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  1. Yea the shed had about 20 gallons of gas in it i was storing in case of another hurricane or winter storm. Also a few 20 gallon propane tanks. So it went up Like a roman candle. Was crazy hot. All that heat yet the wind was actually blowing it away from the house. In the future ill park the mower outside to cool just in case.
  2. Over the weekend I was mowing the lawn with my tractor, finished up, pulled it into the shed and went inside for a drink. 5 mins later my shed was fully engulfed and basically burned to the ground. I imagine the mower had something to do with it. Good news is everyone is safe, shed was a good distance from the house and there were no guns in there:) Bad news is the heat from the fire melted the siding on a couple sides of my home. Insurance is ponying up the cash. Now I need a reasonably priced siding contractor to repair the home. Anyone know a guy? Or perhaps you do siding work? Thanks, Mike
  3. I sent my AK74 off to be guncoated. The guy did it, but sent me back the gun completely disassembled. The entire trigger group and sight is taken apart. I have ZERO clue or experience how this goes back together. Any one in central NJ (howell/freehold) interested in a little gunsmithing work or spend an hour with me putting this thing back together? Thanks, Mike
  4. I have a Sig R716 PATROL, 16" bbl, 1:10 Twist, Quad Rail, MagPul.. Love it. Not a light gun by any means but It packs a wallop in 308 and love the recoil with the piston system. Fit and finish was top notch. Great gun. Next rifle I buy will be the smaller 516 most likely. Probably the FDE or Carbon models.
  5. I bought one of these rifles from AF.. very happy with the purchase. Came in excellent shape. Very nice furniture. They sold it to me unmodified and I had the FFL do the work. Its nice they offer to mod them now.
  6. The gun shops and ammo sellers in NJ better ban tiogether and form an industry trade group quick and start lobbying. This is going to drive many more sales to mail order. I'm not paying %5 extra to fund a bloated system.
  7. We visited the Monmouth county SPCA and the freehold mall location. Nothing so far. Haven't tried ocean county yet.
  8. Wife and I have been checking out shelters but haven't found what we are looking for so far. Looked on pet finder.com..no dice Ideally a cavalier or cocker spaniel puppy... or a similar looking dog. Small, light color ideally, sorta fluffy. Been talking to some private breeeders but I'd prefer to get a pup from a home. Thanks Mike
  9. Sig all the way. I have to Sig handguns and a Sig ar10. All operate flawlessly and are well made.
  10. Dam I was planning on joining next month...sigh.
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