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  1. When it can reasonably determined by a reliable source that hell has frozen over and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east and the rivers flow from the seas to the mountains then it might happen.
  2. You can't draw from a holster at Cherry Ridge unless you're law enforcement.
  3. It's painfully obvious he is one, doesn't that count?
  4. I wouldn't do her with Murphy's pecker.
  5. The 25th is Memorial Day Weekend. I can't make then either and others may have some plans. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer just relaying info.
  6. Why doesn't someone throw some Jello on them???????
  7. Sorry guys and gals but no can do I'm scheduled to work that weekend.
  8. Outside storage is legal but will eventually cost you more than the guns are worth. Peel's suggestion is your best option. Good luck.
  9. I have New Jersey Manufacturers for homeowners. They're a bit picky when you sign up. They send an adjuster to inspect your property and will note things that must be repaired before they will issue a policy. In my case a few minor repairs I probably should have done in the first place. I've had to file several weather related claims and never waited more than 10 days for a check. They also offer a replacement cost rider which I have used. A large branch fell on my 10 year old Weber. Value was $200 replacement was $900. I bought a new one sent them a copy of the receipt and was reimbursed the difference in less than a week. If you can get the auto insurance there is a discount if you have both. They're one of the only things I will miss about NJ when I finally leave.
  10. Guys like us need them.
  11. I'm opening my camp in the Adirondacks that weekend. I hate you guys. Not really have fun and post picks. Except of Peel. She must remain forever anonymous.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like I should have jumped on this. Oh well i'll check out the show in July maybe the guy will still have it.
  13. Put a padlock on your fire extinguisher and show her the key in the upstairs bedroom. Maybe that will wake her up.
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