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  1. Far from an expert opinion but if it's fun it's probably against the law in NJ
  2. There is also Fegley's in Allentown for great food and great beer.
  3. I would still complain to the regional postal director about that PO not following procedure. They are losing money. They should not be turning business away.
  4. You're just being modest. I thought we shot the whole 25 rounds from the 7 yard line. Then again my memory like a lot of me isn't what it used to be.
  5. If your free you should try and make it this Saturday. I know it's a hike for you but it's a fun shoot.
  6. Look forward to seeing you again. Don't forget to bring a large box for your trophies
  7. Just want to bump this up It will be held on 2/22/20 this year and is a bunch of fun. Location is the same as are most of the competitions. Hope to see some of you there.
  8. No joke I have a Glock pen and a Sig pen. The Sig pen is a much nicer pen.
  9. Sig has much better pens. Just sayin'.
  10. Lived a good long life. We should all be so lucky. RIP
  11. Any machine will make mistakes. If I bring in $300 in coins and the machine says $299.02 I consider that a convenience fee. If you think the coinstar machines are 100% accurate I've got a bridge to sell you. No one has sued Coinstar yet and If they have Coinstar settled. I opened my TD Bank account just for the coin counting machine. I've kept it because they are convenient and if you wrap the coins they take them and you don't have to put your account number on them. I've used the Coinstar machines too but I get the gift card. No way I'm paying a fee.
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