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  1. My wife gets really pissed when I buy guns or ammo. More so with new guns since she has no idea how much ammo I have. She yells at me then she is fine a few hours later.....But in the end it's well worth it since I still have my new gun!
  2. Howell Gun Works A+(306) has lots of history so I don't see the seller as a problem here!
  3. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Contacting your employer and informing them that you are getting a gun is bullshit! That is between us and the city, state government. It's an invasion of privacy!
  4. Get the Remmy and use the savings to put towards some good glass or extra boolets!
  5. A guy who will take whatever I order and do the transfer for 35 bucks! I have a few permits burning a hole in my pocket so I am looking for a decent 1911 since I don't have one yet! I also have a Browning Hi Power and a Luger P-08 on my list!
  6. I stopped by Deuce's Den today and I'm glad I did! He is all about the AR platform and only about the AR platform. He does gunsmithing himself. $35 transfers with NICS included can't be beat in South Jersey! Kudos to a great guy with a nice little shop!
  7. For all the good this system does speeding up the references it don't mean shit in the end! I just got my permits today after just over a month's wait! The longest I have ever waited! The worst part is now I gotta go out and buy 3 more handguns that I don't really need!
  8. My references came back and I was notified within a couple hours of my application. My CLEO has had my permits approved and on his desk for almost 2 weeks now. He is purportedly very pro 2A but has been "out of the office" since then. I hope to hear from them tomorrow, or they will here from me!
  9. PSA may know something we don't! They keep sending me "California Freedom Specials" on normal cap mags. I tried and it let me go all the way to place order button with no warnings! I think I could have placed the order. Who knows? OOPS!
  10. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Looking to the Feds to turn it around for us!
  11. Thanks! Bookmarked the page to use as a reference!
  12. The form is dated when it's typed up, not when it's signed. We do have the extension option to make up for that problem. I don't even know why I got the stupid permits anyway! I am lacking a 1911 in my collection and a Luger P08 would be nice but I don't need either! I really need a hobby change! I may go back to Swiss watches or even buy a bigger boat! Any hobby has to be cheaper than this gun hobby! Where the hell do they even find the manual typewriters to do the forms in the first place? They don't exist anymore!
  13. I am sure you are correct Paul but all my permits always had the CLEO's signature!
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