  4. 23 minutes ago, 10X said:

    Harvey Weinstein was confirmed as having COVID-19 yesterday.   And by the looks of him, he's got all the risk factors.

    He must be thinking about now that if only he hadn't been such a felonious sleezbag, his money could have bought him the best medical care on earth.  Instead, he'll probably now be sharing the prison's one 1940's-era ventilator with the rest of the general population.

    Just another sham, like that walker he showed-up in court with.

    He's hoping his leftist buddies will feel sorry for him.

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  5. 7 hours ago, JackDaWack said:

    "When asked how long he expected his orders to remain in place Murphy said: “It’s somewhere measured in weeks to months. This is not next week. I wish it were.”

    As long as he and his administration doesn't look like a bunch of monkeys.....oops!  Too late!

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  6. 1 hour ago, CF1782 said:

    I will most definitely keep looking around and I appreciate the note on the feel of the gun. I am left handed and I am anticipating some level of feel issues simply a part of it as I have experienced that with most of the guns I have shot. I will keep an eye out regarding brands however it seems like that comes with a much higher sticker price. I believe the Tri Star guns come with a 5 year warranty.

    Ah....you see what I meant about more info?  Being a lefty DOES change things!  I'm also left handed (strange how many we have here on NJgunforums), and yes - a Mossberg 500 is a good choice for you. 

  7. 9 hours ago, CF1782 said:

    I spent a little time looking into 12 gauge pumps as recommended above and  found one that seems to be well reviewed for the most part and very affordable so much so I should have enough for a "novelty" range gun. 

    So my 4th option is a tristar cobra 12 gauge/ chiappa little badger 22lr. 

    I like the tri star's price point and the spring assist, and a foldable single shot 22 lr rifle looks like something affordable and fun to shoot also a good gun if I ever needed to have something in a backpack.

    Interesting options.  

    I'd keep looking around; checking out the various offerings at your local shops to see what feels good and fits you.  There is a different "feel" to the operation of the different manufacturers firearms, based on stock design, control placement, etc, that may or may not work for you.

    Also, you're better-off sticking to a more major manufacturer, like Remington, Mossberg, Ruger, Winchesrer, etc, because of commonality and parts availability.

  8. 34 minutes ago, g192019 said:

    I figured what they were saying didn’t make much sense even being new to all of this. The more i read up on our state’s law, the more i realize how much they’re trying to take away our rights all together. Hopefully it doesn’t ever come to that. Thanks everyone for the clarification.


    4 hours ago, g192019 said:

    Read through this and a good portion of the NJ laws. It doesn’t say word for word anything on my exact question, but from what I can see, I believe I have no reason to worry about going to the range with it.


    Exactly why I sent you to the State Police website.  It allowed you to cut-thru all the BS you were hearing and be able to understand what the laws really say.

    Glad it helped!


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