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  1. It's far for you but Barks Bed And Biscuit in Denville fits your needs. Has web cams on each kennel and in the play area. Very good staff. I boarded both my dogs there several times but have not used them in the last 4 years as my dogs are getting up in age and I didn't want to stress them out too much. Pertaining to being out of it both of them would sleep for days after they came home. They don't sleep well with all the other dogs around and they get a lot of time in the play area.
  2. Two kolschs? A little early for those but that is a style I'm fond of. I would definitely tried the Totality.
  3. So Spike went into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
  4. Cindy and I watched from Indian Lake NY with some friends. Quite impressive. Here's a shot I took.
  5. No adjustable or folding stocks, they must be permanently pinned or glued to not move. If muzzle is threaded attached muzzle device cannot be a flash hider and must be permanently attached, pinned and welded. No bayonet lug or grenade launcher and no magazines that hold more than 10 rounds or larger magazine permanently modified to only accept 10 rounds.
  6. I'm sad to report that due to illness the match has been cancelled. Thanks DirtyDigz for getting the flyer up.
  7. This is a great no stress competition that raises money for a good cause. Hope to see some of you there. Apologies to the mods for my inability to get the flyer to appear in the thread. TV-Shoot_Flyer_-2024.pdf
  8. Unless you have been convicted in a court of law you are not a criminal. The current regime is not and has no intention of ever bringing any of the invaders to court so therefore they will never be criminals till we get a government that enforces the law.
  9. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but there is no law that bans carry in a place that is not defined as a sensitive place by law so these stickers are ,meaningless. If found out you can be asked to leave and you must leave but that is all.
  10. SKS is good to go as is. if it has not been modified to take a detachable magazine. M1carbine banned by name no go no matter what. Any semi auto with a detachable magazine must have a fixed stock and if the barrel is threaded a brake can be pinned and welded No bayonet lug too many drive by bayonetting's in the inner cities. Grenade launcher must stay in VA. All magazines must be 10 rounds Hollow points only legal to possess in your home or at a range and can only be transported directly between the two. Leave one in your car and go anywhere else and you're committing a felony.. Handguns are treated the same way unless you have a NJ carry permit. Evan Nappen's book New Jersey Gun Law will give you a more in depth description of our stupid laws. Welcome to the gulag.
  11. We should stop calling this a fee. It is a tax. A fee is used to fund the system and mechanisms to issue firearms permits of all kinds. The funds generated by the firearm fees go primarily to purchase state police vehicles. This is what a tax does. It generates revenue to be spent as elected officials see fit. It is against the law to TAX a constitutional right.
  12. Spoke with an FFL that fits this description. His plan is buy the cheapest one available and keep it in stock.
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