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  1. @10X You stole my thunder! My first thought was to ask @GRIZ about that very pistol! I just ordered one from my LGS. What say ye Griz about the new SA-35? https://www.springfield-armory.com/sa-35-series-handguns/sa-35-handguns/sa-35-9mm-handgun/
  2. I have the same pistol. No need to change anything! My favorite 1911 by far!
  3. I went to my LGS to burn a permit on one of those cheap .22 revolvers and it looked and felt cheap to me. They also had a Ruger Single Six in stainless steel with both the .22LR and .22 Mag cylinders. It was used but not a mark on it so I went with that one and I'm glad I did!
  4. But what markings for the safe, semi and full positions for the Rittenhouse rifle?
  5. Here's a cheaper one. https://www.aimsportsinc.com/a2-muzzle-brake-5-56-cal/
  6. They do make a brake that looks exactly like the the A2 bird cage if you want the same look but legal.
  7. Even though you are gainfully employed, I hope you applied for a position in the new plant! Who knows? Lots of money in that industry!
  8. That lip is absolutely the cause! File it down, wipe it and the barrel scratch down with alcohol and retouch with cold blue. The pistol will be fine. This doe's not effect function or safety whatsoever!
  9. JohnnyB

    +P+ 9mm

    Here's a video https://youtu.be/oM5Am6rIu-s I would not do +P+ on any pistol I like with the exception of SD ammo. I don't think any modern, quality pistol will explode in my hands, I do however think it pushes the limits of it's parts and will cause excessive wear!
  10. $149 for that red dot on Amazon. At $399 for the ammo, that's still $250 for 1,000 9mm ammo. Good but still well over pre-Covid-19 pricing in the end.
  11. Another recommendation for Samsung TV's. I've owned them over the years with no problems or complaints.....Ever! I will never buy any other brand!
  12. Brian Aitken has been charged with attempted murder in Colorado! NJ101.5 reported. https://www.courierpostonline.com/story/news/2021/11/21/brian-aitken-telluride-attempted-murder-mount-laurel-christie/8698780002/
  13. I you acquired it legally in Fl. it is legally yours here in the PRNJ. Nothing to register, no permit needed. Just be sure your mags are 10 rounds or less
  14. I made the same mistake! My first AR15 was purchased from him for almost $2,000.00 when Obama was first elected. That was my last purchase from him!
  15. Bob Viden is a long time friend of Senator Sweeney! Even though he represented us in the NRA, Viden always maintained his stance against concealed carry in NJ! He has repeatedly stated that NJ is too densely populated to allow CCW and that we would quickly become the wild west if CCW were allowed! Ever since I learned this fact, I have never given Bob a single Penney ever again. I never will!
  16. From what I see the server is here in the US.
  17. it's from qemailserver.com not nra.com. Good reason to run away!
  18. She certainly seems to be a worthy recipient for the award but I was shocked that Fox would allow her to dedicate her award to a fake news media lie that D.C. officers died on Jan. 6. She should have known better and I wonder if Fox even noticed it!
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