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  1. I had a brake pinned at Side By Side FA in Denville and it was back in 5 days. That was 8 weeks ago I know they are much busier at the moment.
  2. 1/14/21 approved for pick up. I am surprised it was that quick and the fact that I'm surprised is quite sad.
  3. This is true. I bought a few rifles in NY in September and the auction house apologized that the check took so long. 15 minutes.
  4. Didn't know that. I'm still getting shipments that have ORM-D printed on the box.
  5. FedEx and UPS are the only choices. Box needs to be marked ORM-D. Ground shipping only too.
  6. I submitted 1/9/21. I'll keep everyone up to date when I'm approved.
  7. My wife is right/left. She never had any issues with handguns but long guns were a different story. She tried using her non dominant eye but grew so frustrated at her inability to hit anything she switched to shooting long guns left handed. There was a learning curve for her as well as she is not the most coordinated person but after a few hours was able to hit her target most of the time with a rifle and some of the time with a shotgun shooting clay birds and would probably do much better with more practice. It's really up to the individual to see which way they are more comfortable learning.
  8. I'm thinking yes but would like others opinions as to NJ legality. Comes with 10 round magazine and fixed stock no bayonet lug
  9. Steel core 7.62x54R. An antique round for a modern problem.
  10. Mine is not. Years of playing in a band without hearing protection. Not as as bad as Pete Townsend but still not good.
  11. HO HO HO Now I have A machine gun
  12. I saw Leslie and Alvin Lee on a double bill at the Palladium in NYC in the 80's. Alas both have now gone on to the biggest stage.
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