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  1. From a police officer a while ago , thanks for clearing that up for me
  2. Can handguns be bought or sold FTF with a Coe and p2p ? From what I've been told only long guns can be don privately with supporting documents
  3. I wasn't told to , last time I spoke to her she claimed all she needed was my Reference letters and that's all
  4. I pretty much had this happen to me once I met with the investigating officer and stated my case and he was way nicer in person then on the phone , maybe sometimes meeting up with them and being Cordial works
  5. I'm on week 3 , they don't like having people calling and checking the status, the lady there said 2 more weeks , hopefully ! I need it bad
  6. I'm going through a change of address on my fid card , the department has sent out the letters to my References and all that good stuff , my question is would I have to get finger printed onces again and pay the 60 something dollars to ?
  7. I was at cabelas last night and picked up a savage model 11 , I asked the same question he said they call nisc in Harrisburg and then send a nj coe forum to are state police , it took 10 minutes to get a reply pa rocks
  8. i hear waffen werks makes a decent ak platform
  9. I had a pistol permit, went to my pd with it having 7 days left he told me it wasn't good I had to re apply , any truth to that
  10. 5-25-13, 8:55pm - 5-25-13, 9:05 cabelas pa
  11. Greetings from morris county im new to the forums ive never use forums when it comes to firearms, looking to meet some like minded people here and find some useful info! sebastian (sl0818)
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