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  1. I submitted it plus the new quals to the court and was told to give it to the local police. I went to the police and they told me to give it to the court. The detective finally accepted them and put them in my “file”. So who knows.
  2. You forgot the obvious one. Don’t do a damn thing. Screw the AFT
  3. So far the only place I’ve seen with a sign was Sam Ashe music in cherry hill.
  4. This is my email. I emailed the judge and received this in return. I’m taking it as the judge wrote it and she sent it on his behalf. That’s good enough for me. Now you can email, call, write a letter and send it through the mail. I don’t give a damn. You’ll get the same response. Or you can sit here and bitch and moan in the interwebs and not do a damn thing but wait for other people to do all the work for you.
  5. Gloucester county judge says carry any firearm legally owned by permit holder.
  6. No I’m not going to roll over. At this point what ever they pass doesn’t mean a whole lot to me anyway. I’m going to continue living as a free man doing my own thing regardless what the pass.
  7. You really think that’s going to work? I’ve emailed every day since it was in assembly committee. I have yet to get a response from anyone other then two automated response emails. They don’t care what we have to say. They’re going to do what they want because they’re above the law and sit behind a desk protected by the state police.
  8. Picked my permit up from Delaware county yesterday. Three weeks when done online. A guy from Reddit went there and he said they processed his in 5 minutes.
  9. No mention of anyone else today. But correct about 40 people all got permits in hand today.
  10. 9/29 deptford township Gloucester county. Permit in hand! Restricted to guns qualified with. Can amend order anytime by mailing in new quals.
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