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  1. Physician assisted (or anyone who assists for that matter) suicide is a very different animal (and topic) than what we have here. That involves a thorough process by the individual-he/she is going through the last stages of a surely terminal disease. These people appear to take steps to put their life in order and also usually prepare their families. This type of person may not want to further burden others with the direction his/her life is going. These cases seem to involve a very different type of person in a very different position in life. It seems to me the person who goes into a private business to end it all does not care who gets negatively affected by the action. I can empathize with the assisted suicide person even though I'm pretty certain it's not a path I'd choose, The person who is selfish and self-centered enough to not care about the after-consequences gets very little sympathy from me
  2. This was the first heard from the intellectual's club. Your insight is amazing!
  3. I'm at a loss for words on this one. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. My hope is that some way can be found to prevent this from recurring. I have the greatest respect for everyone at RTSP and wish them only good things going forward.
  4. Just don't wear horns! I was pointing out that I heard what I heard and it is proper retail practice to acknowledge a customer waiting...which was done initially. Even in a crowd a businesses rep should let on he/she knows there's a prospective customer waiting with a comment or even a glance.....I don't mind waiting and often do if that happens...that is a part of a neighborhood business. Joe and I agreed this shouldn't degenerate into an online pi**ing match and we could just move on. It was just my experience that day and I sincerely hope it was the exception rather than the rule. I consider it water under the bridge.
  5. Joe: I'm as far from the PC crowd as a person can be. Your other customer who made the remarks wasn't Jewish-maybe since the tone was already set I reacted more strongly to the remarks that were made. It is pretty unusual for me to hit several Anti-Semitic players at one time, comedic or not. Perhaps if you had acknowledged me at all I might have been more understanding. And I think I've been anything but vague about my experience in your shop.....I described the day, time, who accompanied me, and your wife's positive actions. I also accurately described the events that transpired to the best of my ability. You try to trivialize what happened or discount everything as the actions of an unreasonable person, but the truth is I've never gone online to disparage an independent small business of any sort....having been there myself I try to encourage support for the little guy . My experience at your shop is how I saw it. This is a forum where people relate their experiences with shops or ranges. I have done so, drawn my conclusions, and will move onward. Please take my observations for what they were....my observations. If what happened at your business was not a normal occurrence or was misunderstood, so be it and I am sorry about my timing. I'll go my separate way and sincerely wish you good luck in your future
  6. I've made arrangements to go up to speak to Peter@ RTSP on Wednesday. I already have a Glock on order from him and am trying to make a deal on a Les Baer 1911 with my remaining P2P. Can't let that $2.00 permit go to waste!
  7. I said I couldn't say enough how good they were. Guess I'm not alone!
  8. I waited almost 30 minutes without a single word from a counter employee.......Not only do I feel that's unprofessional, I consider it rude. As for being thin skinned, I actually did escalated complaint mediation and have had my share of name calling, but the repetition and tone of these remarks got to me. One thing that is true is that I put a high level of importance on common courtesy....maybe that's why I got so ticked off....Everything pointed towards the management having a total absence of courtesy to other people.
  9. I'll second that. My experiences with Garden State have been only positive. I thought Bob (counter) and Hugh (RO) were great. I hope they do a fantastic business there. They are my present, most local public range and store. Also, It's a long ride for me, but I can't recommend RTSP enough.....plus they're a Glock Blue Label dealer and are very responsive to any ordering requests. The good guys deserve our support-my recent experience only served to make me more appreciative of them.
  10. This really upset me. I'm not exactly thin-skinned, to say the least. But Anti-Semitism must have been the theme of the day! It's so hard to find FFL dealers with storefronts nowadays.....so many guys have gone to working out of their basements. I remember the NJ gun shops where people would go to hangout...also used to enjoy the automotive speed shops like that. I guess I'm just just a dinosaur thinking back to prehistoric times.
  11. My wife and I had to go to a surgical supply company very close to Guns and Roses, so I thought we'd stop in there today. We walked in to a cramped jammed store that was crowded with both some merchandise and a few people. What I assume was the owner's wife almost immediately said "Someone will be with you shortly" as she went outside with her 2 chihuahuas....that was the last positive thing that happened there. There were 3 apparent insiders at the counter....the eldest seemed to playing games buying 2 Colt wheel guns. He kept hemming and hawing and mentioning something about another gun they had there that they couldn't find-I have no idea if it was being held for him or was there on consignment. Another potential customer came in with a bandaged knee. He mentioned he had his artificial knee replaced again and after stating he didn't care if anyone there was Jewish complained about the Jewish doctor who told him his problems were all related to arthritis, not a bad prosthetic. Fine, that's just a customer and I chalked it up to ignorance. The counter-blockers continued the discussion on the guns when who I'm pretty sure what was Joe (the owner) said " alright Mr stein, steen, or berg, and repeated it several times. I decided at that point after waiting over 20 minutes to speak to somebody, I had had enough and motioned to my wife, who had accompanied me, to leave. I obviously won't be returning. He permanently lost me as a customer.....I had cash, a fresh open Permit to Purchase, and was looking for something that seemed a lot like that original box Diamondback that "customer" guy was pawing. I'm Jewish, am a frequent firearms purchaser, and have a lot of friends-both members and non-members of my tribe. I'll be sure to mention my experience to them and anyone else who will listen. I've done quite a bit of selling and purchasing on Gunbroker and Guns America, but have tried to support the local shops as much as I can. I had hoped I could add this place to the collection of local guys I've grown to know, respect, and patronize. Guess you can't always get what you want.
  12. I wouldn't worry. If I remember correctly, they come with a letter stating the ATF says they're legal. All you have to do is produce the letter before you're handcuffed and everything's alright, correct? Like everyone is saying, they're kinda neat. We're all going to wait and see how it works out. Any state that can imprison you for an unloaded flintlock just don't seem that liberal to me!
  13. +1 for both Gunbot and AmmoSeek. If I remember correctly, I've gotten best pricing for centerfire on GunBot, AmmoSeek has been better for rimfire. Check shipping costs before you finalize your order. A very few of these vendors have flat rate shipping charges, or in 1 case, shipping was included in the price. I've used about 8 vendors for various calibers; all have been pretty good on speed of shipping.
  14. Congrats-I think you got a good deal on a nice, clean gun. May you and your family have many wonderful hours with it. I think it's funny that such a common gun evokes such strong affection from people. I'm one of them, too. I had one hell of a rush of emotions when I first shot my dad's (gone since 1986). His story was he got it to be a "ringer" on a prison guard shooting team. Probably not true, but a nice dinner table tale. I love the super smooth trigger pull and all the clicks of its mechanical action...slightly different from a modern semi-auto.
  15. Peter I want to thank you for a voice of reason on this and other urban legends. I have dealt with some very "learned" close friends spewing the loaded mag transport, illegal hollow points, and FID requirements for some time now. The problem of misinformation exists not only with our firearms owners and businesspeople, but with the people who enforce the laws themselves. And yes, I know there's no excuse for this, but it's out there. Whether it's done to err on the side of caution or to show absolute authority or just plain ignorance I can only speculate. I'm just trying to avoid possible arrest and confiscation of my weapons. You're just trying to stay in business. I thank you for promulgating the truth by posting on this forum. Jeff
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