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  1. Freedom ammo in west deptford had a green one the other day. Maybe they’ll l be able to help.
  2. Ar-15.com has a pretty good NV dedicated forum. Check it out. They have vendors that post frequently and are more then willing to help out.
  3. Plates sold. Carrier available
  4. @danno I’ll trade 1/1 for 9mm and 2/1 for 223/5.56
  5. 750 rounds of 45. Selling for 300 open for trades. In south jersey willing to meet up if reasonable. eta: it’s freedom munitions new stuff. I took it out of the boxes years ago and forgot how much I had in the can. So I had to count it all I put it in bags of 100
  6. @Zeke no no. mediocre at best. Lots of work to do. Great day though. Had a blast.
  7. Ficus

    Pin and weld

    Ahh yes. Thank you.
  8. Ficus

    Pin and weld

    Anyone able to do a pin and weld job ASAP. Took it to a local Smith and he was incompetent and couldn’t do the job.
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