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  1. Sorry, I think I had the prices backwards. $14.99 for 9mm and 17.99 for the .22, which is gone anyway.
  2. Stopped at Dick's in Brick they had around 50 boxes of PMC 115gr 9mm for 14.99. Limit 3 boxes. Also bricks of .22 for 17.99 small quantity.(call first) Limit 1 box.
  3. I just spoke to a member that said they will not take new members until they are under 600 members. He thinks they are at 615 or so. Can't hurt to send the applications in with out the checks and wait to hear back.
  4. Both my wife and I were filling out the applications yesterday, and had some of the same questions. I have been there once before about a month ago as a guest and the member stated that he was not sure if they were accepting any new members at this time. If I hear anything I will let you know, if you could do the same it would be appreciated.
  5. I feel for the local stores it almost like the state wants to put them out of business. With the handgun purchase restrictions and supply shortage now, a buyer can not wait for a dealer to get a handgun in to purchase it. It makes you have to buy online, as the permit is good only 90 days and an additional 8-14 day NICS wait and 30 days in between purchases makes it almost impossible to wait for more than a month for a backordered item to come in. Long guns as stated before it is just easier to travel out of state. I understand NJ wants a redundant system of checks but NJ is losing business to both nearby states and the internet because of this.
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