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  1. NJ does. But it allows one evil feature. Bye bye pistol grips.
  2. The one item I haven't seen anyone bring up that you can all expect is an assault weapon ban. And unlike NY and CT, NJ has a history of not grandfathering.
  3. Just mailed my lease back yesterday. Before February ends, I'll have a NC license. And before July ends, I should have my ccw.
  4. Great fun. Thanks everybody. Normally I just add butter and salt when I bake pumpkin seeds, but I must admit, the lead geve them a nice tanginess ;-)
  5. I have a 2014 Forester and love it. Though the gas mileage is not as great as they claim. Sometimes I feel it's a little small so if you often haul a decent amount of stuff (or have a small child like I do) the extra space of the outback may come in handy.
  6. Got to the Rockaway Dick's at 6:00 on Thursday. Store was pretty empty. Bought a 10/22 and 525 rounds of .22. They called me at 10:30 Friday to confirm my NICS was approved. Told me yesterday they didn't sell out of the 10/22s until noon.
  7. Is NICs open thursday after 5? What time on Black Friday is NICS open? Thanks
  8. Hunting will continue on as a strong American tradition for a long time. But Fudds are no longer the backbone. Sports shooters are. And they are the ones who will continue to grow 2A support. Try taking an anti hunting. Or bring one to the range and hand him a 30-06 bolt action. Maybe he'll pull the trigger twice. Bring an anti to the range and hand him a 9mm semi or an AR-15 and they'll be begging you for another magazine. In the last year I turned 2 antis into gun owners and 4 into "no longer anti". As a "want-to-be" hunter I appreciate the FUDDs. But I wish they would have a little more appreciation for the continuing struggle we face in maintaining our 2A rights.
  9. Thanks. We're going to rent for a year in Charlotte to get to know the area better. But may have some questions for you about the area when this becomes more of a reality. Also, it would be nice to know where to shoot.
  10. my company has a Charlotte office. Down here now checking out the area today. Hope to move here early next year. Got the ok from my boss, just need to make sure they don't hit me to bad with any cost of living adjustment.
  11. Now that the Ray Rice video is out, to the extent anyone has any contacts with NJ media, now would be a good time to remind them of that this prosecutor seems to be ok with violent domestic violence while at the same time he chose to throw the book at Allen.
  12. Had a great first time. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks everybody.
  13. I will likely go. Not sure whether it will be Saturday or Sunday.
  14. Zastava N-Pap. It's single stack but they throw in 12 free mags. I got the thumbhole stock so I didn't need to pin the muzzlebreak. http://www.classicfirearms.com/paprifle-2
  15. Just picked up a mossberg 500 and would love to take it out. I'm new to this so forgive me if I seem like a noob. It's cause I am. One question, can you shoot at a wma without a hunting license? Thank you.
  16. Assuming they are not venomous, i would leave them be. The things they eat (rodents, lizards and birds) are much more harmful to you than they are.
  17. "According to news reports, the act that these young minds are committing, are conducted solely on dares or just plain "fun"." This is an interesting way to phrase what is happening.
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