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  1. Amazon has these “Nuoya001” bore snake for around $5 (China made). Seems to have ok reviews…I have never tried it. Personally, I buy US made ones. It is well made and stronger. I always have the fear that the string will break and get the snake stuck in the barrel.
  2. Hey EWC88, I had the same issue with my Panasonic 50 in plasma and still going strong after the fix (4 years ago) – cost me around $40. If you decide to fix it …here are some directions... First you have to determine the error code… Error code = Blinking during power on – watch the power on LED.. For example, 7 blink on your model can be a SC, SU, SD, D or P board… Search google for your TV service manual…it should have directions on how to find the error code and how to locate the boards. Once you know which board is the issue – Try ebay search for a refurbish part/board and replace it with the defected one. There are numbers of screws and connectors you have to remove before you can remove and replace the board…just need to keep track ...take pictures... Here is where I found my Panasonic service manual: http://elektrotanya.com/?q=showresult&megnev=panasonic&megnev2=TH-50PZ700U&kategoria=&kat2=schematics If you decided to purchase a new TV … go with LED – check out Costco.
  3. Will do. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. yeah, 8 month +/- a few days... This definitely has to brought up with someone... It is sad that I am furious and happy at the same time....
  6. Am I mistaken this “seller’s Identification Card NO./Seller’s SBI#” as the seller’s FID? (I understand that FID is only used to purchase…) Can someone please direct me what ID# are they talking about? THX.
  7. Question, I understand that on a NJ permit to purchase form the seller’s SS# is voluntary. What about the seller “seller’s Identification Card NO./Seller’s SBI#”? The situation is this… the father passed away long time ago and the mother found a handgun in one of the long forgotten box and want to get rid of it or sell it. The mother does not have a FID and this is the only firearm. Does she need to fill out the “seller’s Identification Card NO./Seller’s SBI#” during the transaction? Is her name, address, phone #, and signature is good enough? THX.
  8. Update, I finally got my permit...pick it up today....Total time = 8 month (East Brunswick).
  9. 1. Application type (FID/permit w/ existing FID) = 2 x permits 2. Police Department where you applied = East Brunswick, NJ 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD = Debbie & Diane (detective burl) 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit = Still waiting (since Mid-Nov 2014) 5. Documents required by the PD = All Standard 6. Notes - = Been calling weekly since Mid-April 2015. Not sure what to do next… EBPD informed me that my request is on the Sergeant desk waiting for his signature (since Mid-April 2015)
  10. Funny, I filed my permit back in mid Nov 2014 and still waiting (East Brunswick). I started calling twice a week (started back in April) and every time they said the paper works is sitting on the sergeant’s desk. I have even stopped by a few times and the same was said to me.
  11. There is a $20 off $100 online coupon...code=HGPT9273 Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  12. Looks like sneaky Dick's added to the "Promo Exclusions" list...in the "Also excluded are:....Optics..." http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=12312192&sr=1&origkw=12312192/new-window.php
  13. The price is back at to $479, it still offers the 20% off with the $80 mail in rebate with free shipping.
  14. Thank you. Just a little concern that the sign up and payment process is out of norm. We still did not get a confirmation email or notification.
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