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  1. Thanks guys. I forgot I even made this thread. I'm gonna give a call tomorrow to find out.
  2. Can you bring it into your local ps to get extended at any time or does it have to be a week before it expires?
  3. I thought gun owners should never buy anything from them again. I won't even look there based on things I've heard.
  4. I'm unemployed right now so weekdays are good too. I have some extra time on my hands. I'd be open to taking a trip out to Easton it's not that far. A little over an hour. They have a bunch so that's probably where I'm going to go. Is it a problem to try out 3-4 guns in one visit? Is that poor etiquette?
  5. Awesome! Thanks so much. Couple questions for you: How are they there with new shooters? Will I be able to get some extra instruction? Are the HK's there V1's?
  6. Aren't there some 1911's that are way more than HK's? It has nothing to do with the money. I like the look of the gun and I like how all I've read is that they are some of the most reliable guns people have and they have no problems with just about any kind of ammo. At the end of the day I just want what I think looks good and functions well without any problems. I'm not overly concerned with the cost of mags. I had originally want a sig p226 or p229.
  7. I noticed that on their website. Have you been there and seen them/used them?
  8. I'm looking to get my hands on some HK's before I get my first. I've never shot before and I'm looking for a good place that's noob friendly. Is it uncommon to find someone who will offer up some instruction on your first outing? I'm currently looking at RTSP.
  9. Thanks. I've heard about some places who won't ship to NJ. I thought Cabelas was one of them.
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