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  1. My new build.
  2. Yea did it myself. Which I was trying to avoid because the surefire brake was a pain to drill through.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I appreciate it. oh and @bhunted go f*ck yourself.
  4. Nope.
  5. How much do they charge? It's kinda far for me but if it's cheap enough it may be worth it.
  6. Anyone in the south jersey area know where I can get a muzzle brake pinned? Sorry I'm just lazy and don't feel like looking it up or calling around. Thanks
  7. It doesn't matter. Why give them that info anyway. They only need to know what you tell them. It's quite simple. Never say anything more to the police then what needs to be said.
  8. +1 for HST. I tend to go for the 147+p.
  9. It's not random it's 5 years and the month of your birth.
  10. I wrote an email to my lovely representative Donald Norcross about this issue and I finally got a response. It was basically told me to go pound sand. I can't wait to get out of this state. Here's his response. "Thank you for reaching out to me with your concerns about proposals for a national concealed carry law. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me on this issue. As your Representative, I am grateful for the opportunity to respond to you directly. As you know, there are several proposals currently in Congress that would allow for national concealed carry practices. These bills would allow for persons who already possess a state-issued concealed carry permit for their personal firearm to travel across state borders where their permits may not allow them to travel currently. They would also allow concealed carry permits to reciprocate across states. I believe that local and state decisions to limit permits for concealed firearms should be respected. A national concealed carry law would override state and local authorities, and would directly oppose existing New Jersey laws on concealed carry permits. Currently, applicants in New Jersey for a concealed carry permit must demonstrate a justifiable need to carry a concealed firearm. National concealed carry laws would undermine the will of the people in New Jersey and other states and cities across the country. Individual states and cities should have the authority to choose for themselves the best practices on firearms when it comes to keeping streets safer for our children while ensuring that the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms is ensured. Thank you again for your interest. If I may be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Donald Norcross Member of Congress"
  11. Critical duty. 135 grains and comes in standard and plus p.
  12. Sent 9/12. check cashed 10/3. Now the waiting game begins.
  13. Sent mine in today (9/12) with just a copy of my FID. So we'll see what's up.
  14. Wait...... Really? I tried to buy a ras47 a couple of months ago and was told no because I was a NJ resident.