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  1. Not that I want to get into a bidding war, but I am will to price match my wood and glass cabinet with either of those steel units.
  2. Not sure if this meets your definition of a safe, but for $60 it's yours.
  3. Thanks The second link gets me close, but what I am looking for is a punch list of things I need to update from a 1960's style installation.
  4. I have to make sure a replacement gas fired water heater is up to code? What is a good place to find out what "code" is?
  5. Screw that, I want High School rifle teams to make a come back.
  6. I can't wait for the update to the article that address what really happened here. The news had just broken of the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband by a lunatic with a hammer. “This is a prime example of why you need firearms for self-protection,” said Durr. “You can be attacked anywhere.”
  7. Would this apply? https://www.justice.gov/crt/deprivation-rights-under-color-law
  8. How are you going to bring your target rifle to school to shoot on the High School Rifle team if you can't take it on the bus?
  9. I have some old ammo, as well as a WW2 German Luft Police steel helmet if any of that interests you.
  10. Just as a FYI, that expensive. I get charged about 40 by FedEx for the hazmat + shipping charges on top of that.
  11. Nope, it is one big welded up piece of aluminum.
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