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  1. Fred2

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    I fear all governments want that, we are just leading the way.
  2. Note that they cap prison time at 364 days. Less than a year is not a Felony. Even if they pass this, NJ is worse.
  3. Fred2

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    This country is filled with stupid laws. Unfortunately, the stupid ones count as much as the good ones. Until Pot is off Schedule 1, it is not legal in this country.
  4. Fred2

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    As long as it is a Schedule 1 drug, it is not entirely legal, despite what state laws say.
  5. Fred2

    Traffic ticket- Failure to signal

    I'd rather get a radar detector ticket than a speeding ticket, so I keep mine on in VA.
  6. I'd rather have a RINO than a Dem in office. At least you have a chance.
  7. Raising 9 million in three days should send a big message to the Senate.
  8. Fred2

    Why Outlawing Guns Doesn't Work

    NJ does not have an outright ban on private citizens carrying weapons legally. How is that working out for us?
  9. How are the Judges assigned to the panel? Is it random or are they assigned by a head judge?
  10. Realistically, how big of a deal is this? It looks like we just have slightly better odds of getting a Judge that likes us. Or am I missing something?
  11. It's my feeling that the people that write these laws don't even know which end of a screwdriver to hold.

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