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  1. I'm sure it did but not enough to primary out the RINO's who tanked the bill. It was only a handful of Senators.
  2. I believe PD's can purchase direct from the manufacturer but the PD's would be free to purchase from wholesalers at an inflated rate. In order for this to work Glock must be on board as well as S&W, and Mossberg. I'm not sure if Remington is still actively producing shotguns and rifles. While I totally agree with this tactic it will only cost the taxpayers in the tyrannical states more money and it's painfully obvious that they don't care how they waste taxpayer dollars.
  3. The RINOS in the senate didn't bring it up for a vote. They didn't want to be put on the spot voting no and pissing of 60% of their constituents.
  4. Playground safety is regulated by the state and federal government. There is a requirement to have a layer of padding a certain distance around all equipment. Where this padding ends is the end of the playground. Most of Denville's playgrounds have a fence separating them from the rest of the park.
  5. It has been known to get my wife screaming.
  6. Mine spent 71 days at the court. If you're around that timeframe it should be soon.
  7. Someone on the Facebook NJ Firearms Owners Syndicate wrote that he filed a motion and received a call from a clerk regarding the motion. He was told the judge will approve qualifications on more handguns however they will defend in court a motion to dismiss and advised that council be obtained for this. If you were to represent yourself it would require you to show up in court and the county could ask for an adjournment and you have just wasted your time and resources which is finite while the county has infinite time and resources. It appears that most if not all permits issued by Morris Co have a court order restricting the permit to handguns qualified with. I wonder would it be possible to get a few dozen Morris Co permit holders together and file a class action motion to dismiss all the orders? I don't understand enough about how the courts work to know if this is possible.
  8. Issue date was 1/19 so not much of a delay after it was approved.
  9. Will do. Hopefully the snow is light tomorrow and I don't have to work too much OT so I can write the motion and get it to the court on Thursday.
  10. After 155 days I have finally received my PTC. Came with a wonderful 2 page court order that must be carried. Motion to vacate that order will be filed.
  11. I have been waiting 154 days so far. When my permit is issued if there is a court order restricting me to the handguns I qualified with I will file a motion to vacate the court order within 24 hours of receiving my permit. I will hand deliver that paperwork to the court myself.
  12. It sounds like your Chief LEO will let you amend your application and apply under the new rules which might get you your permit a little faster than the 154 total days and counting that my PD and the Morris Co court have taken so far. On the downside you will probably have to submit a fourth reference and an additional $150. This is just my guess based on the letter you recieved.
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