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  1. To shorten the stock will take about a day
  2. snake913

    mosin work

    This is what I did with my Mosin
  3. snake913

    mosin work

    This is what I did with my Mosin Cut barrel down to 24" Shoots real good
  4. This is what can be done to restore a shotgun Pluse inlay project
  5. first 3 pic's are what I started with and last 2 is finished carving on a Browning Brodway Lightning 12 ga
  6. If you see a bulge in the ares where the bullet sits in the case Remove the primer extractor pin and run one round through the sizer die, then check the fit
  7. snake913


    If it has case hardening on it forget it, if it's just blued then that is easaly done. Pay for parts and a bottol of 18 year old Schatch and it can be done.
  8. I do wood carving and would be interested in doing this.
  9. Have few Mosins, one is original, one cut barrel down to 24" this one was interesting. Had to cut barrel down because after 20 rounds the POI would drift. One with a heavy barrel, put on a Chek machine gun barrel on, had to do some turning on the OD. This one will hold a 2" group at 200 yards. Did all work my self, working on Mosin is easy and fun. Would include pic's but do not know how, computers are to complicated.
  10. Have few Mosines, one is original, one sportirized cut barrel down to 24" and one with a heavy barrel. Did all work my selfe, working on Mosins is easy and fun. Would includ pic's but do not know haw.
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