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  1. I hate OGAM. My Fiancé and my wallet on the other hand don't mind so much!
  2. Thanks, I saw that. I should've said that I want to get a G22 with gills. I'll have the 23 covered when I pick up the 23C. What can I say? I like .40...
  3. Actually, I have a G23C in the works right now. Then, I want to find a 24 and something with "gills". She's good with her two 9mm's though. She wants a .357 next. Man I love this woman!
  4. Just picked up a G26 and a G27 for me and the Miss's this evening. I think they compliment the G19 and G35 nicely. Of course, being a Lady, hers had to match... :supergrin:
  5. You're right about that. I'm surprised by how unable some here are to take care of themselves. If there comes a day where they cannot PAY someone to do things for them, what will they do? Do people not find satisfaction in doing things themselves anymore?
  6. First, Congrats on finding this pup a home. That's awsome! I'm a huge proponent of rescuing animals. Both of our cats and my Fiance's Son's dog are rescues. Just brought this little guy home the other night. Not a rescue, but it's not easy to rescue a puppy. With the other rescues in our home, a full size dog just wouldn't have worked... He's only eight weeks old and I'm really surprised, and impressed, with how quickly he's learning simple commands. Our first Pitbull, but how could anyone say no to this?
  7. Just reminded me of the guy I saw out in his new Camaro in the last storm. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool car. It wasn't looking so cool stuck on the slight incline leading up to the stop light though!
  8. You're absolutely right. People have made snarky comments because I keep 25 gallons of fuel on hand. I put fuel stabilizer in it and rotate every 3 months. I also run my generator once a week and switch out the fuel in it every three months. My reply to the snarky comments? "Remember Sandy?" Doesn't do any good to have a generator if it won't run, or you can't get fuel. Same principle as the snow tires. I just pour the fuel into my cars and refill my cans. In this case it literally doesn't cost anything extra to have the fuel n hand.
  9. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one. We live on a bad hill now, so we both have four wheel drives. I've been watching people not make it all night now. I love the ones that spin out, back up 10-20 feet on the exact same grade that they just spun out on, and try again... More than once!
  10. This is true, but the lack of preparedness is also a problem. Point in fact: remember the freak October snow storm two years ago? We were at West Point for a football game when it started. Before we left the house I put my snow tires on. I wasn't going to because they weren't calling for a real storm. I figured, what the heck? I have them, might as well use them. Long story short. While everyone else was stuck on the Parkway, we exited and made it home without issues on the side roads. Granted, that storm was unexpected. However, it would've been the same in November because most aren't prepared anyway.
  11. Let me preface this minor rant with the fact that my Neighbor just missed his driveway, missed a side road, and then crashed over my 110 year old stone retaining wall. He's fine, the wall is fine, his car is banged up. All in all, it turned out alright... BUT, it was a front wheel drive car with no snow tires. Why do the majority of people here refuse to use snow tires? This is the north. It snows here. It's not a surprise. Happens regularly. Why not just be ready for it? They're calling for what, 8" of snow here in NORTHERN NJ? State of emergency? Really? I'm from NH. It snows there a lot because, well, it's in the north. The difference? People are ready for it. It can snow two feet and there isn't a state of emergency. No highways closed, no panic. I can see if you live in the South and you're not expecting it. Did I mention that snow here is a predictable, regular occurrence? Venting complete!
  12. This has FINALLY convinced my Fiancé to keep the safe unlocked when I'm not here... Normally, I put my G35 back in and lock it when I leave for work. Not anymore...
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