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  1. RO never bothered me when I had a bunch of old reload ammo. Maybe because I am a regular?
  2. Okay……not sure what gun angles are but thanks for the input. Thought it may have been a promo code for that price. Alpo confirmed it was a sale.
  3. Was that some kind of sale for that price? It is going for $14.99 now which is still a good price but $10.99 is the cheapest I have ever seen for wadcutters.
  4. Seems like a sci-fi military gun for the home consumer. For 10k it better turn a novice shooter into a marksman. lol http://news.cnet.com/8301-11386_3-57617027-76/long-range-smart-rifles-now-come-in-semi-automatic/
  5. No problem. Glad she found a good home. Looks like Rutgers95 and his boys are having loads of fun. Perfect home for her. Great job on the "rescue" and saving this cutie.
  6. Shooters in little egg harbor has a fantastic indoor set up for archery. Also sell lots of archery gear and they do rentals as well. They have a women there, an experienced archer, that will help kids and adults get started for the first time shooting.
  7. What a waste of $2. Must be nice to be able to throw money around like that.
  8. I'll buy them from you if you want to sell. I'll save them for my kid. Or trade for ammo.
  9. Great demonstration but after seeing this I would be scared shit to use a muzzleloader gun. They wasted some nice looking guns. Are these muzzleloaders guns expensive?
  10. HOLY COW !!!! Santa has been good to you. Are the 1911's collector type guns or shooters?
  11. Screw Bud's. Try Grab a gun. They usually have the best online prices but their inventory is limited.
  12. Macy's has some great deals on bedding. Sorry couldn't resist. Happy Holidays.
  13. I have a 75 BD compact and was only looking for a decocker 75 model. I was looking for the full frame 75 but I was pressed for time because I had my last pistol permit to expire within days and luckily I found a compact 75 with decocker in my local shop. I personally dislike any manual safety feature on guns and would prefer no safety at all on any pistol I bought. I think pistols look better and cleaner looking without a safety or decocker but if I had no choice in the matter then I would choose the decocker feature. Just my preference again of course but I don't think I would ever use the safety switch on a pistol. I do like and use the decocker on the CZ but only when the chamber and mag is empty and I rack the slide. I was taught at a young age that the best gun safety is your finger off the trigger.
  14. Thinking about getting a kindle hdx for the wife for Christmas. Only downside it doesn't have many android APS available. Would definitely join Amazon prime if I got one. I would first sign up for the 30 day free trial and then pay for the year. Get 13 months for $80.
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