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  1. Was wondering what your thoughts were. I just bought a new handgun have put maybe 100 rounds in and it's having an issue that likely warrants sending it back to the manufacturer to look at. The question I have is the manufacture said to fill out their form they give me a label and send it back. Called the FFL I got it from they said the same thing. Called another one that offers gunsmithing services to see if it was something simple and they said all warranty stuff has to go through an FFL I can not send it directly back to the manufacturer. So not sure what way to go.
  2. Does anyone know what constitutes immediate family? For example, does a grandparent or in-law etc.
  3. Was wondering if anyone has had any issues with their references not getting the email. I did my FID card about a week ago and neither of my references has gotten the email yet. Does anyone know where it comes from that maybe I got sent to their spam folder or something?
  4. Just called my local PD to get the ORI # and they told me that I still needed to use the old way through them that they are not currently set up to use this new online system. I am under the impression that all towns have to use this now. Any thoughts?
  5. So here is the word from both the SP and the AG's office. Law's of inheritance in NJ are as follows. As his child i am entitled to part of his estate, what is required and what was already done was for my mom to be made administrator of his estate by the surrogate court. This had to be done to get his life insurance. Having the letter is simply a backup and not legally need per the AG's office as his heirs are my mom, me, my bother & sister. The notarized letter is just icing on the cake if you will.
  6. Was wondering if anyone knew any specifics on the inheritance of firearms. My father passed away recently and has left to me a pistol. It is my understanding that in doing so there is nothing that i need to do other then take position of it form my mom. While he did not have a "Will" he did leave a few things in writing this being one of them. From what i have read although i do have a FPID i do not even need that all i need to do is not be a prohibited person.
  7. So I just moved and i went ahead and did a change of address for my DL. I now have the sticker on the back with the new address. The address on the front is what matches my FPID. I am going in the next couple of days to apply for the new FPID and a couple of Pistol Permits. My question is if anyone knows be it one of the FFL vendors or just another member. I am looking at getting either a 12GA shotgun of some kind or a ruger 10/22 does me having did a change of address with DVM affect by ability to buy a firearm till they issue me the new FPID or is the only thing that matters is that my name match what is on it not the address so much. Also if it does not matter on the NICS for and the NJ SP paperwork when i would get a new long gun do i put the new address or do i put the address that is on my existing FPID.
  8. I have a NJ Compliant Stag AR15 to make it NJ Compliant they have swapped out the mill spec buffer tube with one that has a single threaded hole and the stock has a hex bolt holding it in. The LOP on the rifle is a bit long for me and my father is a machinist by trade. We were talking and I am looking at getting a Magpul ASP for it so when its off i was going to have him drill a new hole and tap it for me. Would this be OK I would not be able to move it with out a hex wrench of some kind. I mean people use Mill Spec tubes and std stocks all the time with just a pin in them and that seems ok..
  9. Sootch00 is good. i also watch 7TRUMPETSPREPPER, also engineer775 Practical Peppers he was or still is partners with SoutherPrepper1 and is the one that with him was doing the analysis for Doomsday Peppers.
  10. I left the rifle at an FFL in PA for now will most likely just pick up a nicer break and pin it my self next time I am back in PA most likely a couple of weeks.
  11. Hey whats up AK Friends, I recently bought a Century WASR10 AK. I noticed before I took it to the range the first time there was was looked like the pin holding the slant break on sticking up through the barrel like a little dimple. Did not think there was anything major with this as I assumed it was normal. I brought it to the range a couple of week's ago and put about 60 rounds through it for the first time. Rifle was working normal had no issues with accuracy for my first time with the rifle. Came home put it back in the safe. Happened to be at a friends in PA this weekend and he has a PAP with the slant break as well was looking at his and there was no dimple. I looked at mine (brought it to go to the range with him but that never happened) I noticed my break was a little loose like his was (normal for an AK) looked under the break and no pin I was also able to remove the break as well. Is this normal or should i call the FFL i got it from and talk to them or should i call century?
  12. I know 3/8 ar500 will work heck 1/4 will work for pistols but i wanted to know about just regular mild steel or anything else that is less expensive then ar500
  13. So I just joined CJRPC i know in both the pits and other outdoor ranges we can use steel plates. Know for my rifles I obviously use AR500 plates but for my pistols do I really need ar500 plates can i use just simple mild steel at say 3/8" thick.
  14. Anyone know of any ranges in the south / central jersey area (Ocean/Monmouth). I am in the market for a red dot only one i have tried to use was a cheep Walmart special open reflex type. If i am going to get a new one its going to be one and done have it for life of the rifle just looking to try it out before i buy it.
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