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  1. Ok here's the stats: 2006 Honda Accord I owe nothing on the car but have full comp and collision due to the high book value No points or accidents I'm 41, divorced and have no kids, no alimony nothing like that, all my bills are paid I'm a guy I have a good job at the port, the hours suck but the money is good I like long walks on the beach..this feels like a dating site now
  2. Ok Here's a Breakdown, all are 6 month policy: 2006 Honda Accord Zero points,zero accidents nothing Allstate 1067.50 Liberty Mutual 985.00 Ameriprise 764.00 Geico 654.00 Progressive 561.00 Couldn't get the an online quote for encompass and I need to get Clintoon more beer. I will try calling NJ reman tomorrow
  3. From what the guys at work said our employer no longer is in the NJ business association and we no longer can get the Nj Manufactur insurance. I'm going to look at encompass insurance in a few minutes. Thanks Again for all the input!
  4. Just a little update, Progressive is the cheapest so far and it's the exact same coverage as my Allstate. Honestly, I never looked into this and just automatically paid it for all these years. I don't know if I should laugh or cry, I guess it's time for a beer. The weirdest thing is when I go to a website to get a quote they know my policy info and car info, I guess they have some type of database.
  5. Thank You for the responses. I touched base with my brother and it seems he's very happy with a company called Ameriprise. I guess he got it through Costco but you don't need a membership to buy insurance. They are almost 600.00 dollars a year cheaper then my Allstate with the exact same coverage. I looked up Liberty Mutual and they were slightly cheaper then my Allstate. Geico was the cheapest, almost saving me 700.00 a year. I'm nervous to cancel with Allstate because I'm under the old plan where they can't cancel me for any/whatever reason and in turn I pay a premium. Again Thank You for the Input!
  6. Hi All, long story short my car insurance went up 25% and the only reason they can tell me is because of my divorce. This to me makes zero sense and I think it's time to move on from Allstate and I've been with them for over 20 years. I have zero points and no accidents, and I'm not able to get in with New Jersey Manufactures. Any suggustions?
  7. Redrum

    Meet the CZ Twins

    Great looking pair, I love the black. I have to use my lady friends camera and shoot a pic of my CZ's.
  8. Redrum

    Cz 97 Issues?

    Thank You for the replies fellas. Well it's stuck in the slide after firing.
  9. I must of missed it I was at the range yesterday. It was great to see Anthony as always, he's great people.
  10. Redrum

    Cz 97 Issues?

    Hi All, I took my Cz 97 to the range yesterday for the first time. I ran a box of 50 pmc bronze 185 grain hollow points through it. I had 3 ejection issues, I know in the past there were issues but I read that around 2010 they fixed this issue. My Cz was manufactured this year so it should of been fine. Any ideas or inputs on this?
  11. Bugsy thanks for the heads up! I started looking around and I found PSA has a complete lower for 179.00. I might pick one up and build my first AR. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/firearms/receivers/psa-ar-15-complete-blem-lower-classic-edition-no-magazine.html Pat
  12. Midwest, will you be posting in the Vender section when you do get them in because I would really like to get a combo?
  13. Hi All, I have a question as far as my first build. I narrowed it down to a stripped Mega upper and lower. It is ambidextrous and the reason is, and this may sound funny, I'm not sure which is my better eye. I own zero rifles but have a shotgun and three pistols but shoot equal in either eye. My theory is when I get a chance to shoot my brothers rifle and by the time I build I should have it sorted out. My real question is anyone familiar with Megas quality. Thank You! P.S Kimber45 Thanks Again for the PMs! http://megaarms.com/
  14. Hey Pete I have the same gun except I have 10 rounders. You will love it the gun is awesome. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. I'm actually moving back to the NA area, Kearny but only one block from the pike. Pat
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. I don't reload yet, it is something I have been thinking about but to be honest I really don't have much time. So I will start looking at uppers and lowers and see what I can put together but it looks looks like 556 for me. Thanks Again! Pat
  16. I'm thinking of building my first AR and I am looking for some input. I'm a newbie to rifles but I would like to attempt to build a nice AR. My budget would be 1500.00 in gun not including optics. I'm only looking for one black gun so I'd like to do it right. I'm not sure if I should consider a .308 over a 5.56. Any and all input is welcome. Thank You in Advance! Pat
  17. Redrum

    Used Last Permit

    I'm trying to figure out about how tight to make the recoil bushing. It's kind of a pain in the butt to get it right, I have to always back it out in order to line it up properly. Hopefully someone has one and they can help me. Thank You Guys
  18. Redrum

    Used Last Permit

    Hey Chris do you own a 97? If you do I have a question about the front bushing. Thanks Pat
  19. I have been using Freedom and I have had zero issues with it. All the ammo I bought was their remanufactured stuff and like I said its good in fact it's cleaner then Winchester White Box. Hopefully this will help you out. Pat
  20. Pretty cool cover, they did a great job. Now only if I could get my nephews to put down the playstation..
  21. Redrum

    Used Last Permit

    I used my last permit today and of course just in time, day 180 to be exact. I picked up a CZ 97b and Rick over at OMG did the transfer. He is the best person I have used and this is the second transfer he has done for me. So far the gun feels great in hand, it feels about 15-20% larger then my CZ SP01. I probably won't be able to shoot it for awhile but hopefully its sooner then later.
  22. Welcome..Hudson County here..WNY
  23. I appreciate the input from everybody on such a sensative issue. Well she has spoke to a therapist a few years ago and it helped but it was not about having a gun in the house it was about her loss. I will not be putting any pressure on her to come to the range with me. She already knows that I would her to be able to defend herself and she knows when I go to the range. Hopefully one day she will mention to me that she would like to go. Thanks Again
  24. Hi All, I am dealing with a wife that is gun shy and she is 39 years old. Her history with guns were positive as a youth. She shot shotguns growing up in a very rural part of Maryland. She was widowed about 10 years ago when her husband was accidentally killed by his best friend. The officer, the husbands best friend was off duty and forgot about the one in the chamber. He was messing around and it "accidentally" went off and shot her husband in the head killing him. Now I have been trying to get her to go to the range but she's not having it. Every time I have my pistol out to clean it you see she gets a little weird, not like insane but a level of uneasiness. I really would like to get her to the range because I'm always working and God for bid something happens where she needs to arm herself. Any ideas or suggestions on how I should approach this. Thank You in Advance!
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