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  1. Let me know, I'm from Morris County also and have been there several times. It's a great facility. I've gone solo most of the time so it would be nice to shoot with someone else.
  2. I can recommend a great brew pub and restaurant after you're done, Fegley's in Allentown. Great food and beer. Just don't drink too much for the ride home. 812 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101
  3. I agree with Gorsuch. The wording that was found to be vague sounds like it was written by NJ state legislators. Make the law say exactly what it means by including the words robbery, rape, assault and murder. Then it will pass constitutional muster.
  4. If they want to keep doing business with residents of NJ they would have to settle the judgement. I imagine that NJ would somehow be able to seize any payment by a NJ resident who uses a financial institution which has a physical presence in NJ intended for NFA and put that towards the judgement. I hope that NFA is just trying to jerk NJ's chain. If that's the case I approve that message.
  5. Civil suits don't result in fines. Only judgements. NJ would have to figure out how to collect on the judgement. NJ would need to win a civil suit in Federal court for the judgement to be good nationwide. I was the Foreman on a jury in a major federal civil suit. The plaintiffs did not prevail.
  6. Should not have fired into the air. That bullet came down somewhere but overall a good result.
  7. Cross over on one bridge and return on another.
  8. Get a smart car. Not the electric one the older ones with the gas engine.
  9. New Frontier Armory will in all likelihood lose a civil suit as all that is required for the plaintiff to prevail is a preponderance of the evidence. The problem is exactly how does the plaintiff, the Peoples Republic Of New Germany collect on the civil judgement? Any judgement issued by a NJ court is only good in NJ. As long as NFA doesn't do business with a financial institution that has a physical presence in NJ then NJ can't collect on the judgement. A NJ court order is only good in NJ. A court officer can go to Nevada and try to collect on the judgement but the order has no validity in any state other than NJ. NJ can file the civil case in Federal court but I don't think NJ wants to take that chance.
  10. At least you got your money's worth.
  11. We're in the Southern Tier. A small town called Caroga Lake. I'm familiar with all the regions you mentioned. Stayed in Placid a few times and in near by Jay. I have a friend who has a house in Schroon Lake that's a bit closer to Dix. Yes the wee beasties have petered out but were unbearable over Memorial Day. They're the reason I put a screened porch on the house soon after we closed on it.
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