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  1. Ficus

    Pin and weld

    Ahh yes. Thank you.
  2. Ficus

    Pin and weld

    Anyone able to do a pin and weld job ASAP. Took it to a local Smith and he was incompetent and couldn’t do the job.
  3. Like the title says. 180 shipped.
  4. Like the title says it’s a Ruger gunsite scout chambered in 308. Comes with a Burris scope 2.75x20, a Harris 6-9inch bipod, a Glaco Ching sling in black, and 4 mags. 1150 cash obo and I’ll pay transfer fees up to $50. PM for pics and details.
  5. New nsr tactical c-mag magazine pouch. Right hand black for glock mags. $35 shipped. https://www.nsrtactical.com/collections/inside-waistband/products/custom-c-mag
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