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  1. Me too in NY no less, state not the 5 boroughs. Loving' those 10 rounders you sold me.
  2. Anyone who walks out of their house in NJ and forgets they have a firearm on their person should probably not own a firearm in the first place.
  3. 1 apple cut into wedges 1 orange or 2 tangerines cut into wedges 1/2 cup of orange juice 1/2 cup of triple sec 1/2 cup of Your favorite Brandy 1 bottle of burgundy wine Gallo is fine 32oz soak fruit overnight in brandy and triple sec then add to wine It's always a hit.
  4. If your going to spend that amount on a boutique bourbon, try Widow Jane. While Hudson is good The Widow is outstanding.
  5. Your statement about states voluntarily accepting other states drivers licenses is valid. On the other hand just imagine if you will a cash strapped state with a large number of federal highways running through it. What if this state decided that after a certain date they would no longer accept other states drivers licenses. The state could then offer a non resident drivers license for a nominal fee of $105 for anyone who wanted to drive through the state good for 2 to 4 years. A system like this could potentially generate millions of dollars for the state. I wonder where the courts would come down on this? States rights or hindering interstate commerce? It sure would be fun to watch though.
  6. I'm amazed no one got shot. Never ever fire a warning shot.
  7. True no pistol grip below the trigger guard and no muzzle device at all. NY stupid on MSR's exceeds even NJ stupid. Oh and 10 round magazine only.
  8. A huge improvement would be going to a NY style system where you are issued a permit that allows you to posses pistols. Then you could just go to the store and purchase what you want and get it added to you permit by your local authority. Some counties take a few weeks to do what should take no more than overnight but you can get more than one pistol a month. This does not apply in the 5 boroughs which apparently is it's own sovereign nation. NJ would probably make such a permit cost a few hundred dollars to further attempt to disarm the population. The NY permit costs $117 plus $8 for any amendments ie: adding or removing a pistol but if you add 2 or more at one time it's still only $8.
  9. This grandfather proves that stupid is hereditary.
  10. If you want to be patient you can shop around for a used Ruger or S&W. Might cost a bit more than the Taurus though. I recently got a S&W model 36 with ankle holster for $350.
  11. Someone makes or made a .22 version. A friend of mine has one. Fun to shoot but it's a heavy gun.
  12. You do know that there are no eggs in an egg cream right?
  13. Remington Ultimate defense compact handgun,
  14. I shot the Nano fairly well but the trigger was like a Ruger DA. I was accurate firing slow but not so much with controlled pairs. I have heard the Pico has the same trigger.