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  1. Nassau Co is notorious for being Anti 2A. Several months waiting for the permit is the norm. Then when your dad decides what gun he wants he will have to pay for it then submit the receipt to the county to add the gun to his permit. This could take several more months. Once it's added to his permit he will be able to pick up his property. Your dad is also correct that he cannot even touch a handgun in NY until he has his permit. The exception is if he is at a range being instructed by a NRA certified instructor. The county that issued my permit requires a safety course be taken prior to receiving your permit. The one I took had a live fire portion. .22 LR but it's good for new shooters. The really twisted thing about NY is that permits are issued by the county so if you are in a Pro 2A county like where I got my permit you are issued a full carry permit. I can carry in every county in NY except for the 5 boroughs. Your dad may get a sportsman's permit from Nassau Co which will allow him to carry while Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping. Some counties are restrictive about issuing those and I would imagine Nassau is one of them. Best of luck to him.
  2. I have a single shot break action available. PM for price if you're interested.
  3. What are all the people on unemployment going to do? Refuse to cash their checks?
  4. Maybe I'll take a ride down tis weekend.
  5. Before covid they were a pretty good shop. I made a few purchases at the RT 10 location. I called a few weekends ago to make sure they were open, that's when I heard about the appointment BS. I asked if they had a slot that afternoon and they asked what I was looking for. I said I just wanted to browse and they said no you need to know what you want. I haven't called back.
  6. I put a magnet on the bullets. This batch is not magnetic.
  7. The Tula I am selling is copper jacketed and .54 cents a round.
  8. Before ATI worked on it I couldn't get more than 3 consecutive shots off without a FTF FTE or a stovepipe. I have put over 400 rounds through it and it has never finished a magazine. It's a shame because it is fun to shoot when it works but it just doesn't work.
  9. My wife wanted one because it was purple and inexpensive. The gun would not get through a magazine without several stoppages. I sent it in for warranty repair and they replaced the barrel the breech block and the barrel washer. It improved but still will not get through a magazine with 3 different magazines and 6 different kinds of ammo. CCI was the best performer with only one or two stoppages per magazine. I contacted ATI again a few weeks ago and they have not responded. I'll chalk this up to a learning experience and get a Ruger when I get rid of the Firefly.
  10. This is true. You just need to have an address and a place to receive mail at. I had to get a PO box in NY because the Post Office doesn't deliver to my street address.. Sheriff's office wouldn't send correspondence to my NJ address. The good thing is the PO Box is free because the Post Office doesn't deliver to my physical address.
  11. Yes they are, and the original posters friend could enjoy some of the same benefits as we do provided he has, or goes through the process to acquire, a NY permit.
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