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  1. I don't know a gun license that is good for carry in all 50 states sounds good to me. Just like my drivers
  2. Because they are afraid to be arrested sent to prison and treated like a farm animal. Which is a fitting punishment.
  3. Would like to attend and stay but they have a 2 night minimum on the cabins. I may attend and go home the same day but not sure about that.
  4. I received a response from Walmart regarding my complaint. It was as useless as I expected it to be. We appreciate you taking the time to share your concern with us. Be assured that your comments have been documented for our management to review. You can read the specifics of the change in our firearms and ammunition products at https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2019/09/03/mcmillon-to-associates-our-next-steps-in-response-to-the-tragedies-in-el-paso-and-southaven Thank you for contacting Walmart where we are always happy to help. Customer By (09/04/2019 12:20 AM) Bad call to stop selling this You have lost my family as customers until you reverse this foolish virtue signaling policy
  5. I have a MK 1 with a Volquartsen trigger bull barrel and target grips and after market front sight. I also have a stock SW 22. I quite fond of both of them but my only complaint is the stock SW 22 fiber optic sights are almost useless indoors, at least at RTSP. Perhaps indoors with a different lighting angle they may be better but RTSP is the only place indoors I've shot it. Volquartsen makes an aftermarket barrel for the SW 22 with a built in compensater. https://volquartsen.com/products/1211-i-fluted-ss-barrel-for-sw22 You really can't go wrong with either one.
  6. Universal has pulled the release. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/the-hunt-canceled-universal-betty-gilpin-hilary-swank-emma-roberts-1203298774/
  7. Weren't two black athletes who gave the black power salute on the podium at the 68 Olympics stripped of their medals? That seems like an appropriate response in this situation.
  8. Looks like the hunted become the hunters in the trailer. A country boy or a girl can survive.
  9. Don't you mean a year? $30 a month is Jersey prices.
  10. All the info you need is here. https://www.pgc.pa.gov/HuntTrap/StateGameLands/StateGameLandsRanges/Pages/default.aspx You may see some unsafe behavior and people violating the rules. YMMV You must bring everything you need.
  11. Congratulations, enjoy your freedom.
  12. No go for the Mrs and I. We'll be in the Adirondacks.
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