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  1. That's the problem with this law. If you know how to make and fix shit, NOTHING is permanent.
  2. And be sure to get some Taylor Ham while you are up here. Espisito's in East Hanover makes a great TH Egg and Cheese on a roll. https://www.espositosmeatsanddeli.com/
  3. RTSP is not far from Parsippany
  4. Amazon is weird that way. If it is filled by them, you have to pay tax. If they "refer" the sale to one of their suppliers, you usually don't have to pay tax.
  5. This sounds like a job for the miracle product, Flex Tape.
  6. Hold my Beer
  7. I go to the Sunoco in Allentown by the airport, and get the ethanol free gas. In a tight container, it lasts for years.
  8. I prefer to use winter air year round, as it has less humidity in it.
  9. Buy a German car and get back to me
  10. A friend in GA has one. Apparently they are a ton of fun, and, they are marked as not for sale in NJ. He specifically called me up to bust my chops.
  11. Is that considered concealed carry or open carry? I think you could make the argument either way.
  12. Look at Morris Township. The taxes here are lower than the surrounding towns.
  13. So we should send her a get well soon card and a box of chocolates?
  14. The people that drank were adults and made that decision for themselves. The last thing we need is citizens "narcing" each other out. Once that becomes the norm, we are all doomed. I would mind my own business.