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  1. Message from the event organizers: "As always we will have loaner frames for non Cherry Ridge members. We will be serving SOS on the line for breakfast. For you civilians thats creamed beef on toast."
  2. The Chosin Reservoir event, and you may need to use it from the bench there not with a tripod. No loaners.
  3. This is a fun event not Camp Perry or the Olympics. We honor the Marine heritage in long arm marksmanship but you can be a beginner, amateur, casual shooter or glorified plinker. But as most events use longarms not associated with serious competition and are vintage (as well as many of the shooters) you have a good opportunity to come home with a trophy. Win or lose you will be enjoying the company of like minded individuals and be able to socialize over good food and appreciative people.
  4. To commemorate the history of the US Marine Corps and its heritage of marksmanship The New Jersey Arms Collectors Club, Inc. Invites you to participate in our USMC HERITAGE SHOOT Marksmanship Contest Re-Enactors are encouraged to participate in uniform (Optional) SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH, 2019 LOCATION: ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range,100 Range Road, Highland Lakes, NJ 07422 (4 miles north of RT 23 off Canistear Road) 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Sight-in: 8:30 AM). Lunch break and awards 1-2, $30.00* for Complete Series or $10.00 per Event. $20.00 for Complete Series or $5.00 per Event. For NJACC members and re-enactors in uniform *Note: Price Differential Members/Non Members is applicable towards NJACC Membership Dues. Includes SOS Breakfast on the line, Hot Dogs, SPAM, Pork & Beans and Soda Lunch PRIZES: Trophy to the Best in Each Class Firearms must have Original Military Iron Sights, except for Fulujah. And sniper (Check for approval). Bench with forward support is OK. Following will be fired at 50 yards .Police silhouette target 1.SHORES OF TRIPOLI- smoothbore flintlock 5 shots in 15 minutes 2.HALLS OF MONTEZUMA-smoothbore percussion musket 5 shots in 10minutes 3.BANANA REPUBLIC WARS-Thompson semi auto 1928 style-10 shots 2min 4.MARINE RAIDER-Thompson semi auto M1 style or Reising carbine-10 in 2min Following will be fired at 100 yards. Bullseye target.10 shots in 2 minutes 5.FORT FISHER-Percussion rifle musket. (ten shots in 10minutes) 6.BATTLE of GANGHWA-Remington Rolling Block in 50/70 7.PEKING RELIEF- Remington-Lee in 45/70 or Trapdoor in 45/70- 8.GUANTANIMO BAY-Lee Navy in 6mm 9.SAMAR-Krag Rifle or carbine or Winchester 95 in 30/40 10.BELLEAU WOOD- 03 Springfield, S stock, finger groove-RIA or Springfield 11.GREAT WAR BOOT-1917 Enfield 12.GUADALCANAL-03, 03A1, 03 ( modified)Remington NO 03A3! 13.MONTFORD POINT-03A3 14.PARAMARINE-Johnson 1941 15.INCHON-M1 Garand 16.CHOSIN RESERVOIR-Semi Auto BAR 17.KHE SANH-M1A or M14 clone- 18.HUE- Full size AR(MILSPEC) in 5.56- (no trick out rifles) 19.FALLUJAH- M4 style AR carbine with iron sights or combat optics. 20.MARINE SPECOPS-FREE STYLE-ANY 5.56 or 7.62NATO battle rifle 21.WAR TROPHY-Any longarm that a Marine might have brought back as a war trophy.(eg. Japanese, ,Mosin,SKS,GEW98,KAR98),Spanish M93,etc.) 22.USMC SNIPER-Any documented USMC sniper type rifle one shot on target PUBLIC INVITED - For more information contact Paul at prussinc@gmail.com or www.njacc.info
  5. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Kim II Sung are all gone. Castro is on his way out. The Cold War is over and former Communist Block countries are moving from Marx to MasterCard. Many Combloc weapons has found their way into the free world as captured trophies while others have been shipped here, as those once enslaved by Communism have that Capitalism can be rewarding. The Shongum Sportsmen's Association INVITES NEW OWNERS OF THESE FIREARMS TO COMPETE IN A MARKSMANSHIP CONTEST AS WE CELEBRATE THE END OF THE EVIL EMPIRE MATCH SATURDAY OCTOBER 5th, 2019 TIME: 9:00 am 'til 1:00 pm LOCATION: Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range, 363 Janes Chapel Road, Mansfield(Oxford), NJ 07863-3511 From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST. Two Miles west of Rt 517, turn LEFTonto RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm). At end, (1.5 miles) Turn LEFTonto BARKER’S MILL RD(.2 Miles.) Turn RIGHTonto MT BETHEL RD. for 1 mile, Turn RIGHTonto JANE’S CHAPEL ROAD. Range approx 1 Mile on RIGHT GUESTS $30.00* . $20 for Shongum or NRA members or Military or Police PRIZES: COMBLOC MEDALS OR TROPHIES TO BEST IN CLASS(Awards 2 and 4PM) ELIGIBLE FIREARMS: CURIOS AND RELICS OF THE PERIOD -Unmodified Soviet guns captured by Finland are OK ORIGINAL IRON SIGHTS ONLY EXCEPT FOR MATCH #6 RIFLE CONTESTS REQUIRE 10 SHOTS AT 100YARDS (284 Arshins) IN 2 MINUTES, EXCEPT #6 WHICH REQUIRES 1 SHOT AT 100 YARDS. LUNCH (1PM-2PM) INCLUDED WITH ENTRY FEES: POLISH SAUSAGE AND PIEROGI 1. BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION RIFLE- M1891 MOSIN or WINCHESTER M95 in 7.62R 2. MOSIN NAGANT RIFLE - COSSACK, DRAGOON, 91/30 3. TOKAREV RIFLE - NY TOKAREV SVT RIFLE 1938, M1940 4. SIMONOV CARBINE - ANY SKS W / O DETACHABLE BOX MAGAZINE 5. COMBLOC CARBINE - ANY MOSIN NAGANT CARBINE (M38, M44, TYPE 53) CUT DOWN RIFLE (91/ 30/ 58) or CZECH 91/38 6. MARXIST SNIPER - DRAGUNOV, PSL, MOSIN OR TOKAREV w/SCOPE 7. KALISHNIKOV - MAK 90, SAR AND OTHER NJ LEGAL "AK Style" 8. YOUNG PIONEER INSTRUCTOR- ANY COMBLOC .22 CAL MILITARY TRAINER 9. YOUNG PIONEER (under 18)- SKS OR .22 TRAINER 10. LYUDMILA PAVLICHENKO FOR FEMALE WITH THE HIGHEST RIFLE SCORE 12. DESIGNATED MARKSMAN ANY COMBLOC SCOPED SEMI-AUTO BATTLE RIFLE EVENT (Yugo PSL OK) (No scoped rifles in 7.62x39 or 5.45x39) Chairman of the Shooting Directorate Geoff Thud716@aol.com for any questions. All gun owners with a sense of humor in the People’s Republic of New Jersey invited to bring their comrades.
  6. Regular Meeting Thursday, June 20, 2019. Doors open at 7:00 PM - Kenilworth Veteran's Center. Directions: Garden State Parkway to exit 138 (Kenilworth). Turn left and go three lights on Kenilworth Boulevard to 21st Street South. Make a left. Veterans' Center is about 100 yards on the right, parking on the left. Alternate: Route 24 East to Exit 9B onto Morris Avenue East to Union. Right on Meisel Avenue straight to Boulevard in Kenilworth, then right onto 21st Street South at the light. Presentation: - The Forgotten Trapdoor the 50/70 http://www.njacc.info/
  7. Meeting is this Thursday May 16, 2019 at the Kenilworth Veterans Center with a presentation on the Battle Doctrine of D-Day by Stan G.. Doors open at 700pm. www.NJACC.info
  8. It used to be called Armistice day and in the commonwealth remembrance Day. But the NJACC still calls it Armistice Day and tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the end of the "War to End All Wars". If you are not a Cherry Ridge member we have 20 LOANER FRAMES. WE ALSO SUPPLY TARGETS AND LUNCH.
  9. Cold drinks on the line to keep you hydrated. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for lunch with soft drinks and pies for dessert..
  10. Span Am shoot open to Marlin and Winchester 94 in 30 30 or 32 Special. Winchester 94 came in 30 30 and 32 Special the Marlin came in a variety of calibers (black powder and smokeless) and is acceptable for the Open Class event.
  11. Our LAST Regular Meeting before the Summer Break is next Thursday, June 21, 2018. NO REGULAR MEETINGS IN JULY OR AUGUST Doors open at 7:00. Presentation: The Guns of the Romanov Execution Squad by Stan Gurski 100 Years ago, the Romanov (Tzar of Russia) Family was murdered at the start of the Bolsheviki Revolution which lead to the Communist takeover of Russia and the Soviet Union. On Display: Civilian European Long arms
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