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  1. Rebranded Hesco 4401 for ar500armor 10x12 shooters cut level 4 plates like new. Manufacture date march 23,2020 300shipped Ferro Concepts slickster black. Brand new never taken out of package. 140 shipped 420 shipped for whole package. paypal or cash ftf willing to meet up at within an hour of 08093
  2. @danno I’ll trade 1/1 for 9mm and 2/1 for 223/5.56
  3. 750 rounds of 45. Selling for 300 open for trades. In south jersey willing to meet up if reasonable. eta: it’s freedom munitions new stuff. I took it out of the boxes years ago and forgot how much I had in the can. So I had to count it all I put it in bags of 100
  4. @Zeke no no. mediocre at best. Lots of work to do. Great day though. Had a blast.
  5. Ficus

    Pin and weld

    Ahh yes. Thank you.
  6. Ficus

    Pin and weld

    Anyone able to do a pin and weld job ASAP. Took it to a local Smith and he was incompetent and couldn’t do the job.
  7. Yea did it myself. Which I was trying to avoid because the surefire brake was a pain to drill through.
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