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  1. When I was there the 24 gun field and stream was 499 I believe.
  2. I need 1 of these if anyone is in my area, live in union county, Linden, NJ. If no one is within 20 mins, then don't worry about it, just let me know. Thanks!
  3. I just received a Spikes Tactical 16" Barrel for my first AR-15 build. It obviously came shipped in the bag with grease. Any suggestions on the best way to clean it? I know that stuff can be hard to get off. It was like when I bought new mec-gar mags for my p226, they were slathered in grease and took a while to get off. I just don't want to ruin the barrel. Any tips or suggestions?
  4. This is the model Spikes I was looking at. It doesn't specify that its CHF while others do. http://www.spikestactical.com/new/z/st-16-m4-le-midlength-556-p-864.html I know performance it won't really make a difference, but in terms of durability and reliability will it be night and day? I plan on it being just an all around AR, battle, range, etc. There's nothing specific I plan on doing with it, its my first AR and wanted to build one. Have had luck with most other parts in finding deals, etc. but barrel and bcg having a harder time with. I found the two i mentioned that fit what I wanted in a barrel after researching with the exception of the CHF for the Spikes. If it really makes that big of a difference then I'll just go with the Daniel Defense for $280 but was hoping to be able to spend $200 and save that $80 for other smaller miscellaneous parts.
  5. I guess I should just narrow down my question more, does the Cold Hammer Forging make a big difference or would the Spikes tactical that is not be ok? Also does anyone else have any suggestions to a good priced barrel1:7 twist 16-18" that is actually in stock?
  6. Yeah I know, I like the mid-length gas compromise, the twist is perfect on both, I was just debating between the 16 vs the 18 and the fact that the Spikes is not Cold hammer forged, but I didn't know if it made THAT much of a difference.
  7. Hey guys, I'm in the middle of an AR build and have been debating between a few barrels that are actually in stock, a 16" spikes tactical mid-length gas, or an 18" daniel defense chf with mid-length same twist of 1:7; does the extra 2 inches make it worth it (that's what she said) and what about cold hammer forging...worth it or not? The Daniel Defense is about $280 while the Spikes is $209. Trying to save a little money on the build but don't want to skimp out in the wrong places. Thanks!
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