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  1. No. But I’m going to assume I have to use the updated form so I’ll have to have it notarized and all that bs again.
  2. Ok…. Update my application is being sent back… a training cert isn’t enough. So it’s definitely training AND qualification with the pistol you plan on carrying. Also I have to be fingerprinted first then reapply. I’m going to see if I can qualify over the weekend and schedule the finger prints for next week.
  3. Per the law they have 60 days or it’s automatically approved. They can have all the excuses they want.
  4. I took a Pistol 1 class from Sights & Trigger may 28th. I attached that cert to the app.
  5. I’m guessing the evictions from when no one paid rent for two years because of “Covid”
  6. The permit form, consent form, training certificate, list of firearms to be carried, photos and money order.
  7. Yes. Dropped it off at the police station Monday. Officer looked over my papers said everything looked good and he would call me when he forwards it to the courts. He said he has no idea how long it’ll be in the courts hands as they’re still backed up from Covid evictions.
  8. Freedom ammo in west deptford had a green one the other day. Maybe they’ll l be able to help.
  9. Ar-15.com has a pretty good NV dedicated forum. Check it out. They have vendors that post frequently and are more then willing to help out.
  10. Plates sold. Carrier available
  11. @danno I’ll trade 1/1 for 9mm and 2/1 for 223/5.56
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