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  1. Thanks for the tip. My friend is a notary and will notarize that for free and I don't have to reveal all my other stuff.
  2. I'm looking for opinions on proof of ownership. One of the handguns I plan on qualifying with I purchased as a resident of NY and I still have a NY Permit to carry a pistol as I still have my residence there. This handgun as well as all the other handguns I purchased in NY are on the permit. Does anyone think that this would be sufficient for proof of ownership and does anyone see any downside to showing proof of all the other handguns I do not plan on qualifying with. I'm still a resident of NJ in case anyone was going to ask.
  3. I've been using one of these for 7 years. https://www.nexbelt.com/collections/nylon-edc-belt-series Mine has a steel core but it no longer mentions that on the site that I could find. The ratchet system is great for getting a perfect fit for whatever you carry. I have carried subcompacts up to full size duty guns with no issues.
  4. Got the call today so it only took 4 days not counting Sunday for my instant criminal check to come back.
  5. Got the approval email from NJSP this morning. 2 days after the clerk returned to work. What a surprise. Now the 5 day wait for my "instant" background check begins.
  6. I'm on the payroll in my town and will not hesitate at all to hire a lawyer if I feel I'm not being treated properly according to the Bruen decision. I do not expect any roadblocks until it goes to the judge. And then I expect to be approved.
  7. The worst part is when the clerk called Monday morning he could have told me come in at lunch time to pay so he could send the NJSP the info before he went on vacation for a week. I work for the town. I expect a heads up as a courtesy. Can't wait to see him at the Xmas party. Been doing that.
  8. When I click that link the first page has a date of 6/22. It also has the lack of justifiable need box still as field G
  9. Yes that's where I went and the form that opens up is dated 6/22. I saw the revision date too.
  10. I went to the NJSP site to get the new form. The link says revised but the form is still dated 6/22.
  11. Found out what the delay is all about. The clerk who does the permits left for vacation before I paid last Monday. He's returning tomorrow so if he does his job that apparently no one else in the office is capable of doing a few days from tomorrow I should get my email from the state. I HATE NEW JERSEY.
  12. My local pd isn't the problem. Waiting to hear from the state that permits are active is what I'm waiting on now.
  13. Yes I know there are no more paper permits. I was wondering what others have experienced from the time their PD approved them and the NJSP notifies the applicant that they are good to go and tell the shop to look up their permits. My local PD said I will get a notification from NJSP.
  14. I applied for some pistol permits and received a call from my local PD in 2 weeks that I was approved and I would get an email from the NJSP in "a few days" with my permit numbers. This is the first time I've used the FARS system but its now been a week and no email from the NJSP. I know they have the correct email as I received my reference notifications. How long does the NJSP take to get out these emails?
  15. No one needs energy and food silly.
  16. You are correct. This is driven by the Restaurant/bar lobby. I have never seen a craft brewery with a kitchen. There is really no comparison. I agree they should not be allowed to prepare food but this tyrannical regulation of not allowing another small business operator (food truck) to set up so both benefit is short sighted and stupid. The first regulation proposed wouldn't let a brewer put out menus' of local restaurants. Explain the logic in that. At least they dropped that one. I'm surprised they let them put out board games and decks of cards. Cant let people go out and enjoy themselves, this is NJ after all. Regarding the cost of a liquor license check into how much it costs to set up a brewery. A liquor license will usually increase in value. not so much for brewery equipment.
  17. Typical NJ BS. Lets hurt a small business owner as much as we can because we hate small businesses. That's what I get out of that. In NY as long as 90% of the ingredients in a alcohol product are from NYS it can be sold at the brewery, distillery, or cider yard. All the local ones in Fulton county sell each others products as well as food from the local farmers. NY may be trying some stupid crap with firearms but at least they got the craft beverage industry right.
  18. It is also wise to keep your permit in a pocket on the opposite side of your body that you carry on. I carry at 4 o'clock right side and my permits are always in my left front pocket. That way I never have to go near my firearm in case of a police encounter.
  19. Yes however you must have a residence in NY. Depending on where it is it is relatively easy to get a permit, for now. I have had an unrestricted permit for the past 7 years. I received that faster than I received my NJ FPID card.
  20. I second East Bangor. It's not fancy but the price can't be beat.
  21. I have had a NY unrestricted permit for 7 years. You have no choice on which handgun goes on your permit. Every handgun that you own must be on your permit in order for you to own it. If it's not on your permit you can't legally even have it in your house. The plus side to that is you can carry concealed any handgun you own.
  22. That's how stupid she is, they already do require training.
  23. In most of the US you would be arrested too. Every gun law seminar I've been to, they advise not using your firearm to protect property.
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