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  1. I have a ton of empty 12ga shells, plastic wadding, and # 7-1/2 shot. For sale cheap if anyone is interested.
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/1KJUGEa
  3. The driving force for the changeover is going to be those jackasses at the EPA who keep on mandating cleaner and cleaner exhaust emissions. They conveniently ignore the source of electricity.
  4. I have a 1911 that is DA/SA (secamp conversion)
  5. My guess is that the person that does that is related to the person that wrote the law mandating it.
  6. Not being able to get a Taylor Ham , Egg and Cheese on a hard roll would be tough to take, but not enough of a reason to keep me here.
  7. Just confirming that Infringed means Infringed, would settle most of the cases out there.
  8. Why would you want to live in Jersey? Just find a nice area near Dover.
  9. The heavily populated and liberal part next to DC has ruined the place. Kind of like how Hudson and Bergen screw up NJ
  10. I fear all governments want that, we are just leading the way.
  11. Note that they cap prison time at 364 days. Less than a year is not a Felony. Even if they pass this, NJ is worse.
  12. This country is filled with stupid laws. Unfortunately, the stupid ones count as much as the good ones. Until Pot is off Schedule 1, it is not legal in this country.
  13. As long as it is a Schedule 1 drug, it is not entirely legal, despite what state laws say.
  14. I'd rather get a radar detector ticket than a speeding ticket, so I keep mine on in VA.
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