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  1. That is one of the reasons Bruen overturned NY permit scheme. My Fulton Co permit is good for full unrestricted carry in any county except the 5 boroughs. The poor folks in Westchester or Nassau were only issued sportsman's or premises permits unless they were one of the "more equal animals"
  2. Joshua Prince has already won 2 cases just like this. He could win this in his sleep.
  3. Wish I knew about this work around. I could have saved $40 and a trip to PA.
  4. I've seen a bear eat a dirty diaper so I'm sure they could make do.
  5. Matamoras Rod and Gun run action pistol and steel challenge. Haven't had the opportunity to shoot there yet.
  6. Yes the PA permit is a credit card size
  7. After each shot you must reload the case with a single stage press.
  8. You can sign up when you get there. You purchase shoot slips for as many times as you want to shoot. You have to put on the slip what you're shooting, PCC, center-fire pistol etc.. there is sign up sheet for who shoots but you don't have to put what you're shooting on that sheet. They go down the list and when they call you, you give them the slip with what you're shooting. It's pretty well organized. Forgot to add there are 2 lists 1 for centerfire and 1 for rimfire.
  9. October 23rd 9 AM Classes for Centerfire & Rimfire pistols, revolvers, PCC, and rimfire rifles. $5 entry per class. You can enter as many times as you wish. They usually give you 5 entries for $20. East Bangor Sportsman's Association Physical Range Address: 152 Bangor Vein Road, Bangor, PA Feel free to ask any questions about the event.
  10. Pissed is an understatement. Some of the signs I saw welcoming concealed carry have the Sheriffs Dept. logo on them. The judge who heard the first challenge ruled that the plaintiff did not have standing while saying the law is unconstitutional. The law stands till the next lawsuit.
  11. And yet the Concealed Carry Improvement Act was allowed to go into effect. I had to unload and load my gun several times a day and this was up in the Adirondacks where it has always been relatively easy to get a permit.
  12. Some PA counties that are close to NY State would refuse to accept a NY restricted permit. NY judges in some counties frequently put restrictions on permits limiting them to Hiking ,Hunting, Fishing, Camping. This is not in the NY Legal Code just something they made up. Some PA counties refuse to issue non resident permits entirely which is in violation of the PA legal code. If one was to bring a suit against one of these counties the plaintiff would prevail but it is far cheaper to just go to a 2A friendly county like Center County who issues non resident permits regardless of whether or not the permit is restricted. Post Bruen NY counties have been removing the restrictions from restricted permits, some automatically some ask for a form to be filled out. I am quite certain that a NJ permit with a list of the handguns on it will be accepted in Center County. Center County is also advantages as they issue your permit immediately. The whole process including filling out the application took about 20 minutes maybe less. Lackawanna County which is closer used to issue to NY restricted permits but changed a few years ago but the NY restrictions are on when you could carry not what.
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