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  1. Thanks for all the info. I'll be taking a road trip this Saturday.
  2. Looking at purchasing one and trying to figure out if it even legal to own with our crazy laws. The magazine I can have the ffl throw away or destroy. So can I own the rest without getting chrome brackets? Any advice from smarter minds appreciated. Thanks
  3. I ordered 3 sets to try different levels of humidity.The cigars come in every week at least 5 at a time, there's 25 boxes sitting on the counter here and this is only one of the spots there kept so I can say he's not having a hard time getting them. After figuring out the humidity level the oasis system in an actual counter top humidor might be the end answer.
  4. Thought this might be a good place to ask. A Guy I work for smokes Cohiba BHK 56s and gets them delivered regularly. Problem is they dry out and he doesn't keep up with the humidor "ever" so my question is where can I get a humidor that's basically self operating? Money's not really a problem. I've seen a few on the web that are electronic and look like small wine coolers but have no clue what's good and don't want to pile up a bunch of useless gimmicks. Any insight would be great and if you give the perfect answer you win a box of the dry cigars!!
  5. I mailed it on the 29th and received it today! I didn't even get a chance to think about seeing if the check was cashed yet..
  6. This thread has has been dormant for over a year. Anyone else try the labradar, any new reviews? I watched one being used at EFGA a couple weeks ago and was very impressed. I'm trying to find somewhere with at least a little holiday discount but there aren't a lot of places that carry them. I've convinced myself that I "need" it so I just need a little push to move forward. So if while your hunting for other sales you come across one share the knowledge please.
  7. Lake island is in carteret so not very far. Takes me about 15 mins. From Colonia there's 10 lanes and it's small but gets the job done for me. Take a look at the site it's a nice simple place. http://lakeis.org
  8. Mine have all just sat in a dark place but after reading this I have a few ideas. The helmet lock is a great idea!!
  9. Id work on doing some practice drills loading mags or invest in a speed loader.
  10. Anyone that didn't make it into this buy that's interested in a new one? I'm looking for an 8lb jug and some primers and would like to max out the order and split the charges.
  11. Yes your right mine were both small orders. I was using my phone and didn't read all the new posts. They were both shipped from a P.O. Box in M analapan N.J. Which answers the tax question. Didn't noticed the jersey add. That might explain why shipping was so fast
  12. I've placed 2 orders, one for 1k and one for 2k. Shipping on both was less than 8.00 And delivery was fast. I'm guessing because they ship from nj that the tax can't be avoided.
  13. Had the same problem, used a few different pair and compromised for a long time. Then got fitted for multi-focal contacts and couldn't be happier. They focus where ever I look. I don't understand how they work but they work great!
  14. I totally support banning poor judgment and not punishing the rest of the people who don't practice it!
  15. I'll second Easton FIsh And Game. I spend most Saturdays there and couldn't be happier with the range and the people!
  16. I lost mine and the new town had me file a report so there was a record and then I did the change of address. If I were you I would go and file the report now so your ready with the proper paperwork when you get to the new town.
  17. I have a strange feeling the trigger is much better then stock by now. Nice rifle! Saturdays only 5 days away
  18. Strain it and proceed. Best case the food is great worst case bad gas for a few days
  19. Safe is back on sale. If I had the room i would get another. http://www.costco.com/.product.11625662.html
  20. Someone in the loop should follow the case and see how many minutes the criminals stay in jail for the crime. Then have a petition to actually follow the laws when necessary.
  21. Does it get really crowded on all the rifle ranges on weekends? I mostly shoot rifle but not stuck with one distance so as long as there's room at one of them I'd be happy. Week days are all booked to maintain the weekend addiction.
  22. Springfield 45 XDS. Already have it and it fits the bill
  23. Looks like a country club! Thanks for the video. I was going to join the association either way seems like they do a lot for gun rights and we need all the help we can get in jersey. But it's starting to lean more towards me being at the next orientation. Looks like it would be worth the ride up just to sit,relax and take in the fresh air.
  24. Yes it's old as dirt. I think it started as 3.1 right before 95 came out so they sent the update disc after I had the set up. The software is flexi sign and the cutter is a Roland cam 1 I think. The cutter and system paid for themselves and then some when I had a shop on rt. 21 a loooong time ago. The state widened the highway and ended that. Lately I've been thinking of a ton of uses for the system like lettering for the club I belong to, targets, templates and stencils for firearm coatings to mention a few. Over the years I've pulled it out from time to time for different things and this is the first time it wouldn't do the job.
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