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  1. Damn, need some. Hope they have some more tomorrow.
  2. mge_1

    22TCM / 9mm

    I'm in Love!
  3. mge_1

    Walther PPK 380acp

    feel free to ask me any questions... Pls dont assume lol. But to answer your question, that would be a Yes
  4. mge_1

    Walther PPK 380acp

    Funny you ask and was actually looking at the used values last night online. Debating on what to do actually. Send me a PM and let me know your offer. If its fair I might consider it. Thanks
  5. Got this PPK from my father in law... And according to him, he has never shot it. Well, I took it out to ReadyAimFire today and put 50 rounds through it. It shot well but, the slide is hitting my inner palm. Had to put gloves on to shoot it. Anyone else having that issue? Maybe I am holding her incorrectly lol.
  6. I don't know... No one knows lol... I'm already used to waiting 6-8 weeks for mine.
  7. Ya I was wondering that too. But then again folks in here invent their own laws lol
  8. I'm just going by what the person said lol... Could be BSing me at the time. All I cared about was the proper docs where valid and the cash payment lol
  9. Did a private sale with someone that lives in Union Beach, NJ and he said 4-5 days he got his permit. My town however takes 6-8 weeks.
  10. anyone know what pistol grip / retractable stock fits on a Rock Island Armory M5. I heard the ATI version for the 870 works with some minor modifications. Anyone can chime in please share. Thanks.
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