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  1. From a police officer a while ago , thanks for clearing that up for me
  2. Can handguns be bought or sold FTF with a Coe and p2p ? From what I've been told only long guns can be don privately with supporting documents
  3. I wasn't told to , last time I spoke to her she claimed all she needed was my Reference letters and that's all
  4. I pretty much had this happen to me once I met with the investigating officer and stated my case and he was way nicer in person then on the phone , maybe sometimes meeting up with them and being Cordial works
  5. I'm on week 3 , they don't like having people calling and checking the status, the lady there said 2 more weeks , hopefully ! I need it bad
  6. I'm going through a change of address on my fid card , the department has sent out the letters to my References and all that good stuff , my question is would I have to get finger printed onces again and pay the 60 something dollars to ?
  7. I was at cabelas last night and picked up a savage model 11 , I asked the same question he said they call nisc in Harrisburg and then send a nj coe forum to are state police , it took 10 minutes to get a reply pa rocks
  8. i hear waffen werks makes a decent ak platform
  9. I had a pistol permit, went to my pd with it having 7 days left he told me it wasn't good I had to re apply , any truth to that
  10. 5-25-13, 8:55pm - 5-25-13, 9:05 cabelas pa
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