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  1. So that means that you can' buy ANY part of a firearm. This in turn would make all repair parts illegal.
  2. The guy was driving a Pick Up Truck. The only safe place to transport them is IN the passenger compartment.
  3. And Ginsburg will be gone soon, so it it just the "Wide Latina" that will be the problem.
  4. If you hit REFRESH about 4 times, it gives you an option to get in without disabling the add blocker. It is a small note on the bottom of the splash screen that comes up, you have to look for it.
  5. I should be able to help. Can you send a good photo of it?
  6. They must know that this case is going to be the one that collapses the anti's house of cards.
  7. And Snakes! Joe Dirt: So your gonna' tell me that you don't have no black cats, kick but, or screaming mimis? Kicking Wing: No. Joe Dirt: Oh come on man. You got no lady fingers, fuzz buttles, snicker bombs, church burners, finger blasters, gut busters, zippity do das, or crap flappers? Kicking Wing: No, I don't. Joe Dirt: You're gonna stand there, owning a fireworks stand, and tell me you don't have no whistling bungholes, no spleen spliters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker donts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistling kitty chaser? Kicking Wing: No... because snakes and sparklers are the only ones I like. Joe Dirt: Well that might be your problem, it's not what you like, it's the consumer.
  8. Chris My father had a lot of reloading stuff. Press, dies, powder, primers, etc.... I can figure out more if you are interested. Fred
  9. If the NY case on transport opens the door with a ruling on how strictly the 2A must be interpreted, it may take out laws against silencers on it's own.
  10. I'm sure I would figure out how to put a motorcycle engine in one, with a proper manual transmission.
  11. I used to live a a street with a fair amount of traffic. I wanted to get rid of a car, so got a bottle of white shoe polish, and wrote on the front and rear windshield. FOR SALE, CHEAP I had it sold before I could put the bottle of shoe polish away.
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