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  1. Just my unenlightened opinion but to answer your questions. will they be over-regulated like firearms? Yes this is NJ after all. can nj legally do that with this ruling? Do you think any NJ politician cares? NJ firearms laws violate the US constitution already. will we be allowed to carry them? Absolutely not. will we be allowed to carry them in our vehicles? Only from the place of purchase to your home and then maybe to a venue that lets you practice with them. Not sure they'll even approve the last part.
  2. While the thought of tossing overcompensated CEO's in jail is a great idea the reality of the problem is that most of the illegal workers don't actually work for the company where the work is being done. When I worked for North Jersey Media Group which was later purchased by Gannett 80% of out labor force was subcontracted out to a temp agency. There was rampant sharing of bogus social security numbers and many illegals working for the temp agency. Every few months the name of the agency would change but the managers and the laborers would remain the same. NJMG and Gannett have 0 liability because the temp agency is responsible for vetting their employees. That is why the real criminals can't be prosecuted.
  3. If they work for Gannett you can bet there will be gross incompetence. Gannett only keeps the low hanging fruit.
  4. Tonka would still be alive if he was on a leash. Sad that it happened as I'm a dog lover but my dogs are leashed everywhere except the dog park.
  5. Rosey having met you I know you gave an extremely intelligent argument for our cause. The Asbury Park Press however is a Gannett owned POS run by a POS progressive company that terminated the best of the so called journalists that they employ. At best they will twist your words to fit their agenda, at worst, there is nothing they aren't capable of. No offense to you but no one should even click their links or purchase the trash they produce. They are anti gun and anti working man. Overall a bunch of slime balls.
  6. Don't read that rag they are owned by Gannett a slimeball company if there ever was one.
  7. You should contact Gannett and tell them to stop throwing litter in your driveway.
  8. Or you can bypass the regulations and buy a deck of H in Newark for $50. While your there pick up a 9 for a few hundred and avoid all those silly government hassles.
  9. It's worth it just to watch the Marvel Universe shows.
  10. When I attended the citizen police academy in my town we spent one day doing simulated road stops. I drove a few different patrol cars with a few different officers and they all said "never buy a former police car". Just throwing that out there.
  11. While that's great news I was pulling for the outdoor facility in PA that was rumored a while back.
  12. Some towns have ordinances on the books banning the use of brake retarders. They make a lot of noise hence the laws against use in certain areas. See if your town has an ordinance against them or engine braking which is also very loud. If your town does and you get nowhere by contacting the trucks owners I'm sure the local police would welcome an opportunity to sit on your property and write what I'm sure will be very expensive tickets.
  13. This is quite long but is worth your time. It's a great description of our constitutional rights and how the governments infringes them. https://www.ammoland.com/2017/09/second-amendment-guarantee-act-reaffirmation-right-keep-bear-arms/
  14. It prefers an Islay single malt 16 years old at least. It's a high end bottle.