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  1. Buy a German car and get back to me
  2. A friend in GA has one. Apparently they are a ton of fun, and, they are marked as not for sale in NJ. He specifically called me up to bust my chops.
  3. Is that considered concealed carry or open carry? I think you could make the argument either way.
  4. Look at Morris Township. The taxes here are lower than the surrounding towns.
  5. So we should send her a get well soon card and a box of chocolates?
  6. The people that drank were adults and made that decision for themselves. The last thing we need is citizens "narcing" each other out. Once that becomes the norm, we are all doomed. I would mind my own business.
  7. If we followed the Constitution, we could buy more than that.
  8. The Militia IS the people. And, this is what Regulated meant.
  9. Here you go..... EQUIPMENT WAS REGULATED: " shall with all convenient speed furnish himself with a good musket or firelock and bayonet, sword or tomahawk-, a steel ramrod, priming-wire and brush fitted thereto, a cartridge-box to contain twenty-three rounds of cartridges, twelve flints, and a knapsack, agreeable to the direction of the Continental Congress, under the forfeiture of two shillings for the want of a musket or firelock, and of one shilling for the want of the other above-enumerated articles"; also " that every person directed to be enrolled as above shall, at his place of abode, be provided with one pound of powder and three pounds of bullets of proper size to his musket or firelock." http://www.doublegv.com/ggv/militia.html
  10. Are we allowed to shop at the Harbor Freight next door, or would that be an illegal deviation?
  11. That's why we have to register to vote as a D, and then change the party from within. The party leaders will not listen to R's, but may listen to their own. After all, their main job is to get re-elected.
  12. No problem Once you move, you can use MEK to dissolve the epoxy.
  13. Some animals are more equal that others.
  14. I get the feeling that the cockiness of these bastards will be the cause of their downfall.