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  1. I believe it is a crime of the 3rd degree. It would be considered a felony as the prison sentence is 3-5 but don't hold me to that number it could be longer.
  2. Lets hope the town has to pay a steep price for improper/inept training. Perhaps that will make other municipalities take note.
  3. I doubt he will get anything because unlike us the third tier ignorance of the law is an excuse for law enforcement. I'm not cop bashing here either. The law changes so drastically from one court date to the next how is anyone supposed to keep track?
  4. I dropped out at $500. It sold for $600
  5. Well if that's the case and I win it I'll be getting a hell of a bargain. Definitely not a Beretta version.
  6. I have my eye on a very odd Garand. It is chambered in .308, uses a detachable magazine, and has a scope mounted on it. I did some research and I think it's a reissue by Springfield armory Inc from circa 1982. The only thing throwing me off is the serial # 1773994. Everything I've read say the reissue models serial #'s start with 7xxxx. The receiver is stamped US Rifle CAL 30 M1 Springfield Armory 1773994 Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks I checked this morning. It appears they added more slots to the existing classes. I was able to snag the last spot on 8/28.
  8. Well you can't just sign up. I have been checking the site daily for a week and all the quals are booked through the end of August. The site says they are adding more dates soon but nothing has been added in the past week.
  9. I believe the requal is free to anyone who took their qual at GFH. Not just members
  10. The Cync dimmers say they are LED compatible so I'm hoping for at least something I find acceptable. I imagine this ban does not apply to theatrical lighting. If it does the lighting designer is really going to earn his paycheck.
  11. I would purchase out of state just to deny NJ the tax revenue.
  12. My problem with LED bulbs is they don't dim near as well as incandescent. I have mostly dimers throughout my house. I have a few LED G 10 bulbs in a fixture that dim barely acceptable. The halogens are far superior. I received a freebee pack from JCP&L a few months ago that had a few standard Edison LED bulbs that said on the packaging dimmable. They didn't dim at all. Once I dropped the voltage they would blink rapidly or shut off. I'm running Cync dimmers and changed the settings to use LED bulbs and once that failed I tried both incandescent and halogen and nothing worked. I want to try top of the line LED but if they don't dim to my standards I will return them. I guess Amazon will be the way to go. Anyone out there have experience with dimmable LED's?
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