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  1. Definitely mo ammo! You can have too much food which will go bad......Ammo never goes bad! Spoiled food won't get you mo ammo but fresh ammo can always get you you mo food!
  2. Yes! I had 30 round mags for my Mini 14 before the 1st assault weapons ban.
  3. Another vote for bacon! With a side of scrapple.
  4. Looking at at the pictures of the primers, all have a shadow around them! Looks seated too deep to me! Perhaps those SRPs are shorter than standard SPPs. @Tunaman you are definitely on target! No pun intended. PS. I stand by my statement that with proper precautions, It's safe to remove live primers!
  5. I have done this many times! Wear safety goggles and don't slam the handle on the press. Slow, easy pressure and I guarantee not one will go off. If you use the RCBS Universal depriming die, there is plenty room in it for the expanding gasses. The soaking the primed brass in oil trick is BS! Primers are hard to kill! Just remove them gently with the press. With the goggles on and your head turned away, if one did go off, no big deal!
  6. The BR4 is a match primer and has a thicker cup than the 400s. CCI won't help since you are using bench rest rifle primers as pistol primers. The #400 SRPs should work in a pistol. If you wanted to knock them down, I have the CCI 400s and SPPs but you are too far North to travel for 400 lousy primers.
  7. Especially the CCI #41 SRPs. They are made extra hard so no accidents in .223/556 with the free floating firing pin.
  8. Kitty litter will stop the virus! https://discord.gg/GdyWx5ERhttps://discord.gg/GdyWx5ER
  9. Jack is not giving it up. He is looking for another, more permanent home where they can't f*@K with us!
  10. The only "NO GUN" sign I ever saw was in Phoenix Arizona at an Outback Steak House! I ate Chinese takeout that night! Their loss!
  11. They gained nothing from that vote. The dems just want to use this as a talking point......Problem is, nobody will listen at this point! They are digging their mid-term graves deeper every day!
  12. This bill PASSED the House today by a slim margin! Has ZERO chance in the Senate though.
  13. According to what I read on another forum, the only NJ county giving out CCWs so far is Passaic!
  14. What about Bob's in Glassboro? What do they do for qualifications?
  15. WeWe is still there......Just it's now a "gun free zone"!
  16. I agree! If you are a white male. you should inform the officer!
  17. You have to go into mewe home and search the page, answer some questions, wait and then the page is all bullshit right now! All about games and 40 chances at $10 a chance, $400, wins. If this is what it's come to......I want no part of it! I have 2A rights and I refuse to try to hide that fact by playing a silly game as though I a criminal buying through the black market!
  18. Jack G. I believe was the owner. I suppose he could have shut it down. Many members here were also following that group. Someone in the know may chime in!
  19. There are tons of gun sale groups still live on MeWe. Can anyone else get on?
  20. I hope they didn't kill NJ Guns for sale on MeWe! I made some nice deals on there!
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