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  1. Working on a sampler of various flavors of datldoit which is awesome, but nothing beats sriracha, it tastes great on everything. Try tossing edamame with it.
  2. Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all!
  3. The grip is a big difference, so comfort should be a priority, but more important to me is that the 22/45 always has a composite lower. If you want all stainless, which is a much nicer gun in my opinion, then the 22/45 isn't an option. Personally, it feels like a much cheaper gun both just holding it and shooting it. I also didn't like the bolt release, which functions differently than the standard Mk models.
  4. I have a Mk III and a Sig 1911-22, and they each have different appeals. Both are a lot of fun to shoot, the sig being great for plinking around, but I definitely feel the target gun to be far more gratifying with a far more solid grouping. My opinion is to have one of each, but if I had to choose, it would be the Ruger.
  5. I guess that is part of the question - is there a burden of proof on us to retain? Thanks, the computer folder is a great idea, I may do that myself. I am even thinking, you may want to store on a cloud drive so it isn't tied to your physical computer, which can also be damaged in a fire, flood, etc.
  6. Hey All, I have a question, and yes I searched the forums and some other sites first, but didn't see anything. I am pretty diligent in maintaining my paperwork, but wonder what should happen if I lose my COEs for my rifles? Sandy is the example I have in mind, since I almost lost some stuff from flooding, but thankfully was prepared and moved everything to higher ground. Since we don't register long arms in NJ (and no, I don't plan on it), there would be no way to show proof of obtaining them legally if ever needed. I know this is a hypothetical, but I am very curious. Thank you!
  7. Was about to post the same thing, I have read good things about their storage services.
  8. Well, yes, a car dealer will sell you a car, and a restaurant will feed you up until they lock their doors. If a business like this needs to close down early, they can do what other businesses do and post a time for lane closure. Store closes at 6, last person allowed on firing line at 5:30. If they don't post it, it's unfair to have a problem with people who show up before close. I am not sure if Easton has this posted or not, but I hear them say that towards the end of the day. They are very clear and respectful in the way they say it, and I have never had a problem with it. People do not have to spend there money there, there are other restaurants, other dealerships, and other ranges. Good customer service is key, if you have a time you want to be out, post it, or else don't cry about it. I mean, poor customer service is their choice, but don't expect to have too many repeat customers.
  9. I bought two at the same time, picked one up in early March. Got to fill out my papers for NICS this past week, they double checked to make sure the time had passed before they would let me fill out the paperwork. I asked about the NICS delay, and they said the month has to pass before they can even submit the paperwork.
  10. The paper is assuming the people outside even knew what was going on inside, and I'm sure many who were hanging around were more interested in getting the gossip on what is going on inside. Waiting to use the lanes was probably the least on their mind, Gotta love the paper's twist on it.
  11. I would love to see a place like this in Old Bridge, especially if there is a public range. There are some decent paintball fields in OB, so I like the idea, but I fear having all of those in one shop will spread it too thin. Jack of all shooting sports, master of none? The training facility would be great though, I would think there is a lot of opportunity there for intro or home defense courses.
  12. Love my Ruger MK iii Target, and waiting patiently for the paperwork to clear so I can pick up my Sig 1911. Have to say I really didn't like shooting the 22/45 model, but the MK iii Target is a pleasure to shoot and reliable. It will shoot just about anything you can put through it.
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