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  1. Thanks for all the info. I will pass it along.
  2. My niece and her husband just moved to Lambertville and he is looking for a range within a half hour drive preferably in PA. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have a friend who also has 2 ballots. Same name but 2 different counties.. Shit show does not even begin to describe this mess.
  4. This is Sookie. She is comfortable.
  5. Sorry the Mrs. and I missed this one. Hope to make the next one for sure.
  6. I agree while .22 is far from an ideal defensive round it far exceeds a pointy stick.
  7. In the case of the Red Bulls that may be true. When they won 3 Shields in 6 years they could at best get half the stadium filled.
  8. All people in free states want standard capacity.
  9. Every NY county can do things as they see fit. In Fulton which is where my permit was issued I brought in copies of my NJ P2P and they added them to the permit. I just left them in NJ until I had my permit in my hand. I realize not everyone has that sort of option. As a side note I received my NY permit in about 40 days versus the 4 months it took to get my NJ FPID and P2P's.
  10. Sorry I should have been clearer. I was suggesting you put something on either side of the easement so it can't be made wider. Something extremely difficult to move. Shipping container or those large concrete blocks they use at material sellers to separate different stone and mulch.
  11. Where god intended it to be.
  12. Since the easement is on your property what's to stop you from having a shipping container dropped in place partially blocking the easement? I can be a world class douche if someone pisses me off.
  13. Yes that is generally true however if you are at a range and receiving instruction from an instructor it is legal. The safety class I had to take to get my permit had a live fire section. The class is supported by the Fulton County Sheriff. Other counties may be different. In addition every gun shop I have ever been in has always just handed over anything I wanted to look at and not once asked to see if I had a permit. That being said I have let many people shoot my handguns at the range I belong to. I'm a certified RSO so if there were ever any questions which is highly unlikely I believe it would be GTG. Shooting on private property is another story but as long as you don't do anything stupid to make law enforcement show up it should be fine.
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