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  1. Picked my permit up from Delaware county yesterday. Three weeks when done online. A guy from Reddit went there and he said they processed his in 5 minutes.
  2. Just applied for Delaware county. Let’s see how it goes.
  3. No mention of anyone else today. But correct about 40 people all got permits in hand today.
  4. 9/29 deptford township Gloucester county. Permit in hand! Restricted to guns qualified with. Can amend order anytime by mailing in new quals.
  5. I have to go in person to court on the 29th. I won’t know until then
  6. Nj2A

    Congratulations I have to see that same judge next month don't know what to expect did you have to go to court or did you do it through zoom? And did they give you a crazy amount of restrictions on the court order? Any information on what I can expect would be greatly appreciated

  7. 7/25 handed into PD 8/30 this email. Nothing in between in regards of references or anything else from PD.
  8. So I just got the email from the courts. I have to appear in front of the judge. This sounds fun.
  9. I responded and asked if it was approved by him and sent to the courts. I was planning on it after his response and then call to the judge.
  10. Just got in touch with deptford pd and was told via email “The court is backlogged into December u won’t here anything anytime soon” I’m kind of aggravated.
  11. Today marks 5 weeks in Gloucester county and still not a peep.
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