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  1. I heard this rumour also. It was one guy who was shooting next to an off duty officer who notified local police. That is what I was told but have only heard it 3rd hand from a work acquaintance. The story is locals arrived asked to check the mag, loaded more than 10 and took the guy out in cuffs. DISCLAIMER: I do not know underdog personally just corroborating more hearsay.
  2. Cindy said how about Boone as in Daniel. It's a hunter for sure
  3. Stick with one syllable. Your going to use it a lot.
  4. For a weekday a Friday works better but a Monday is doable.
  5. I don't think it's impacted as she's had it for almost 2 years and there's never been an issue. I did order the gauge just in case.
  6. I hate it because I have to work tomorrow at 6:30 AM which will be 5:30 to me. Assuming the snow doesn't get bad enough for me to get called in at 3 AM.
  7. My wife's is around that age. She was very upset about maybe having to send back her Muddy Girl Purple 15-22 but was relieved when I told her only the bolt would need to be replaced.
  8. In Fulton County NY it costs $7 to add or remove a handgun from your permit If you add and remove in the same visit to the sheriff it's only the $7 charge.. Initial permit fee was around $110 but that's a one time fee. I can't speak for other countries as they could charge more or less. NY FFL's go straight to FBI for NICS so no extra charge there.
  9. It still is except in NJ they're called taxpayers.
  10. I've seen deer walk onto the range at Cherry Ridge and at the Caroga Fish and Game club while people were shooting.
  11. I agree it's never what you know it's always who you know.
  12. We will never truly know their real intent. Perhaps it was just to make some easy cash. That being said the value of the property taken alone warrants a felony theft charge at least in NJ, I'm not sure what the charge would be in Nevada. I'm curious to know if a smash and grab at a jewelry store or an auto theft would get the perpetrators ROR'd.
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