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  1. I use the Port Norris NJSP and just put in paperwork for a permit on Jan 23rd. They did not require me to reprint. I got permits last year, the previous year and 3 years priori to that. No prints. Last time I got printed for NJ was over 15 years ago when my address changed for my FID card. I was printed 2 years ago but that was for my Florida conceal carry permit.
  2. It's for a p229 elite stainless to be exact. Can be new or used if in good condition Thanks
  3. varna

    The End of the F***ing World

    Wife and I just got done watching it. Little weird but we watched it all. Ended up liking it. I'd say you need to get 3 episodes on before you can really decide. Just watched divorced......... has some pretty funny stuff in it. A good change from the normal crap on TV.
  4. varna

    Ok, I jus switched to geico

    I totally agree. I've had them for ever and homeowners too. Get 1 or 2 dividend checks a year. I just bought a 50k+ truck and its less than 800 for full coverage. I don't have the minimum coverage either by far. Over 50 no tickets. That's the other thing with NJM, you get tickets you get tossed.
  5. Had a 2001 tundra and simply loved it. I'm a mechanic so I did all repairs myself which were nothing but normal maintenance. It finally succumbed to rust. I didn't get the new frame when they were giving them out. Dealer told me I didn't qualify. I was gonna keep it and start replacing stuff, swing arms, spring mounts, cross members........ wife told me to get a new one. Just got a new ford 150 xlt 4x4 super crew. Its a really nice truck. Rides great. The reason I went ford was simply curb weight. It was under my tow rating for RV. Toyota, GMC, Dodge all to heavy. I have 1100 miles on it now so we will see how long it lasts. I have to say the V6 eco boost is very impressive partnered with the 10 speed auto. I plan on it being my last pickup purchase........ I guess I really didn't answer your question did I?
  6. I second getting the Sig 226 in 22 lr. That's what I did, got the 40 exchange kit for it. Then I picked up a 9mm barrel for it and a 357 sig one also. Now I can shoot 4 calibers with the same gun.
  7. Mailed mine in on 11-28-17. Just cleared my account this morning......... Should be here any day now....... (edit). got mine in the mail yesterday 2-2.
  8. I thought I read that it was written into the bill that a state can't make arbitrary laws....... like places you can't carry like "on school grounds" .....nj can't say "within ten miles of a school". only counts for "on" property. Also I thought this bill as written will get rid of mag limits and the hollow point issue for us.
  9. and who is carrying a valid license or permit which is issued pursuant to the law of A state and which permits the person to carry a concealed firearm OR is entitled to carry a concealed firearm in the State in which the person resides, How can you read it any other way........ the OR makes all the difference........A non-resident permit is from A state...... I feel confident if passed we will benefit.
  10. I don't know, sounds like a nice technical uphill to me...........
  11. What....... do they frown on this now? Had mine in South Carolina motels and Florida motels back in the mid 90's doing enduro's. Went down to freshen up before our series here started............ we did "try" to get most of the mud off.........
  12. varna

    So Im thinking of getting a dog

    On my second yellow lab golden retriever mixed mutts. I will only have a female. Most loyal, playful, obedient, easy to housebreak, smart dogs I ever had. First was an SPCA find and second was a coworker's dog's puppy. Only downfall is they shed.......... a lot. Loves kids. Took to my new grandson on first day visiting. Grandson is 9 months old now and can poke eyes, pull tail, pull ears, grab food or bones out of her mouth....... all she does is smile, really she does smile, and wags her tail. She's about 60 pounds. Sweetest dog you would ever meet....... but..... the FedEx guy will not leave the truck. Her bark and aggressive looks keep most folks at bay. I assure you, She will only lick someone to death, but you would never know it. I guarantee you if you pulled into my driveway, opened your door and said "want to go for a ride" you would have a new partner. When ever folks ask "does she bite" my answer is always "as long as my wife, kids, or myself are here your OK, if not you are on your own". Works every time. Buy a collar with bells, similar to one you would see on a reindeer or something, hang from your door knob straight down so they can reach and ring it every time you take them out. Less than a week, ringing bell to go out. Invisible fence is awesome. Also, my wife and I work and unfortunately my in laws passed away so dog is home all day by herself. Installed dog door so now she has free reign on 5 acres anytime she wants. Usually she is sitting outside on front step waiting for my wife to get home. She lives for fetch, going for a hike, and swimming in the pool........... sometimes right before we get home........I need to teach her how to dry herself before coming in the house.
  13. varna

    Anyone switch from oil to natural gas?

    Back in 2008 my propane bills were $1200+ a month to heat 2000 sqft house with attached 1000 sqft in law apartment and 24 x 40 pole barn in concrete radiant heat. 2 forced hot air heaters, water heater and another water heater for pole barn. Couldn't take it so I installed myself an outdoor wood boiler. System paid for itself in about 2 years. Burned 30 cords a year to heat house, pole barn, hot tub, ingrown pool. lots of work but kinda enjoy it. Never bought a piece of wood. All cut by me or donated from tree services. 2013 gas comes right by my house finally!!!! Never even flinched. Stopped burning wood in winter. Changed regulators and drilled jets for natural gas. Gas bills are averaging $250 to $300 (might sound high to some but not to me) a month. Now I only heat my pool with wood. Love the gas...... life is good. I would never ever tell someone to put in propane! Biggest fuel rip off going
  14. The thread was about NJ, I live in NJ and commented on NJ........... come on Mipa pay attention
  15. I also don't believe that all LEO's are against citizens carrying. I really have no idea how many feel one way or another but I'd venture a guess it might be close to 50/50. I think it's more like 90/10. I am friends with about 8 LEO active and retired. Local to State Police, over half are family. Only 1 has the attitude that he couldn't care either way but says "good luck that ever happening" The rest....... well they are "specially" trained and no civilian could ever be as responsible as them. It is their mindset. Hell, I was talking with a fresh out of the academy State Trooper who argued with me that it was absolutely, positively, illegal for anyone in NJ to obtain a CC permit that is not or was not an LEO. I told him he needs to go back to the academy. ( he is a good friend so I'm not stupid saying that to him)

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