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  1. brucin

    2019 NJ anti-2A agenda

    Liberal tears for a beverage Some do in NY. Last quote I got was $25 for a case.
  2. brucin

    Good 22LR Revolver

    I found a previously loved one for $225 so you can get a good deal on them if you're patient. A little wear on the bluing and a small chip in the grip but it has character.
  3. brucin

    Birdcage on Netflix

    Finally watched it. As expected I saw no racial overtones. I guess white people can't see racism It was an interesting character study of diverse personalities thrown together due to horrible circumstances.
  4. brucin

    Daily humor thread

    Nice one Centurion.
  5. Last handgun I purchased was $200. Add a $70 fingerprint fee and a $15 NICS fee and you effectively have a 50% tax on the purchase.( I did not have to pay those fees) That's why these regulations exist as they are not laws. They exist to dissuade law abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional rights.
  6. And we have a winner, choose any prize from the top shelf.
  7. To all my NJGF friends be safe and have a Happy New Year.
  8. brucin

    Birdcage on Netflix

    That blonde is smokin' so I approve.
  9. Teller drill. Attacker can cover 21 feet before you can draw and fire. I always keep sketchy people 21 feet away. Except for Zeke and Ray Ray
  10. brucin

    Birdcage on Netflix

    Didn't have the heart to call it out.
  11. brucin

    Birdcage on Netflix

    So by your response I can assume the author of the article is a dick?
  12. brucin

    Birdcage on Netflix

    You know those SJW's, everything is racist. I did not read the article because I didn't want to spoil the film. The article according to the headline and tagline was more about how the story was an analogy for white people failing to see racism. If you can find the article let me know. I'm not sure when I'll get to the film as I'm working this weekend. Sorry not HuffPost here is the link. https://www.theroot.com/netflixs-bird-box-is-really-about-how-white-people-dont-1831345159
  13. brucin

    Birdcage on Netflix

    Saw a "news" story from HuffPost. Didn't read it because the headline said it was full of spoilers but the headline also said the movie is about white people not seeing racism. The trailer looked interesting so I will give it a shot. The plot reminds me of The Happening.

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