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  1. What manufacturer? Carlisle? Call the manufacturer as I think the roofer is giving ya a load of shit! I run a few shopping centers and none of my EPDM roofs have bubbles and they are 10-15 years old! Sent from my own head
  2. I recommend the Go Pro! In use my Hero 3 Silver for snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, Range, skateboard and I even rigged it to the dog!! Plenty of mounts for all sports! Sent from my own head
  3. You can't pick and choose but maybe relocate the router within the house so the signal increases when your near the pool but doesn't weaken when you inside either! It's a balancing act! Sent from my own head
  4. Can't find them on FB! Sent from my own head
  5. Just watched that off twitter! Crazy! Guy was very lucky! Sent from my own head
  6. Thanks everyone for your input! Wasn't looking to spend a lot until I knew she would really use it. But your info helps a lot when I go to the store! I can always upgrade if her interest peaks! Happy thanksgiving!! Sent from my own head
  7. Thanks! I researched that one on the web and it's a bit more than I wanted to spend....it's large right? Sent from my own head
  8. Does anyone have or know a decent telescope for star gazing in the backyard. Hoping to spend less than $250 on it for a Christmas Gift for my wife. Thank you in advance for any recommendations! Happy Thanksgiving! Sent from my own head
  9. The Xdm 9mm was my first and still my fave! Congrats! Welcome to the family! Sent from my own head
  10. Howdy from another Neptune townie! Sent from my own head
  11. Yup...because her weapons are right next to mine! Sent from my own head
  12. I live in the area and there are great restaurants on the boardwalk: StellaMarina, Langosta Lounge...& on Cookman Ave: BRICKWALL, Baca, & Toast. Don't let people scare ya off...it's a great area but I do agree, don't go West of Main Street! You must check out Watermark-it's on the 2nd floor, above Cubacan(south side of boardwalk! Also MOGO's (Korean tacos) right next to Cubacan. I've never felt unsafe being in that area at night (female)! The hotel you are staying at is ok and is close to everything. It's not worth the $$ but they get away w/ that bc of how close they are to the beach! Have fun!!
  13. Seen it in our local Foodtown in Neptune area!!
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