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  1. Sad news great actor. He had a short lived TV show called Smith where he played a bank robber with the perfect suburban family. Shame it didn't catch on as it was well done.
  2. So they are going to use a reserve designed to help people heat their homes in the northeast in the winter in case there is a heating oil shortage. 82% of the homes in the northeast are heated with oil. What could possibly go wrong?
  3. I'm a fan of Blackout coffee myself. Love the Brewtal Awakening Dark Roast.
  4. I have an earlier version of this. https://www.goutdoorsproducts.com/product/tactical-range-backpack-tall/ It is top quality and very well designed. It is however not inexpensive.
  5. You can have a detachable magazine in NY No fore grip no pistol grip and the rest of the BS not allowed in NJ and you're good to go. For your info it's against to law to posses a magazine over 10 rounds in NY so that law worked exactly as intended.
  6. Karma and gravity are a bitch.
  7. I've had my Victory since they were released. It runs on anything I've put through it. Dirtier stuff like Winchester or Thunderbolts will gum it up a bit and cause an occasional FTFeed but even with that stuff and a dirty gun it still runs great.
  8. I always thought the Techstudio snap caps looked like something from Barbie's Playhouse.
  9. This place was pretty good when we were there 5 years age. https://www.moonriverbrewing.com/menu
  10. My recommendation is to take 81 to 77 instead of 95. Just staying away from the beltway makes the trip better. In Savannah do a haunted pub crawl. It was a lot of fun hitting the various old pubs and you can take a traveler when you walk to the next location.
  11. That looks delicious. Cindy and I love lamb.
  12. Must be something in the water on that street. I grew up in Lyndhurst and my grandfather was on the police force there, Sometime in the late 1940's a guy getting evicted shot at the sheriff and the bank officer who were evicting him. He had a shotgun police only had revolvers. My grandfather was able to climb on a shed behind the house and was able to shoot the guy ending the situation. Here is a link to some parade footage and in the middle some footage of the police incident.
  13. Used also means broken in, like a nice pair of boots or a saddle.
  14. I would seriously consider renting first. It lets you check out the area far more thoroughly than just going down to look at houses plus when the correction hits it shouldn't affect you. My wife has been in the real estate business for 40 years and we have seen many boom bust cycles. Her opinion is now is not the time to buy. She's not a sales person she is in the financial end. Rates are rising inventory is increasing and buyers are drying up. That's the trifecta for a correction. If you can wait.
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