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  1. Get a bunch of all metal jerry cans with a screw cap , and make a drive into PA or NY once in a blue moon to fill them up. Ethanol free gas lasts a long time when stored properly. https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS+Performance+Products/555/80235/10002/-1?srsltid=AfmBOooEVJB45FIAkQOQlN2kqUz-dz-2MB3SxNX0kJBi_bCul-XL5BslM5g
  2. At this time, I would prefer to sell everything as a package.
  3. I have a Dillon 550b and some other stuff I would like to get rid of as a package. Let me know if you are interested
  4. Actually I love this argument. What we have is a sitting US Senator telling us that the current government is corrupt, and can not be trusted.
  5. The last time I registered to Vote was decades ago. I wonder what the fee to do so now is?
  6. You know they are full of shit when they lie in the first sentence. Introduction: Use of Force Training for Civilians Unlike an active duty law enforcement officer, private citizens have no responsibilities to protect the public. https://www.alternet.org/2022/06/supreme-court-cops-protect-individuals
  7. I think I have some black powder gun repair parts floating around. As well as a bunch of repair parts for modern guns.
  8. Look at what they are doing to the Marine that was on the subway in NYC. Can you image what would have happened to him if he shot the crazy guy?
  9. Fred2

    sirius xm

    I got a stupid cheap multi year promotion around the holidays one year to renew an expired subscription in my car. In order to keep them from banging the card again after it expired, I loaded up a Vanilla Gift Visa card, and used that to pay for the service.
  10. Just because the commie gets one thing right .........
  11. Governor declares ‘Taylor Swift ham, egg and cheese’ official NJ state sandwich ahead of tour stop
  12. The lawn is supposed to be a tall fescue type grass, but I get the feeling that the neighbors "weed" seeds invaded it. Most of the lawn does not have the seed heads.
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